Pink and yellow color obsession

I recently spotted the most adorable crochet jacket photographed on a toddler that was pale pink with a golden yellow trim and I JUST HAD TO MAKE ONE. I love it when inspiration strikes you crazy like that. Here’s the one I made for Clementine:


It’s about a size 4, thank you dear Elliot for helping me verify. What a cooperative little boy. I love that he doesn’t even think twice about putting on a pink sweater. It’s a little small on him, though, and truly it was meant for Clementine in the first place and I think it will fit her next fall. He also mentioned he would prefer it with flowers, and I’m really not into crocheting scads of little flowers right now. I made up the pattern, just kept half double crocheting around and around at the width I wanted until it was tall enough and then picked up and crocheted in the round for the sleeves until they were long enough. The yellow is a single crochet trim.

The sweater was pretty cute with just pink, but it was stinkin cute once I added the trim, it just really popped with the contrast color. I superlovelovelove it. The yarn was from Joann, the pale pink is a wool blend from Martha Stewart and the yellow trim yarn was Vanna White or Deborah Norville? (You know, one of those 90’s TV blondes? I cannot keep them straight in the first place, and now they both have yarn collections. At Joann. To make it even more confusing).

I am seriously crushing on pink and yellow together. I remember a couple years back when JCrew had all their catalog models wearing pale pink and mustard yellow and I swore I would never like it. And now I love it. Hah! Here’s some more pink/yellow eye candy from my Pinterest boards for you to enjoy!

By the way, thanks for all of your interesting comments about my Pinterest-ownership-angst. I feel like that kind of post always riles people up and invites negativity onto the blog when I don’t mean for that to happen. I really just wanted to raise awareness a little bit more and talk about it because I think it’s a fascinating topic. I’m sure I’m too much of a naive optimist, but I think (hope?) Pinterest will get it all figured out in a way that’s amenable to everyone. A work in progress. No reason to scream the sky is falling the sky is falling at this point. And by they way, please feel welcome to pin any of my images that don’t contain my kids’ faces to your heart’s content. I promise I will try to do a better job making sure that it’s clear when I don’t want something pinned.

Oh and Clementine’s haircut? She got the cutest little bob. Can’t wait to show you!

17 thoughts on “Pink and yellow color obsession

  1. Love the pink and yellow. I was really grooving on red and turquoise for a bit (as was much of the world) lately I’m sort of digging pink and orange together…The jacket is adorable. I have a similar pattern I whip up now and again as a gift, crochet is such instant gratification sometimes! I actually altered the pattern and made myself a sweet little breezy cardi last summer!

  2. I just made the most adorable little outfit for one of my clients…all in pink and yellow. Applique tee, patcwork skirt…so yummy!

  3. Funny – I just made a yellow and pink voile scarf (well, out of voile that was already yellow and pink) to wear with my favorite new yellow skirt and pink sweater. I feel so sunshine-y when I wear it.

    Very cute cardigan. Despite have rudimentary crochet skills, I never progressed beyond making scarves and useless potholders.

  4. Really cute sweater. I’m just starting to crochet wearables – I love that you made up the pattern!

    Thanks for yesterday’s post – I also thought it was an interesting article. And, I take care to not copy people’s children – I’ve left a couple of things “unpinned” because the only thing they showed a project on was a full face of their kiddos. I’ll have to go look and see that I wasn’t distracted and have some anyway that I’ll need to delete.

  5. Love it! And I just saw that the next Oliver + S fabric line has a pink/plum/gold colorway. You need to check it out!

  6. I LOVE the sweater. How long did it take you to make it? How I wish I could knit and crochet. I haven’t picked up a crochet needle in like a decade!

    • Hi Tiffany:

      I think start to finish it probably took me about a month. But that’s mainly because I would just pick it up here and there, when the kids were playing and such. I think if you really dedicate yourself to it, a few hours a day, you can have it done in about a week. 🙂

  7. first, super cute sweater. the trim really makes it.
    second, HOW do they do that where they get you to like something that previously looked SO wrong??? It doesn’t seem possible that just seeing a trend around a lot would be enough to change your opinion on it, but it does seem to happen that way. I swore I wouldn’t ever like skinny jeans, and here I am wearing a pair right now!

    • Oh that is TOO funny — I totally forgot about my skinny jean loathing from a couple years ago, and YES! here I am, stuffed into my skinnies like a sausage. Hahaha!

  8. That’s a very adorable sweater. I like pink and yellow now too.

    I pinned a few pictures onto my blog, and afterwards someone pinned them from my blog – making the link for the pictures I pinned go to my blog. I don’t pin pictures on my blog any more – just the links.

  9. Do you have a pattern available for this? It’s a super cute sweater! Love the pink/gold combination!

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