Spring Top Inspiration + Giveaway from the Fabric Fairy [NOW CLOSED]

Thanks for entering! This giveaway is now closed. Our winner is Leslie, who said:
“I would love to pick up some knit fabric to make shirts for my boy.”
Congratulations Leslie, look for our email!

To kick off our Spring Top Sewalong this week I asked some of my sponsors to find their favorite fabrics for sewing spring tops and share them with us. In addition, each sponsor is giving away a $30 gift certificate to their shop! Yaaaay!


One of our newest sponsors is the Fabric Fairy, an online shop specializing in knits (yay!!). Here are owner Megan’s favorite fabrics for spring top sewing, a beautiful batch of garment-friendly knits! First, some bright colors to welcome spring…


(left) floral cotton lycra knit / (center) sprout organic french terry / (right) pucci swirl cotton knit

Or if neutrals are more your thing, how about a lovely charcoal knit or some cabled velour?


(left) juicy couture cable velour / (center) grey medallions cotton lycra knit / (right) heathered charcoal knit


(left) purple and lime striped knit / (center) feathers cotton lycra knit / (right) yellow striped knit

Have you ever sewed something with knits for yourself? Maybe now’s the time to try!

To enter to win a $30 gift certificate from the Fabric Fairy online shop, please leave ONE comment on this post. And be sure to spend some time looking at the Fabric Fairy’s amazing selection. Thank you Megan!!!

Click here to visit the Fabric Fairy Shop

giveaway closes in 24 hours / void where prohibited by law

Today is the FIRST DAY to enter a top in our Spring Top Sewalong!

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338 thoughts on “Spring Top Inspiration + Giveaway from the Fabric Fairy [NOW CLOSED]

  1. I love sewing with knits, too. What a great selection. I really like the grey medallions cotton lycra knit. I am SURE I could come up with something to sew with that. 🙂

  2. Ooh, so exciting! Those bonanza boxes they have are VERY tempting. I really want to sew up some cute knit skirts and dresses for my daughter and myself this summer!!!

  3. I LOVE the Fabric Fairy! So many great fabrics to choose from, it’s hard not to buy them all!

  4. I just sewed up my first knit for my self last weekend. I’m going to enter it in the Spring Top Sewalong. I have another knit top cut out. Now I just need time to sew it together!

    What cute fabrics she has…

  5. One of the first things I ever sewed for myself was out of knit. But that was back in the day before knits became something “hard” to sew on. 😉

  6. i sew for everyone BUT myself. i have four tshirts and three pair of knit paints i wear year round. i dont know how this happened. i need to make something for myself, that is a given. i am fast becoming an embarrassment to my two well-dressed college daughters 🙁 …..and maybe even to my autistic 7 year old, she might think it odd she has better wardrobes than mom. now that i think about it, i am a really sad sight indeed :(((

  7. I would love to win this!!! I love knits and have been scouring the internet for more options in fabric!!

  8. Oh yea! I’m getting braver about knits (I know, all your lovely guests say to just go for it…let’s just say I’m a toe dipper rather than a jump right in gal.) Thank you for a great source for gorgeous knits! And thanks for the chance to win too!

  9. I would get some solid knit fabric and then some cute cotton for my kids!
    thanks for the giveaway!
    shantelhjones at gmail dot com

  10. I’ve been looking around for more knits! I love these patterns! I’ll definitely check them out!

  11. I would love to try out some of these knits. They would look great made into skirts for me and my daughter!

  12. I came here from a link on The Fabric Fairy’s Facebook page – I have today off, and I’m actually sewing some spring tops for myself!! The warm weather has really gotten me in the mood for some new clothes. 🙂

  13. TFF has the greatest fabric for kids. I never thought to get something for myself. I will definately go check it out as I badly need some new tops. 🙂

  14. ok a bit scared of knits but have made some great things with them – love the fabric fairy’s selection

  15. What a cool shop! I’ve just been surveying my won’t-wear-shorts kid’s wardrobe for the upcoming summer and realizing that little gal needs some new mama-made dresses.

  16. Awesome! I was just thinking how I needed to order some more striped knit to replace an old worn out shirt that I love. The purple and green would work perfectly! 🙂

  17. finally! a good source for knits. i keep wanting to try to sew with them again, but I can’t find anything I like. i love the honeycomb swimsuit fabric though!

  18. I’ve only made one thing for myself with knits — a striped skirt. And I love it! Would love to try making a top for myself. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Yippee!! I LOVE yellow and white stripes! Almost done with my entry but boy, would I love to have that knit fabric to make another top with! Thanks Rae for the opportunity!

  20. I love knits, although I’m still kinda sloppy when sewing with them I like to give it the old college try!

  21. I’ve been meaning to sew myself something with knit this spring!!! would love to win some fabric to sew something for me out of! (all my knits are a bit “young”)

  22. I’ve been itching to try out knits so this would be a perfect chance! They all are so gorgeous!!

  23. I’ve sewn with your knits before and I can’t say enough good things about the quality of your fabrics. Keep up the good work!

  24. I’ve visited this shop before, but never bought anything. And I’ve only made one thing with knit fabrics before, here’s hoping I can get a second chance for free!

  25. I actually LOVE sewing with knits! My girls love when I make them skirts out of it. Unfortunately, the local fabric store I have only has a limited selection. I’m DEFINITELY going to be visiting the Fabric Fairy store to browse (and buy) some cute prints for more skirts!! I think it would be awsome if the Fabric Fairy blessed me with some free loot. 😉

  26. I’ve made myself a cardigan out of knit and I’m planning on making a knit shirt for the Spring Top Sew Along! Love those striped knits!

  27. Ooh…timely giveaway. I’m planning to try my hand at swimsuit making for this summer (a swimsuit for myself and one for my baby girl), so I’d love to get my hands on some of Fabric Fairy’s quality swimsuit fabrics!

  28. I just made myself some grey and orange shoes, so I really need some of that beautiful grey knit for a top…

  29. I’m so excited for the spring top sew along. Thanks for hosting. I’m happy to find a new source for knits too. I could definitely use some fabric for future top entries!

  30. Oh, I love the Fabric Fairy. So many great knits. Knits are my favourite thing to sew. I’ve been making my kids’ summer wardrobes lately.
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I just started dabbling in knits and made some infinty scarves. I would love to win to tackle a cute dolman top tutorial I just saw…

  32. Just this year I have tried sewing with knits. I would love a chance to get some striped knit fabrics for a nice summer skirt.

  33. I’m a big fan of the Fabric Fairy. I love sewing with knits, and I just picked up a double needle to try, I’ve never used one before.

  34. I love the Fabric Fairy! And what a fabulous shop name. I could very happily spend hours browsing on her site (and plotting/scheming/planning my next projects!). Bliss!

  35. I love the gray medallions! And I’m itching for some new knits, so I’d lvoe to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Yes, I’ve sewn with knits before! Both for leasure wear and for more “dressed up” garments.

  37. Awesome! With all the tutorials and tips on line right now about sewing with knits, I was ready to give it a try, but had such a hard time finding any with names I recognized. This is fantastic!

  38. I’ve JUST started sewing with knits, and guess what! I LOVE it! I’m so surprised. I would love to win the chance to purchase some knit goodness; my stash is conspicuously lacking.

  39. I would love to start sewing with knits. And winning some fabric would be just the push I need! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  40. It’s great to see a shop with so many different knits! Thanks for showing off their selection!

  41. These look lovely! I’m just starting out, so there’s a lot of experimenting right now. Thanks for the chance!

  42. Your recent focus on sewing on knits has been great! I’m still a little nervous (not to mention project-backlogged)–but my goal is to have made some knit clothing for the children by mid-summer. And thanks for highlighting Fabric Fairy! I checked out their boy selection and found a few ‘must haves’!

    The otter fabric is adorable too!

  43. Oh, that first cotton lycra knit fabric is the bomb! I would love to make a top out of that. Sewed one together last night thinking in I would upload a photo of it this morning. Ugh, it turned out all wrong. Not contest worthy. Onto another fabric tonight. Hopefully this one will bode better.

  44. I’ve been looking for a good place to buy knits! I have sewn a couple things but now that I own a walking foot, I think I have much better results. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I just LOVE that yellow and white stripe. Looking forward to spending LOTS of time with the Fabric Fairy!!!

  46. Oh! I just started sewing and have become addicted to it! I need to stock my shelves with fabric, so I will have to take a look at Fabric Fairy’s online shop!

  47. I have never sew with knits before, mainly because the store nearest me doesn’t really have anything expect kids prints and solids. What a great selection of grown-up prints! Thanks!

  48. I would loooooooove some fabric! I have a shirt pattern I am dying to use, and knit fabric would be my choice to make it with! :o)

  49. I love some of knits that the Fabric Fairy has!! I’ve been wanting to start sewing with knits! Maybe my time has come!

  50. Ohhh I could use some fun new knits! I have a baby top and pant outfit pattern that I really want to try. Thanks for this opportunity! I love the unique selection at Fabric Fairy!

  51. I made my entry out of knit this year, it’s a great fabric to work with once you work out the tricks!
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  52. I’m working on one spring top right now, and would love some more fabric for another top (or two or three)!

  53. I have been really wanting to try knits. I like the Far Out Knit for an easy t-shirt. I don’t know if I’ll get to it this sew along but I am hoping so.

  54. Fabric Fairy has such an awesome selection of fabrics! What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  55. I love wearing knits but am apprehensive about sewing them. These fabrics would be a great excuse to brush up my skills

  56. Oh man! I’m not sure if I will be able to squeeze in the spring-top-sewing this year, but some of this fabric wuld definitely motivate me to find the time.

  57. I’ve been sewing lots for my girls with knits using men’s t-shirts but am excited to find a great source for fabric – maybe I’ll sew for myself!!

  58. Love the Fabric Fairy and I love these fabrics I haven’t really done much with knits but these bright colors bring out the want to 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!!

  59. So many great fabrics! I’ve only made a knit scarf for myself, but I’d be excited to try more!

  60. Great selection! Love the Fanciful Butterflies Cotton Knit Fabric, Aqua Blue Colorway. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  61. I’m still not too comfortable sewing with knit, so I need to practice! I love the Fanciful Butterflies in Aqua Blue!

  62. I’m always looking for knits to make things for the boy! And I’ve been meaning to check out Fabric fairy more so this would be great! thanks!

  63. I love browsing fabric online – sure beats taking my 2 and 4 year old with me (and I can do it in my pj’s)

  64. Since the kniterviews, I’ve been at the thrift store several times a week trying to find good print knits. and frankly, i’m sick of stripes!

    oh, lord. are those wiener dogs?! yesssss!

  65. Knits are wonderful to work with, but I don’t always find ones I like. The Fabric Fairy looks like it has a wide range of styles and types of knit. I’ve added to my list… thanks.

  66. I love the purple and lime fabric. So nice and fresh for spring! I am ready to start sewing with knits again… it’s been too long!

  67. I made a knit dress for my daughter last week and was heartened by how easy it was. And I could use a nice dressy short for summer. But I’d also have to get some of those awesome stripes for the small girl. She’d rock them like I never could!

  68. i’m about to make a knit top for myself for the first time! i’ll practise with a solid color, but once I’m done this shop is a great place to find fabric for my second top!

  69. I could definitely use some fresh new colors. My stash is proving to be rather dull and uninspiring for top making (or any making to be honest)…

  70. I would love some fabric! I have some things I want to make and haven’t picked out fabric for yet and this would be a perfect opportunity for that!

  71. For the spring sewalong last year, I sewed up this modesty shirt to wear under my real entry top out of cheap knit from Hobby Lobby. But that’s honesty it!

  72. I’ve only sewn a handful of things in knit for myself and my toddler, but I’d love to do more. The Fabric Fairy’s selection is so awesome!

  73. Yes, I have made myself some shirts with knits 🙂 It was fun and I love them. I only wish there were more of a selection of the types of knits my pattern calls for. I don’t find many fabrics with 4 way stretch in patterns that I like. 🙁

  74. i haven’t really done much sewing with knits, but after spending some time on your site i’m ready to give them a go! The fabric fairy site looks like it has tons of fun goodies!

  75. I’M so glad to know about The Fabric Fairy! I’ve been looking for a source of knits for awhile. I would dearly love to win!

  76. Thanks to all the tips and tricks you have posted about sewing with knits, I am slowly becoming braver. I have now made several pairs of leggings for my daughter and have a few more patterns I would like to try very soon. Love your blog!!

  77. I am so excited about fabric fairy I have a hard time finding cute knit fabric in my area! Thanks!

  78. AH knits, still working towards these but would love to work with some of these gorgeous fabrics soon!

  79. I love all the knits the Fabric Fairy has! I would take the navy/white vertical stripe. I’ve been looking everywhere for that exact fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. I tend to go towards neutrals like the grey medallians, I need to try knits and definitely some beautiful prints!

  81. I have sewn a few things with knits. They’ve all turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

  82. I am just at that stage of pregnancy where nothing fits (normal clothes or most maternity wear). Some new knit to make some comfy new pieces would be perfect!

  83. Your knit series has inspired me to try my hand at knits so I’d love some fabric to get me started!

  84. I tried working with a knit fabric for last year’s spring top sewalong, but I think the reason I still haven’t finished it is that I picked a tough fabric to work with – it’s rayon or bamboo or something way too drapey for a knits beginner.

  85. I love It’s Wine O’Clock Cotton Woven Fabric by David & Goliath. Would be great for an apron for a wine lover (that’s me).

  86. so much stuff on that website!! id prob grab some jersey knit, maybe that horizontal navy and white stripe.

  87. i love all of the stripes! such great color combinations. i’m a knit-sewing newbie, but am enjoying it so far (although i admit, i’m still a little freaked out for some crazy reason). thanks for the chance!

  88. I followed along with the knit series and would love to try sewing for myself with knits. I hadn’t found any knits locally that seemed like I would wear, but HELLO PUCCI!! There’s a knit I can get into!

  89. Love the Fabric Fairy’s amazing selection of knits! I’ve had my eye on the red checked gingham print cotton/lycra — it just begs to be a summer tee!

  90. I am from South Africa. We don’t get knits like that here.Whether I win or not,I am going to order and be unique with these magnificent knits.

  91. Thanks for the giveaway! Right now I’m trying to sew a top for myself using rayon knit. Not such a great choice– so slippery!

  92. Oooh…love that grey and green stripe…I am slowly working up the nerve to do a knits project…I have been saving all our old knits for me to practice on so that I don’t “waste” anything when I inevitably muck things up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I have two toddler boys, so Shock Wave Sharks Microfiber Boardshort Fabric by Flaphappy would be a huge hit here. They need new bathing suits too and this would be fantastic!

  94. I did a could of nursing tees for myself, so I’d love some fresh knits for a couple more (without the nursing panel this time).:-)

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