Spring Top Sewalong PSA: slight date change

Please pardon my brain fart, but I just realized that I had originally set the final date for Spring Top Sewalong submissions as Monday, April 23, and I need to change that to Sunday, April 22. Please make a note. We will close the pool/entry form to submissions on Sunday, April 22 at 8 PM Eastern, and I have to absolutely stick to that plan, because later that week I’m heading to New York for another awesome Heather Ross weekend (this one is a fabric design weekend, WOOT!). Thanks for your understanding!

Our first set of judges will start scoring this coming Monday (already!!!), with our first set of “top tops” featured the first week in April on the blog (we’ll do this for four weeks with four sets of judges), so if you’re almost finished with a top, be sure to get it entered and in the pool ASAP.

Click here to find Spring Top Sewalong 2012 Information

And one last request: we’ve had a number of tops in the pool that aren’t square (this isn’t a huge deal but they don’t look as good in the photo mosaics) or aren’t entered with the Entry Form (this is a bigger deal) and we want to include everyone who wants to be included, so please read the guidelines for entry before you enter your top!

There are really just three simple things you need to do: 1) read the guidelines 2) put your top in the pool and 3) fill in the entry form

If you’re putting a top in the sewalong pool just for fun, could you please remember to write “just for fun” somewhere in your photo description? If you DO want your top entered in the competition, remember you’ll need to fill in the entry form.

Not sure if you were entered? You need to have an “ENTERED” stamp from a moderator in your photo comments (look at this top’s comments for an example). If it’s not there within 48 hours, we didn’t get you in for some reason. And we do make mistakes, so feel free to email me, I’d be happy to help!

I’m hopping on a plane to Atlanta tomorrow and I am SO. EXCITED. to meet everyone who is coming to our Atlanta Crafty Meetup, Saturday morning demo, and Kid Pant Workshop (two spaces left, still time to sign up!). See you at Whipstitch!

5 thoughts on “Spring Top Sewalong PSA: slight date change

  1. Aw man, I would totally take one of those spots if lived near Atlanta. I’ll totally come if you ever have anything in the Madison (make that anywhere in the Wisconsin) area.

  2. i was supposed to go to the NYC fabric workshop, too! long story as to why i am not, but i’m bummed to be missing it. i’m sure it’ll be great!

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