Treasure Pockets for Clementine and other end-of-week ramblings

This week was a little insane. Sometimes it’s frustrating to get to the end of a week where you were hoping to accomplish so much and not have anything done. But sometimes you’re just happy to have made it and you don’t care about the bazillion to-dos that fell flat, right?

My week, in a nutshell:

On Sunday, a deer hit my car going roughly 50 mph (see the great thing about being a physics teacher is you can employ Newton’s Law. Did I hit the deer? Or did the deer hit me? Answer: YES). No one was hurt, just a bit shaken. So we’re down to one car indefinitely, which incidentally happens to be a 2-door yellow VW convertible. How much do I love installing two toddler car seats in that back seat? Not much. How much do the two kiddos love riding in that back seat with the top down? LOTS.

On Tuesday, both my kids — who were staying in West Michigan with Mr Rae’s parents for a couple of days — had to be rushed back to this side of the state for a doctor’s visit, which determined that poor Elliot’s endless cough had turned into pneumonia and Clementine’s had turned into a full-blown sinus infection. They’re both doing much better now, but pneumnonia = never fun.

And then yesterday just before we were about to leave for our Crafty Meetup in Ann Arbor, the tornado sirens started to go off. We spent the next hour and a half in the basement. Did we cancel the meetup? NO! We did not and we still had loads of fun. And I must add that the snacks were above average.


I don’t actually know what any of this has to do with the Treasure Pocket Pants I began this post with the intention of showing you but I suppose it’s somewhat satisfying that I managed to get something done amidst the fray. The pattern is from the Sewing for Boys book, but as you can see it’s fabulous made up for girls as well. I love these colors together (you can find the lovely pink crossweave at Pink Castle, but get it before it’s gone because allegedly Moda is going to discontinue it…waaah!!!). The mushrooms are older, out of print Alexander Henry I think.

If you love these pants as much as I do, next weekend is our Whipstitch Weekend (already!) and we’ve still got a few spots left in the Treasure Pocket Pant Workshop if you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to join us. We’ve also got spots left for our Friday night meetup and of course everyone is welcome to our Saturday morning demo. You can see more info on this post or sign up for the workshop right here. Karen and I a super duper excited and can’t wait to head down to Atlanta!


We also had a party last weekend for my niece Baby M who turned 1, so I had to make her a little Flashback Tee with puff sleeves and some Big Butt Baby Pants to match. So now Clementine can match her cousin. Cute!

I had hinted earlier that I might hold some fabric giveaways this week to kick-off our Spring Top Sewalong, but like many other things in my life right now it will just have to wait. I’ll shoot for next week. Monday happens to be the first day of the month-long timeframe for entering tops.

I hope you’ll all be sewing up a storm (get it, STORM? har) this weekend!

15 thoughts on “Treasure Pockets for Clementine and other end-of-week ramblings

  1. I hate deer. So sorry about the trashed vehicle. Hoping next week goes a bit smoother and those antibiotics do the trick for your kiddos.

  2. Oooh, I’ve got some of that mushroom yummy stuff stashed for this spring – thanks for the reminder and inspiration to use it judiciously.

  3. Ugh on the personal stuff, no fun, but the sewing looks great!! Can’t wait for the start of the STS. Take care, Rae family – have a great weekend!

  4. I had that kind of week too – must have been in the air. Here’s to better weeks ahead! AND I’m so excited to be seeing you in Atlanta next weekend 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear about the car and illnesses. 🙁
    I absolutely adore the outfit for Baby M! It is too cute!

  6. Those pants are too cute! Wait a minute. If I left after work at 6AM on Saturday I might be able to make it to the workshop by 2….and then maybe, if Kentucky makes it to the Elite Eight, I could go to a basketball game on Sunday….hmmmm….. I wonder how far I could get into this sentence before my husband looked at me like I was crazy 🙂

  7. Cowering in your basement was fun….and the fact that MOST of the folks who signed up for the meetup arrived was phenomenal, given the weather!

    Next week at this time you’ll be on your way home from GA!

  8. Love those little treasure pocket pants! I keep thinking about making some for my guy he’s 10, but somehow I think he’d enjoy them!

  9. love those pants so much! mine are 25% done, can’t wait to have the time to finish ’em off. paging through sewing for boys, the tpp really popped out at me, they’re really cool looking.

    I was actually finishing a pair of big butt baby pants for a baby gift which is why I haven’t finished my treasure pocket pants. BBB pants = a must buy pattern for baby/kid sewing!

  10. Is it possible to buy the treasure pocket pants pattern or is it only in the Sewing for Boys book? They are so fun! Thanks!

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