Growing like a little weed right out of her Charlie Dress

The other day we had a perfect day outside and I snapped some pictures of Clementine in the backyard. I can’t believe how fast this girl is growing. Those little legs are getting so long, waaaaaah!


She has been wearing this size 2T Charlie dress now for nearly a year, and as you can see she is shooting up like a weed. We’re even getting into 3T sizes now so this dress is getting a wee bit short. There’s always leggings, right?





For comparison, here’s that very same dress posted nearly 8 months ago, looking a bit large:


OK, so here’s the scoop on the Charlie Dress, for those of you interested. I’ve made a “Charlie Dress Add-on” that is going to be available in my shop soon as a supplement to the original Charlie Tunic Sewing Pattern. It allows one to make the dress version by taping an extension to the side/bottom of the tunic pattern pieces, and it includes instructions of course, as well as new cropped sleeve pieces and sleeve/bottom facings. I’m hoping to have it available by the end of this week (tomorrow? Dare I hope??). Thanks so much to everyone who has waited SO patiently for this pattern add-on. I know sometimes it must be like torture to have to wait so long for everything.

Coming very soon…


18 thoughts on “Growing like a little weed right out of her Charlie Dress

  1. That’s what’s so great about that pattern. It has a second life as a top, long after the dress is grown out of.

  2. So excited for the dress pattern to finally be out. I will be buying both the dress and tunic pattern so I can make one up quick. Thanks!!!

  3. YeaY!!!!!!!! I already have material bought and paired waiting for this extension to come out… and for my daughter to start walking. We’ve discovered that its very difficult to crawl in a dress (and on a freshly mopped floor for that matter). 🙂

    P.S.: My goodness Clem is getting soooo tall.

  4. I always make the next size on purpose for this very reason. As long as it still fits her around the chest (another year or two even?) C will get a lot of wear from this in different garment-incarnations. Girls are so lucky that their dresses can become tunics with no alterations, but boys need new shirts when they grow taller.

    This fall she can wear the duckies with JEANS!

    • Hi Michelle!

      Yes, I think I probably will. I’ve just started to work on translating the Flashback Tee into sizes 6-14. We’ll see how that goes. It will definitely help that next year Elliot will be moving out of the “toddler” sizes into larger “kid” sizes. It always helps to have a guinea pig. 🙂

  5. Leggings, or another band of contrast fabric to lengthen it a bit. I have a 3 yr old who is growing Up and out of her clothes too.

  6. After having a son who grew out of everything so quickly, it has been so great to make things last forever on my daughter–dress becomes tunic becomes top! Too bad for the friends waiting for my hand-me-downs though! This pattern is too cute, and looks perfect for lasting forever!

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