KCWC Flashback Tee alert!

Did you guys see that next week is KCWC over at Elsie Marley? This week Meg’s got guesties making their own awesome versions of the Flashback Tee! Here’s what’s been featured so far:


Sew Liberated’s Car Flashback for Finn (top)

Well-Crafted’s Triangle Short-sleeved Flashback (center)

Noodlehead’s Flashback Duo (bottom)

and there’s more to come this week. KCWC starts next week, right after the Spring Top Sewalong ends, so perfect timing! Head over to Elsie Marley to see what’s happening!

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3 thoughts on “KCWC Flashback Tee alert!

  1. Nothing is cuter than Elliot’s lightening bolts. Until I made these batmans for the twins! (yes, they are identical, Emerson is older by 30 seconds & he knows it, and, yes, I have my hands ful))

    • I have to go to NYC and hang out with my good pal Heather Ross this week, don’t you know.

      …not sure how much kid sewing I’ll squeeze in. 🙂

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