Meet our Spring Top Sewalong Judges and Prize sponsors!

Here’s our lineup of fantastic judges for this year’s sewalong:

Anna of Noodlehead
Shannon of luvinthemommyhood
Kelli of True Bias (also of Presser Foot)
Jenny of Wan Life to Live
Lindsay of Lindsay, etc (also known previously as Liliash)
Edith of Edeenut Creates
Deborah of Whipstitch
Jamie Christina of Jamie Christina Patterns
Dana of Made
Meg of Fashioned By Meg
Adrianna of Crafterhours
Astrid of Connecting the Dots
Florence of Flossie Teacakes

I wanted to write about each of these lovely ladies in more detail, but it’s almost 5 pm and I need to go wake Clementine up from her nap or she’ll never sleep tonight, and Elliot is done with his snack and wants to play outside. So I can’t linger…anyway, please check out their fantastic blogs for a peek at their lovely personalities!

Some of you might wonder how these lovely ladies ended up as judges. Well. It’s funny to try and remember the exact way they ended up here, but most of them were at one point or another winners or finalists in one of the Spring Top competitions of previous years, although a few of these lovely ladies have just been online friends for what seems like forever (more likely a couple of years, but it seems like forever!) so I recruited them because they had good taste and I knew where they lived (online of course), bwah-hah-hah! Or both. 🙂

In case you’re interested in how the judging works this year, I’ve divided the judges up into four teams. Each team has been assigned a different week in April to look over the tops and select their favorites. They score their selected tops as a group to determine a Judge’s Choice winner for that week, and we’ll also put the top-scoring tops up on the blog (starting tomorrow for the “Week 1 top-tops…woot!”) and we will have a reader vote for the Reader’s Choice winner. There will be no final winners or final round this year, but we’ll have TWO winners each week! And to keep it simple (read: Keep Rae From Going Insane) we’re giving each winner a $30 gift certificate to one of these lovely fabric and pattern shops who are sponsoring this year’s competition:

Pretty great, right?!! A big THANK YOU to these sponsor shops for providing prizes, and to the judges for so carefully evaluating all of the tops that are being entered!

For more information on our Spring Top Sewalong, please see this post!

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