Spring Top Sewalong is almost over waaaah!

Just a quick reminder that the Spring Top Sewalong Pool will close tomorrow evening at 8 PM Eastern. Make sure you read the requirements before entering a top. And look at all the fun tops in the pool right now:

Yours could be in there too! Is anyone down to the wire on this one? Are you going to make it?

I’ll be back later today with the winners from this week!

3 thoughts on “Spring Top Sewalong is almost over waaaah!

  1. I made it!! Just posted my photo in the pool….I have been sooooo sick, for weeks! I didn’t really think I would get one done in time but I am so glad I did, I love looking at all of the tops every year- they just keep getting better! I have a few more planned so they’ll go in after the contest 🙂

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