The Bonnet Report

OK, let’s start with the good. She was adorbs in the pink dress. Really cute.


I ended up making a matching pink shirt for E too. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry. *ducks*


But the bonnet. Oh, the bonnet.


I’ll be straight with you. By viewing these photos you are witness to that single, brief moment in time where the bonnet made contact with her head. I’d be lying to you if I said she would have anything to do with it after that.


Oh well. The boots looked great with the dress.




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40 thoughts on “The Bonnet Report

  1. My daughter has developed an unerring instinct for home-sewn clothes. Approach her with an Old Navy t-shirt? No problem. Approach her with a muslin for the Flashback Tee? Screaming and tears.

    • haha, I KNOW! what IS it about the homemade stuff? I’m convinced they can tell by the way we try to play it cool when approaching them with something we’ve made. They can smell it.

  2. The bonnet is adorable. I made Little House on the Prairie costumes and they wear theirs all the time. They would love the one you made with hearts on it.

  3. What is up with putting pretty things on their heads like that? My twin granddaughters did the same thing. From ages 2-3, hated stuff on their heads no matter how adorable they looked! It was such a shame, they looked so cute. Hopefully your girl will out grow this stage too. And that bonnet is really pretty. I wish more people would use them, keeps the babes safe from earaches too!

  4. Apparently she doesn’t realize how adorable she looks in that bonnet…if she did she’d be all smiles! Love the first photo of both kids…so sweet!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I just had a flashback to my own childhood tears and my mother trying to get me to wear whatever thing she had decided would be oh-so-cute/stylish on me: When I was your daughter’s age, it was dresses. Dresses weren’t good for climbing trees. When I was in 6th grade (1986), it was the itchy red plaid pants and the white blouse (Horrors). When I was in jr high, it was the pin-tucked blue April Cornell blouse with ruffles (gasp) around the collar.

    Note to self: remember this when dressing my son… who wore a Lightning McQueen shirt to Easter Dinner. *sigh*

  6. I was amazed when I saw her in the previous post in a bonnet, so this post has made me realise that normal toddler service (aka ‘over my dead body’) has resumed.

  7. Awww… Sometimes, you win some… and sometimes, you can’t. Maybe it will be a good dress-up bonnet for a teddy bear someday? Making clothes for kids is such a crap shoot. Even if they looooove it Monday, they might hate it Tuesday and forever after. Sorry that this one didn’t work out, but maybe she’ll change her mind next week.

  8. I guess the chocolate bribe doesn’t work when they already have their Easter candy. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh Rae, you crack me up! I can’t count the number of times my kids have refused to wear things for the camera. Or for any reason. All that said, Clementine looks really good with the dress and the bonnet on. Maybe the day will come when she’ll (as a mother of toddlers herself) look at this photo and think, “I looked good! Why didn’t I keep the bonnet on? Is this what motherhood is like? Is this what Mom lived though. I’d better be nice to her from now on. Eeep.”

  10. please oh please tell me you’re going to blow up that picture in the top right of the collage, frame it, and display it in a prominent area of your home!!

  11. Oh, girl, it is my life mission at holidays to dress my two matching. I also have the complete set, like you, same ages even! And until they realize that I am making Andrew clothes out of slightly feminine fabrics to match the adorable dress his sister has, I Will Not Stop! Cause they look so cute!! And real men wear pink!

  12. Had a similar meltdown with our 2 year old yesterday – she discovered her Easter dress in the laundry a few days ago and insisted on wearing it, but when we tried to put it on her yesterday, she wasn’t having it. Her favorite Aunt Sasa had to stage a mediation before she finally got dressed.

  13. Oh, this is so very funny. Thank you for the laughs today. My kids have never been able to stand anything on their heads, from hairbows to hats, so I can relate deeply!

    • Hi Kia!
      You could make something very very similar with the “Easy Linen shirt” pattern from Sewing for Boys book. Unfortunately the button tabs on the collar and the placket were my own invention, but I did start with the basic front/back/sleeves from that pattern. Hope that helps!!!

      • Any chance of a tutorial for those placket and collar?? I have three boys and they would look great in that style. We are just coming into winter so I’m thinking about what I can add to their warm clothes now.

  14. I had to laugh at the crying pictures! My best intentions flop sometimes, too. Kids don’t spare your feelings, do they? But I love that about them. Beautiful bonnet, dress, and shirt.

  15. Bahahahaha……OK, I’m sorry. Those pictures are super funny to me. Anyone can see how horrible the bonnet is, right? How completely inhumane it is to make a child wear it? I’m sure that’s what she’s thinking πŸ™‚ Happy Easter!

  16. Ooooh Clem!!! She sure is a spunky little thing! Haha. Sorry she wouldn’t wear the bonnet (bummer – it’s SO CUTE and perfect with the dress) and that’s awesome you had to just whip up a shirt for E too after the “I’m not making it!” stand you took with the dress. πŸ˜‰ I absolutely love the photos of the kids together. Sibling love is the best.

  17. Oh, my! You are just so mean to the child, LOL! My middle child would have nothing to do with hats, and at Clem’s age, she also wanted no ruffles or lace anywhere near her neck, no buttons anywhere and refused to wear jeans. She liked overalls and “sweat suits.” I made many of each. Sigh. I finally found a dress pattern that met all her no-no criteria and she hated it and didn’t want to wear IT either. And I had made myself and her younger sister dresses of the same fabric so we could all match. πŸ™ Only made that mistake once πŸ˜‰

  18. Oh the tragedy! (For both of you, maybe? haha) It’s like she is looking off to her left for someone to rescue her. So sad, but totally cute at the same time. I love her new bob.

  19. gosh, don’t I know that reaction from my three year old.

    You really must make a tutorial on how you modified the easy linen shirt to add the placket. I would totally love to make something like it for my girls. It looks so comfy and cute.

  20. They are so cute, with or without a bonnet. But I do have to smile…
    my daughter is seven and has always had very. strong. opinions about what she will and will not wear. If I buy or make a special occasion dress for her, there is never a guarantee she will actually *wear* it. Sigh.
    But it is still fin to dream…

  21. I have to tell you that this post made me laugh really, really hard.

    I think it was you who posted once about taking pictures of your kids while they’re crying? Yeah. It makes me snerkle.

  22. Oh, my…. forgive me for laughing! She is just too adorable!!! And you’re such a mean mom. πŸ˜‰

  23. LOL. Why mom, why?! That reminds me of a certain child and a certain cape I proudly made her from an Ottobre magazine, all cute with a gnomey hood and pompom trim. She screamed at it, threw it on the ground, and tromped on it. Then yelled at it some more. I was traumatized. However if I made her the same today she’d wear it proudly… perhaps I should, and another for the littler sister who’d do the same as a copycat!

  24. one of the best perks of being a parent is capturing those cruel, mean, moments of mommy-torture on film!!! lol ahhh, whew!! that was just priceless!! those kids are so stinkin cute!!! and they look sooo much alike- crazy isnt it?!?!

  25. While my oldest daughter wouldn’t go near a bonnet at age 2, my younger one not only wore it willingly, but paraded around in it at Mass. Check her out at weareneweverydayDOTblogspotDOTcom I didn’t make the bonnet, but the dress was made and smocked by my mother. And I made the older daughter’s dress this year. Some days you win, some days, you just drink more wine.

  26. I have a 20 year old white straw hat with pink flowers that my then 4 year old daughter insisted she had to have, $20 at Penney’s and way out of my budget at the time. When Easter came she refused to wear it that year or any of the next 5. I have kept it in the top of her closet and made her feel guilty about it ever since. This year I got it out to show my nearly 3 year old granddaughter. She promptly clamped in on her head, shouted “My cowboy hat” and left wearing it. Her mom had her in a new pink dress and she was wearing the hat proudly, all day on Easter. Long wait, but worth it.

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