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These two stayed busy for hours yesterday in the tent we set up in the backyard. Our tent stands on its own without stakes, so we moved it around as the shady patches in our yard changed with the position of the sun. At one point it became necessary to put all of the stuffed animals in the tent. And when I say ALL of the stuffed animals, I mean ALL. My kids aren’t old enough to sleep outside in the backyard yet by themselves, but I imagine this could be fun when they’re older as long as they don’t get scared. For now we just play. Have any of you tried it with your kids?



Hope everyone had a great weekend! And if you’re in the states, enjoy the holiday today!

8 thoughts on “Backyard camping

  1. We have done this with our son. We camped out in our old backyard last year. We’ve moved though…and our back yard now has no room for our tent! unless we camp out on the driveway or deck…so we’ll see what we do. May just have to go to an actual campground this year!

  2. My sister and I used to sleep on the lounge chairs on the deck when we were kids. Especially on the nights when there were meteor showers. One of my favorite memories.

  3. We have a backyard tent that we set up for our almost-three-year-old. He loves it. Nothing like a good tent!

    When I was in middle school there was a summer that I slept in a tent in the backyard frequently. It was great fun, and just the right amount of creepy.

  4. my kids LOVE camping in the backyard with their daddy! they get some good bonding time and mommy gets a quiet nite with the house to myself! 🙂

  5. there is something like a magnet with tents and kids! I used to set up one for them to play in randomly too! We went camping this weekend with the family and all the kids were in and out of the tents all weekend 🙂
    fun fun!

  6. We’re moving into a house with a big backyard this week and my husband is really looking forward to some backyard camping. It does look pretty cute!

    I know what you mean about ALL the stuffed animals – my son keeps creating planes or picnics or random role-playing situation and all our stuffed toys migrate across the house. It must be good exercise going back and forth all the time!

  7. I have been forced to camp in the garden with my children (because they are too young to do it alone) – I am not doing it again unless we get a bigger tent with room for a decent airbed though – waking up at 5am, with freezing cold children and soggy cuddly animals where they have been touching the tent, to find that the airbed had deflated, is *not* my idea of fun.

    The good news was that the house, and our warm dry beds (and tumble drier for bears) was only 20m away!

  8. We only have a 16 man tent and it is expensive, takes up at least a quarter of our backyard, and takes ages to set up, so we don’t set it up for the kids. But I do remember when I was growing up I used to take my sleeping bag outside and just lie on it to read. We had lots of dogs, and over time some of them began harassing me during my outdoor reading sessions, so I started setting up my two-man tent and reading in there, but it didn’t have quite the same feel to it.

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