Liberty Tie Top

Another spring top today! Made with Liberty cotton lawn purchased at Purl and the same pattern as the Hello Pilgrim dress.


This one was completed just before leaving for New York a few weeks ago so I wore it over to Purl to buy some more Liberty as a reward. Not sure why I felt that making one top meant that I should buy enough fabric for *two* more tops, but I did. I get irrational around Liberty*, what can I say?


I shortened the dress pattern and left off the pockets and sleeve caps, using some bias tape to finish the armholes instead. The tie is longer and I like it this way. This shot is an attempt to show the shirring in the back, not sure how successful I was since this fabric seems to refuse to be photographed.


*There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to Liberty fabric. The first group is comprised of persons who cannot comprehend what on earth could be so special about a fabric that you would want to pay $35-45/yd for it. I must admit that was pretty much my line of thinking a year ago (read this post for evidence). The second type of person is the one who has drunk the koolaid and fallen hook line and sinker for Liberty. This person does not see any reason NOT to buy as much Liberty as possible. The only reason this person does not buy more Liberty is because they have already taken out the second mortage on the house to finance the current stash, you get me?


I’m not quite to that point yet, but I have to admit, there is something about this fabric that is really amazing. First of all, it feels so silky soft. The patterns are so subtle and classic, but as you look at each one it’s like you see more and more. I guess I can’t really explain it. It’s craziness, I know.

35 thoughts on “Liberty Tie Top

  1. I hear ya!! I love Liberty too, although my pocketbook doesn’t and neither does my husband. πŸ˜‰ Such a cute top Rae! Looks great on you.

  2. You know what I like about Liberty fabric? When you prewash it before you use it, it stays on grain. No wonkyness i find when I wash less expensive fabric (you know, when the stripes or pattern is no longer straight selvedge to selvedge). Plus, the cotton is so silky. I do have to admit, I have a small stash of Liberty fabric but have yet to make anything out of it. I have the plan, just not the guts. Oh and I recently bought some Liberty knit. Love it, love it love it!

  3. I still can’t see paying that much for ANY fabric, so I hope I never get to see/touch any of that Liberty in person, because I already have one picked out that I love! πŸ˜‰

  4. You can tell the difference! This top lays so beautifully, probably my favorite top you have made this year. It’s very flattering too. I hope this helps justify additional purchases πŸ™‚

  5. That top is so flattering on you! Worth every penny I bet. I have not had the chance to experience Liberty fabric and I am afraid to because when I do I will probably spend my paycheck!

  6. It’s such a lovely top! Well done! My grandmother used to sew dresses for me from Liberty fabrics. The patterns were always so beautiful and I can still remember that first time, early Summer, when I got to wear my dress, feeling the sun touch my skin, bare feet. Oh to be young again.

  7. This is a really gorgeous pattern, and your fabric choice is beautiful. Not too busy or wild, but still colorful and fun. It fits you perfectly.

  8. Here’s my problem…..I CAN’T CUT INTO IT! It sits and sits and I think, “I should do something cute with this….” but then I can’t cut into it.

    It’s just too beautiful~

    • Oh I hear you!! I had to make two “test” versions of this pattern before I dared to cut into this piece. πŸ™‚

  9. i got that fabric at a local fabric-by-the-pound place for $3/yard!! i still haven’t figured out what to make yet! this is lovely!

  10. oh rae, it’s lovely, and I have a nice chunk of the same print, must cut into it for this summer. To heck with making something for the kids with it! πŸ™‚ Hope you have fun at market!

  11. Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite prints. I have THREE yards of it, uncut, pre-washed and folded. The children are forbidden to breathe near it.

  12. Love your top!!! It is so pretty:) I am saving so I can splurge on some Liberty fabric:) I will probably never use it, but still looking forward to having some in my stash!:)

  13. I love the fabric design you chose. When I first saw liberty prints at Purl Soho I couldn’t see anything I would actually wear as I don’t wear florals. Seeing this on you makes me reconsider…dangerous for my pockets :o(

  14. So pretty. I am getting close to liberty mania, but haven’t quite been able to click “buy” yet. I frequently fill online shopping carts with my dream fabric, and then close the browser before I get too crazy. I’m worried that once I buy, I won’t be able to stop! πŸ™‚

    Love your top.

  15. And it’s a fabric that lasts! I have a pair of boxers from Liberty that I’ve slept in for 20 years. The elastic is gone, but the cotton has survived wash after wash. Must cut them up and repurpose them one of these days.

  16. I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite liberty print I’ve seen yet! I’m a sucker for tie tops. I will continue to stay in the first group of people you described…cause I’m sure if I ever purchase any I will fall into the second. lol!

  17. Rae! You’re such a bad influence! haha I still haven’t busted into my Liberty for NYC, but very soon! I am too afraid to cut into it until mom gets here and can help me make a top, since I’m a first time seamstress and all! πŸ™‚

  18. Your top is gorgeous, I visited liberty in london last year but sadly didn’t have the funds for fabric at the time. I have a topshop blouse made with that same fabric and love it so much, I discovered a tiny hole in the front the other day and let out a squeal, my family thought I was mad to be so upset that my favourite blouse was ruined! But they haven’t felt the softness against the skin, the way it makes you feel so nice. I am definately a convert! Enjoy your blouse x

  19. I bought some Liberty lawn on a trip to London just before I got married. Saved it for “just the right time/pattern” which was a sundress made BY my youngest daughter when she was a senior in high school! It got lots of touching and daydreaming during that time. Mind you, I got married in 1972!!!

  20. Rae, this is such a great fit of a classic top. Classic, meaining it will last forever and is totally worth the fabric price:)

  21. You look way too cute in that top. I confess I have a stab of jealousy at all the cute clothes you make yourself. Argh! I need to get on with it. And I haven’t drunk the Liberty cool aid yet, but the cup is hovering at my lips.

  22. it is gorgeous, rae. i love it. i NEVER look at liberty without thinking “i get what the fuss is all about”. and i have never even touched it or beheld it with my own eyes!

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