I hope you all had a lovely weekend! For those of you who celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, I hope it was lovely. I received this adorable little hand-painted birdhouse from Elliot along with a homemade card that slays me every time I look at it. To you maybe it is just a couple of stick figures. But it’s GOLD to me, y’know, PURE GOLD. You might also notice that he (or more likely, Mr Rae) had to tape it back together prior to delivery due to the fact that his stinker of a sister took a scissors to it while no one was looking. There were tears. It’s all better now though.


Speaking of tears. I can’t talk about Mother’s Day without mentioning two very dear friends of mine for whom motherhood has been especially difficult this year. One of them is a friend whose baby, little Max, passed away in utero just days before he was due to make his arrival last July. And another friend with two young children who doesn’t know if her breast cancer (that has now spread all over her body, brain, lungs…) will allow her to see her next mother’s day. It seems unlikely. My heart breaks every day for these two amazing, brave women and I try not to underestimate the power of my prayers.

I am so blessed with my two babes. I don’t think it’s wrong to feel so joyful while celebrating Mom’s day with my family and at the same time feel a sadness for my friends. Life is hard, man. I feel like I’ve learned that more this year than ever before. I am more and more aware, as I post here, of the fact that life is tough for many of you as well, maybe because of loss, or sickness or worry or whatever. I hope that this doesn’t sound cheesy, but I just want you to know that if yesterday was a Booger for you, that I was thinking about you as well. As much as a virtual-online-person can, which I personally think is alot.

OK! And now…back to my regularly scheduled (and usually happy if not a wee bit sarcastic and snarky) programming…

8 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. of all the bloggy posts about mother’s day, this was my favorite. thanks!

  2. Oh, so hard. This was a terrible mother’s day for me, but you really put things into perspective with this post. My heart goes out to your dear friends who are suffering.

  3. Motherhood carries a constant pull and mix of emotions…Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to be both happy and sad.

  4. So sorry about your friends. Life’s really not fair sometimes. Lovely post, and adorable card from your boy 🙂

  5. Agreed – I’m over the moon with my 5 kiddos, and new little one on the way. But I prayed over several friends who lost babies this last year, and hugged a crying friend at church, who is suffering with infertility, and took special flowers to my aunt who no longer has a daughter, or a mother, with whom to celebrate the day. This year has been a LEARNING year, and I am actually very grateful for the lessons, even the hard ones. It makes average days a bit more valuable.

  6. Thank you for thinking of me on Mother’s Day. 😉 And especially for putting things into perspective with your post. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles of your friends… I’ve offered a prayer for each of them.

    Yes, those handmade gifts are treasures, for sure! And little siblings can often be stinkers! 😉

  7. Wow, so true, Rae. Last year a dear friend of mine suffered a miscarriage right before Mothers Day and this year she dedicated her new baby girl at church. Beauty from ashes. I’ve been there before, too, and know that sometimes love can be both beauty and ashes. Prayers for all the mommas out there in all seasons!

  8. Hugs and prayers to your two friends! Being a mother really does give a whole new perspective on life, happiness and pain doesn’t it?!

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