She occasionally, briefly, wears things I’ve sewn


Do you ever accidentally put two fabrics together and it totally works? One day I set these two fabrics down in the same stack and it was meant to be. The grounds for both fabrics happen to match perfectly and so do the purples. I love how these look together. I’m not sure what I did right to get her to put the dress ON — there’s currently a backlog of about six other garments I’ve recently finished for her that she absolutely won’t wear (even when full-scale mini-marshmallow bribery is being attempted) — but she did and that’s what’s important. It was kind of her to indulge me on this one. Even if I had to chase her around with the camera (hence the sheer glee that follows in these photos).

Charlie Dress


Charlie Dress

Charlie Dress

Pattern: Charlie Tunic, made into a dress with the add-on (both are available from my pattern page). It’s big on her, this is a 3T and the pattern runs a bit large and the girl runs a bit small.

Fabrics: Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner and Far Far Away II by Heather Ross, buttons found in this Etsy shop.

Charlie Dress


Speaking of getting her to wear things that I’ve made, if you’re one of my pals on Twitter or Instagram (yes, yes, le sigh, I caved to Instagram…) you’ll have already seen that she now wears without complaint the pink bonnet previously loathed and hated. Oh, how I WISH I knew what on earth had changed!!?! She just decided one day that she’d wear it, and that was that. Ah the joys of having a 2 year old.

I know many of you are sensitive to my “Pinterest issues” (thank you!), so I thought I’d mention that all of these pictures of Clementine are all fine to pin if you’d like. Thanks everyone!

23 thoughts on “She occasionally, briefly, wears things I’ve sewn

  1. so adorable. and yeah, those kids, they’re crazy. Mine are the same way, most of the time they’ll wear something I make a few times and then never again. 🙁 but then there are those few pieces that they’ll wear over and over and over. And yes!! they change their minds like crazy!

  2. My little gal really likes wearing her Charlie Dress too! I think the roominess adds a huge comfy factor. Oh and the elephant fabric probably doesn’t hurt either.

  3. What a cheeky little monkey! I wonder if our kids will one day be embarrassed by the clothes we make them. In saying that, my mum made a dress for me when I was 8 which she kindly allowed my design input.
    It had custom pockets big enough to fit barbies. That dress had to be pried off me to be washed!

  4. Rae – please, please, please make patterns for older girls and mamas!!!! I love this top so much but my girls are 9 and 11!!! This combo is lovely – it really was meant to be!!

      • i want to hit you like elaine from seinfelt and say “SHUT UP”!!! that’s awesome! can’t you see the tunic on an older girl, too?? you know your girl and all these other cute 3-5’s will one day be needing these patterns in larger sizes!! can’t wait, rae!

      • My son is only 18months old, but the thought of a lifetime of flashback tees up until he’s 14 is so unbelieveably exciting!

  5. those fabrics are really gorgeous together. i really want to try this pattern but i think i’ll have better luck getting my daughter to wear the flashback skinny tee, so that’s next on my list!

  6. Wow – that is really lovely. But honestly, I was relieved to hear that someone else has that experience when trying to get their girl to wear something they’ve made! I can usually get it on her, but then it all goes down hill, usually ending with a three year old writhing around like the thing is burning her!

  7. i would have never thought to combine these fabrics – i would’ve worried it would be too busy. but it works – and it works well! i absolutely love it! your daughter is gorgeous. clementine was a name we considered for one of our girls as well. lovely all around!

  8. The dress is awesome. The girl is too cute. She sounds a bit like my little one – overthetop difficult half the time, heart breakingly cute the other half.

  9. Love those fabrics together, love that dress, love your blog! Your little girl is the spitting image of you, so cute! Thanks for working so hard to make sewing so much fun for us beginners!

  10. Oh I have one of those toddlers. And I threaten her with a time-out if she refuses to wear clothes made by me. I know, I’m not getting the “mother of the year award”…this year or next.

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