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UPDATE: The Washi Dress sewing pattern is now available here.

Last week I made this dress out of a few yards of Washi I had previously designated for a skirt. When this dress design popped into in my head, I got more and more excited about it, and felt strongly that it needed to be made with the washi tape print. After it was finished I was even more excited. I loves it muchly.


Fabric: Washi Tape by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Timeless Treasures (find it here or here). It was so much fun to be able to show this dress off to Rashida herself this past weekend (and she loved it too)!




And it’s a perfect match for the turquoise flats. Sweet!



So if you had to pick the Washi dress or the Hello Pilgrim dress to sew for yourself, which style would you pick? Hmmm… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Tough choice, but I like the neckline of the washi dress a ton, so….I’d sew washi dress for myself

  2. Both look really pretty (and comfortable too), but I’d go for the Washi dress ! I’m not really into bow collars, plus I really like the washi print. Any chance you will be doing a tutorial for these ? Or a pattern maybe ?!

  3. I like them both! But I think the Hello Pilgrim is my favourite. Are you going to be releasing a pattern for this?

  4. Oh. My. Gawd. OMG, omgomg. Love that dress! Wanting one soooo bad right now! Trying not to go straight out to the internet to buy that fabric! It’s lovely on you, and the dress design is a perfect (simple) complement to the awesome fabric!

  5. That dress is awesome!!! I love the shape, colors/fabric choice, and awesome shoes! Good job!

  6. I love the washi dress. The neckline details make it. And I can’t get enough (sightings, I don’t have any) of the fabric. Beautiful.

  7. That dress looks fantastic on you! I like both dresses but the washi dress is my favorite, love all the details of it.

  8. Love the dress, love the fabric, and it looks like I am not alone. I think you have a definite winner here, Rae. Hope you make a pattern for it!

  9. Ahhh, I love it! This print is PERFECT for the dress and I love the neckline. I’d buy this for sure (and the shoes and necklace too :P).

  10. I love the washi dress, looks beautiful, and lil cap sleeve is great, along with empire waist, always looks better on me
    Can u send link for pattern, and not able to find any simular fabric around here, web site to buy material, not exactluy like yours, but something like it

  11. wow…hard choice! I am going with the Washi dress. The Hello Pilgrim dress is cute and looks comfy, but this one is a little more flattering I think. I can’t tell, is there shirring in the back like the Hello Pilgrim, or is there a zipper?

  12. This is such a pretty dress. You look great. I think this one is more flattering and sophisticated than the Hello Pilgrim dress.

    BTW Great photo styling.

  13. I love this print in a dress! I never really thought of it, but now I may have to make myself a dress out of washi too!! Beautiful!!!

  14. I think both are super cute, BUT if I had to choose one to make for myself, I’d probably be more drawn to the Hello Pilgrim dress because v-necks are generally the most flattering look for me (plus I like that the tie gives the dress a sort of vintage-y look without veering into costume territory).

  15. I freaking love this dress! That fabric is just perfect for it. I must get me some of that washi print but I also must learn how to sew properly first! My vote goes for this one over the Hello Prilgrim one, just cannot fault this dress!

  16. I like the Hello Pilgrim dress better, but this one’s nice too.

    Just wondering about something. Your neckline looks modest on these photos but don’t you find that as soon as you start picking up kids, toys, bags etc that it’s too low… I have that so often with clothes, it looks good on when I’m standing still, but as soon as I move (real life) it doesn’t look decent any more. (Not trying to criticize your dress, but just asking as I’ve always appreciated that you make decent clothing that’s not all showy.)

    • Hi Alisa!

      Yes, actually this neckline is a little low for my taste. I wore it to the zoo with my kids the other day and felt like I was flashing alot of people, hee. I’ve moved the neckline up a bit in the pattern as a result so hopefully it will be a bit more modest in the final pattern. It might be something where I just end up wearing a camisole tank underneath to avoid the issues you’re talking about here!


  17. Hands down, this one!!!! So subtle, yet so chic! So in love with it, the sleeves especially, and the neckline. Good work!

  18. I loves it muchly too! If I had to choose, maybe Hello Pilgrim, by a slim margin, just because it might fit me better? But come on, you know you want to make a pattern for both! Right?Right? πŸ˜‰

  19. how about a washi dress with a hello pilgrim neckline variation (as a View B). it looks like they’re pretty similar in shape and style otherwise, and by eliminating the keyhole and adding the collar – BOOM! hello pilgrim! best of both worlds. πŸ˜‰

    • PS – I’m just jumping right in with the suggestion since you know I love both already and you’ve got my promise to buy it if you do make a pattern!!

  20. Washi! Can’t pull off bow necklines. This is very pretty and sophisticated, depending on the fabric it could be fun or professional looking.

  21. rae, my first thought is that I want to strangle you and take your dress away so I can have it, but you know, that probably wouldn’t turn out to be a good decision. second thought is that it’s totally amazing, fits perfect and I hope it’s your next pattern. You are lovely and oh so talented!

  22. the washi dress is my fav but just barely! i love the other, too, but i’m not a bow gal….!! i love it!

  23. When I saw the Washi dress I fell in love! Love the neckline and pockets, and pleats hooray! But then I saw the Pilgrim dress . . . I think Washi is younger, more fun, and exciting, and the Pilgrim dress is more graceful and calm as far as two dresses that are practically the same, haha. Today I would choose Pilgrim!

  24. SO cute! I’ve been dying to make myself a dress with this fabric, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I love everything about your version, and I would totally make this over the Hello Pilgrim πŸ™‚

  25. They’re both so cute but if the washi dress was a pattern, I’d be snatching it up and cutting fabric right now!

  26. Washi dress! It is SO LOVELY! Of course both the Washi and Hello Pilgrim are adorable, but I vote Washi all the way.

  27. So I don’t normally sew for myself, but I’d make an exception for the washi dress! I think it’s super flattering and would do a great job at hiding my post-two-baby tummy πŸ˜‰

  28. I love the Washi Dress – that’d be my pick. The neckline is cute without being cutesy. I think I’d be afraid I’d get food on the ties of the Hello Pilgram dress. Either way – they both have pockets which is a must! I’d love to see you release the Washi Dress pattern.

  29. They are both so fab, but I swooned for the ties on Hello Pilgrim and they’d help the high-waist style look better on my long torso.

  30. I would happily sit and make both these dresses for myself without even feeling guilty – they are that delightful! For me it’s a draw – I can’t choose one over the other!

  31. Oh, wow – I SUPER love that dress. The fabric, of course, is fabulous, but I love the neckline, the pleats, the sleeves … everything!

  32. Preeeeetty sure I need one of these for myself. But maybe in the Jay McCarroll fabric I’ve been saving. I would buy the pattern in a heartbeat if you make one. πŸ™‚

  33. Seriously, the Washi Dress was a celebrity in itself at Quilt Market!

    I would make both. I love both. I will by Charcoal Washi for mine, because, you know, it’s me.

    HUGE hit!

  34. They are both beautiful! The Washi Dress is more modern (both because of cut and fabric (which I looooooove) and the Hello Pilgrim dress is more Grandma (and I LOVE that style too so it is not meant as an offense) After my opinion The Washi Dress is the one that looks best on you so that is ‘the winner’ for me.

  35. Oooh i love how fashionable Washi tape is! Hah I don’t think I’ve seen it around here but it could be because I’m not looking for it.

    I absolutely love the fabric, not just the print but the colours, it really suits you and the cut is super flattering! I love the neckline. I think it’s the pockets and the colour that sells it for me! And the shoes! Turquoise is my favourite colour πŸ˜€

  36. you are so good. really. now, if that parting question was because you’re thinking of making adult patterns, then I would have to plead you to do both dresses. If I must choose, it would be the washi dress, but only by a whisker.

  37. The Washi dress wins hands down for me. Everything is working in this one! Personally I think the colours in this one are more flattering on you than the Pilgrim one, but truly they’re both sweet.

  38. I wished I wore dresses because I would definitely make the Washi Dress. You are one talented lady! I’m in a sewing/pattern drafting funk… hope it ends soon πŸ˜‰

  39. I like the neckline on this one (washi tape) better. perhaps even deepen the “u” and get some ribbon for ties…..
    it’s a winner!
    (and bugger you for inspiring me to buy up on fabric, when i don’t really need too!!! i’ve got a little black washi, but am thinking it would go really well with a colette pattern too- or your soon to be released pattern!)
    Great work!!

  40. Hello Rae,

    I recently found you and became a big fan of yours from the other side of the pond. I like your fabric choices and your neat designs. I am really busy, but I still find the time to make lots of super cute/comfy/useful big butt pants for my daughter!!!
    I would love to try to make a Washi dress for myself, could you please release this lovely pattern?

    thanks for sharing your ideas


  41. I love them both, but I think I’d make the Hello Pilgrim because I think it’d be more flattering on me (I have something of a full bust line, ha!). I’m just going to throw out my pleasepleaseplease with the others that you release patterns/tutes for both dresses?!?!?!?!? πŸ™‚

  42. I LOVE this one Rae!!! The fabric, the pockets, the neckline! Please make this into a pattern!!!

  43. That dress is soooooooo cute! I love it! Can’t believe you honestly want people to choose between the two dresses though – they are both ace!

  44. This dress is beautiful. It looks so comfortable, has a great neckline, nice shape without being tight across the belly, and pockets!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Is there a pattern in our future for this great dress?

  45. They are both fabulous, but i am leaning towards the Washi dress. I think it is the neckline (and the pockets!!!)

  46. Close call they are both great. I think I would have to go with the Hello Pilgrim dress. I love the tie!

  47. Oh I’d like to sew the washi dress for sure! Am I sensing there may be pattern available? That would be so exciting.

  48. Oh, I love that washi dress…. the material, the pattern, the pockets! oh, and I just splurged on a pair of turquoise ballet flats myself a couple of weeks ago. They really cheer up any outfit.

  49. ooh tough decision…they are both great…but I will go with the Washi dress…I love the neckline

  50. Ooooh, tough choice. But I think I’d have to say the Hello Pilgram cause I loves it as a dress and loves it even more in it’s shirt reincarnation!

  51. I love the neckline on the Washi Dress, but the prefer the body on the Hello Pilgrim dress. It’s a toss up! Very nice.

  52. The are both gorgeous! Could you release a dress pattern with two different neckline options? Karen

    • yes it’s always an option — the issue though is that because drawing all those extra lines and putting together an alternative set of instructions takes lots of extra time, the cost for the pattern would go up significantly (like roughly 50% more for the two variations) and it would take me longer to produce/publish. My thought was maybe to take the more popular design and put that out first, then publish a cheaper add-on (like with the Charlie Dress) so that those who want the less popular design can make it.

  53. The Washi dress for sure! Please release the pattern – I wanna make it something fierce!

  54. I’d make a washi before I’d make a hello pilgrim. Are you going to do a pattern? Do it!

  55. Both dresses are lovely, but the Washi dress is my favorite! Is a pattern in the future (I ask gleefully!)?

  56. I. Love. This. Dress. Oh man.

    On Pinterest, you said it was going to be a pattern… are there going to be plus sized options???? I understand the challenge making that happen, but it would be oh so cool if it could.

  57. please tell me there is going to be a pattern for the washi dress it is wicked and would definitely be a great first dress to sew

  58. Washi!

    Yay, I was just thinking that maybe you were developing a pattern for this, since you have been making different versions. I don’t sew as often as I’d like, but I LOVE to sew your patterns! Thanks, Rae.

  59. Washi! I love that neckline & I would love to make it before returning back to work in Aug post-baby. Think there might be a pattern by or before then?

    • Hah! I sure hope so Jenny, the thought of working on that pattern from now until August is pretty daunting. I’m going to set a goal of early July.

  60. Definitely the Washi dress. Like other posters I can’t really get away with bows. The Washi is just so elegant and perfect for work or casual wear. And it does look great in that fabric and with those shoes!

  61. lovin’ both BUT washi is my FAVE.
    i need one.
    puh-leez release a pattern for it…..

  62. Do you ever use a dress form? If so, which one? I get so tired of sewing, ripping off my clothes, pinning fabric to myself as I awkwardly check each ange and start all over again. Sometimes I end up sewing half dressed! lol Anyhow, I was just curious if you found this to help the process. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Valerie:
      I do have a dress form but I don’t use it for fittings, just draping. Nothing really can replace trying it on your body. I also end up sewing half dressed ALL THE TIME, so I hear you. It can get rather tiring after awhile. But this is I think the reason to sew muslins — I sew muslins with no clothes on, and then when I’m making the “real” dresses/tops, I don’t have to keep trying it on because I know it will fit. Then I can just try it on after the shoulder and sides are done, and once I’m ready to hem. Easier to spend all the time naked-sewing when you’re working on the muslins. πŸ™‚

  63. Tryyyyyyyying to be patient. Love the Washi dress! Will keep checking back for a pattern. No hurry though, just have my fabric clean & pressed. πŸ˜‰

  64. I like both dresses but the Hello Pilgrim one is my favorite. I would feel that my cleavage would be too showy with the Washi dress and that I would feel like I’d need to omit the lower scoop or wear something underneath it.

  65. Oh how I love your Washi Dress! It flatters you so much – both the shape and the colors of the fabric! πŸ˜€ I wish I had dicovered your website earlier as I would’ve loved to sew a dress with this gorgeous fabric! πŸ˜‰

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