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UPDATE: The Washi Dress sewing pattern is now available here

It’s been just over a month since I posted the Washi Dress and I can tell from the emails and comments I’ve been getting that some of you are starting to get antsy for the pattern. I’m happy to report that Elli (my uber-talented graphics queen) and I are making good progress. I know it seems slow, but it must. be. perfect. Six sizes now instead of five (upper chest roughly 41″ on the largest size), so that’s good too. Slow and steady wins the race, I say. No good to put out something that I don’t feel is totally excellent. I also talked to Rashida Coleman-Hale (designer of the Washi fabric) about calling the sewing pattern itself “Washi” and she is totally excited about it. So it will officially be the “Washi Dress and Tunic (yes there is a tunic option!) Sewing Pattern.” Yaaaaay!!


Currently I seem to be obsessing over getting the bust darts just. right. I’m not sure how close I am, but it’s getting there. You didn’t want your boobs to look crazy, did you? I didn’t think so.


And yes, I use my washi tape to tape my pattern pieces together. So sue me.



Oh look there I am on the phone with Elli yesterday afternoon, talking about…bust darts! If you must know. And here’s one of Elli’s drafts of the cover page…looking like an Amy Grant tape cover circa 1991:


Awesome, right??

I should also probably mention that this pattern will be priced higher than my children’s and purse patterns (which are usually $8-10). I want to make sure that it is valued appropriately for the amount of work and skill that has gone into it. I am so proud of this pattern and I think you will be really impressed. So it will cost more. Anyway.

One more shot for you, my “deer in the headlights” look:


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  1. LOVE it! I’m super excited for the pattern. I didn’t realize it had a smocked back, so I’m really excited that I won’t have to deal with zippers or buttons or other such nonsense. The mini pom pom trim is adorable.

  2. You absolutely deserve to price it appropriately, on par with other adult independent clothing designers. Er–independent designers of clothing for adults. Good for you for valuing your skills and labor!

  3. Oooooh I love the latest version! I think what makes me so excited about this dress is that it looks like it fits so well. It’s a style of dress I love to wear and I see it being so versatile. Good luck finishing it up!

    Also…ever since the day you put my heart in motion, Washi I realize that there’s just no getting over youuuuuuuuuu! πŸ˜‰

    • oh i know…elli sent me the youtube link to that video and that song has been in both of our heads for the last 3 days straight. ACK.

  4. Freaking rad. I am so excited. And I’m excited that you’re putting so much work into the bust darts, because that’s usually a problem for me. And I think I “know” you well enough that I can say that your boobs look rad. Well done, well done.

  5. Love the orange version too! You look great in it and if I may say so, a little like one of my favorite actresses – Laura Linney. Looking forward to the pattern release!

    • Thank you Jean. I love Laura Linney. The other actress I get told I look like frequently is Helen Hunt.

  6. Awesome that you’re going to include a tunic length also! Love that tunic length. Higher cost of pattern is totally commensurate with effort/labor input! We’ll be happy to pay the higher cost for a perfect fit – so keep working on it til you get it just right! Those of us with small boobs will thank you forever!

  7. amy grant! bahahaha! I love it sleeveless. and i would never think of pom-poms, but it doesn’t look twee on you, totally cute.

  8. GORGEOUS! I hope it’ll be out by August! Baby #3 is due at the end of july, and this would make such gorgeous dresses to hide that “just had a baby” belly! lemme know if you need pattern testers!!!

  9. Yay I am so excited for this pattern. Is that shirring on the back? I’m afraid of shirring. Guess I’d better start practicing.

    • Don’t be afraid of the shirring!! Just try it (with Gutermann elastic thread, NOT the Joann storebrand/Dritz), and see how it goes!

    • umm…I believe I was barefoot in these pictures as we are currently under heat advisory, but rest assured, angie, when I leave the house in this dress I will wear a pair of FAB BOOTS with it just for you. πŸ˜‰

  10. Gorgeous! I really love the white trim since it really draws the eye up. I wonder if I’ll fit into the XXL size? I’m hoping so!!


  11. LOVE IT!!! I think this could have so many looks depending on the fabric you choose, I can’t wait to make one (or three!). Thank you for spending time on the bust darts, I recently spent a ridiculous amount of time adjusting the darts on another dress pattern…not so fun πŸ™‚ I know it will be great!

  12. This is perfect for us antipodeans! I’m planning summer frocks as Xmas pressies for all the girls! Your patterns are so beautifully made and come together so well, definitely worth the cost.

  13. Good thing we don’t all live in the same city….cuz there’s bound to be a lot of washi’s walking around once this pattern debuts! Can’t wait…. So cute!

  14. Oooh, I LOVE the newer version and that orange with the pom pom trim is so adorable! Looks like J.Crew, but even cuter. Love that it’s a pull on style too.Thanks for putting extra effort into making it perfect. I hate getting excited about a pattern, only to sew it and realize I’m not going to wear it because it looks frumpy or screams “handmade”…except not in a cool way! Because of your efforts, it will not be the case w/ this dress. Don’t mind paying a bit for something I will get a lot of use out of, and you deserve to get payback for your efforts. Keep designing women’s patterns!

  15. Love! The orange, the pom-pom trim, the pockets… I think I like it even better without the sleeve parts (not sure what that’s called). I’m so excited for the pattern! I wonder if it would work for a knit/jersey fabric? I just bought this really fab knit and I’ve been petting it daily, not sure what to make with it…

  16. Ooh! I love the orange with pompoms even more than the original! I’m so excited you’re doing patterns for adult-sizes. I do hope this is the first of many; I love your design sense & aesthetic. How about a pattern for that AMH raspberry & orange-colored voile tunic you made with the bodice pin tucks? Or, how about a jersey dress for adults? You are my jersey-sewing guru. You know, I mean once you’re finished with the work of this pattern which I must have in orange, for certain.

  17. I love this dress! I have to laugh now, and I’ll confess why. As soon as I saw the first Washi dress post (which was just last week, really), the first thing I thought of was making something similar for myself. I already have the front bodice muslin cut out and all, as I totally LOVED the neckline.. I had no idea you were going to make pattern for sale. But now I might just sit back and wait for the “real” pattern from you, as I am super excited about the shirred back and the beautiful pleats on the front of the skirt. I’d never know how to size that myself. I really ike how the pleats are on the side and not right in the center of the front. Who needs extra bulk right there, really?

  18. Rae, hurry with the pattern to make the washi dress, because it’s super cute for summer and looks easy………….

  19. yay i’m so excited! my post baby belly REALLY needs this dress =) (as does my self confidence!)

    any recommendations on yardage so I can have fabric ready and waiting to use as soon as I download the pattern?

    also, if you by any chance need testers, i would LOVE to be one!


  20. Rae, you’re amazing! Happy to pay, standing by for when : ) Getting married end of August and would love to make one of these for our morning after brunch : )

  21. I am new to your site. I NEVER buy patterns online, but this is one I CAN’T WAIT TO BUY!!! I want this exact dress. Love the color. I hope you will be offering it with cap sleeves as well (washi dress). Love your site and your work.

    Wishing you sunshine & cheer!

  22. Orange! And pom-poms! I can hardly stand it! Can’t wait to buy the pattern. We are going to see Washi dresses all over the internet once you release this thing! πŸ™‚

  23. Adorable!

    If you ever need a pattern tester, I would be honored!
    And I would skip a whole nights sleep to make it in time πŸ™‚


  24. I can’t wait to make this dress! I snatched up some washi tape fabric when you posted about it being discontinued. It’s sitting in the stash just waiting for the pattern!

  25. I wanted to know what type of fabric you used for the orange Pom Pom dress, what pom poms were used and a how to for the Pom poms???? Love the dress!!!

    • these are Riley blake pom-poms, I believe, and the orange fabric is a yarn-dyed chambray I picked up years ago at a shop that is now closed. You can find something similar though in the Cirrus solid collection from Cloud 9 (the color Clementine is the closest match)!

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