Take My Trace and Make Tee Workshop in Ann Arbor

For those of you who are local Michiganders (yes that really is a word) and interested in the women’s garment courses I’ll be teaching/assisting with this summer, we’ve got four courses lined up at Pot and Box in Ann Arbor Michigan. Here’s the first one, later this month:

Here’s the deets:

Trace & Make T-shirt Workshop

“Bring a great-fitting t-shirt you already own, and in one evening we will show you how to trace it and make a new one out of knit fabric!! Our awesome instructors Rae (lead instructor for this course) and Karen will show you how. You’ll hone your knit-sewing skills and learn a little something about patternmaking, too!”

Cost: $50 + $10 supply fee (fabric, pattern paper, and ballpoint needles provided)

More Info and Register Here

Anyway, it should be fun. So if you know anyone here who might be interested, please pass the info along! It should be a really fun (and useful) class. Here are ALL of the courses in our Women’s Garment Series we’ll be offering this summer at Pot and Box:

Trace and Make Tee Workshop (lead teacher: Rae), $50 + $10 supply fee
(Info above)
Tuesday, June 26, 7-10 PM

Made-to-Measure Skirt Workshop (lead teacher: Rae), $50
Tuesday, July 17, 7-10 PM
Make an easy and flattering woven skirt with pockets (like this one) using your measurements and some simple rectangles. (Basic sewing skills required)

The Perfect Dress Workshop: Make a Muslin (lead teacher: Karen), $50 + $10 supply fee
Tuesday, August 14, 7-10 PM
Learn to make a bodice muslin and adjust it to fit your body for a perfect fit!
(Intermediate sewing skill required)

The Perfect Dress Workshop: Make a Dress (lead teacher: Karen), $50
Thursday, August 16, 7-10 PM
We’ll construct a dress based on the muslin made in our previous class. When you’re finished you’ll have a lovely summer dress you’ll love to wear!

[Note: We recommend that the Perfect Dress workshops are taken as a pair, but they can also stand alone if you’d prefer to take just one. The “Make a Muslin” workshop is fantastic for learning how to adjust any pattern for a good fit, while the “Make A Dress” workshop focuses on construction. If taking the “Make A Dress” workshop alone, talk to Karen ahead of time so she can make sure you’re ready to go.]

And I know there are a few of you who would love to take something like this online, because most of you *don’t* live in Michigan, as it turns out. Doing some of these presentations and courses online is definitely a dream of mine (and Karen’s)…just need to find the time to make it a reality. All that to say, I hear you, and it’s definitely in my brains, no worries.

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  1. Would you consider making an instructional video of this class so those of us that live too far away to attend can sign up for the class in that way?

  2. I am also interested in taking an online class from you. Are you considering doing an online class?

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