Summertime creations by…YOU!

Hey everyone, it’s time for a totally awesome photo roundup! Here’s just a small sampling of what you have been making, via the Rae Made Me Do It Flickr pool:


1. Purple Long Sleeves, 2. Tiny Tour de France Yellow Jersey, 3. Heartbreaker Tee, 4. Sweet Ride, 5. Painted Purple Stripe, 6. Upcycled Pippi Tee

Lots of great Flashback Tee variations have been popping up, including many that are short-sleeved. If you haven’t seen my tutorial on how to turn the Flashback Tee into a short-sleeved tee, be sure to check it out. And you also absolutely must check out this tutorial on how to turn the Flashback Tee into a mini-maillot ala Tour De France from Laura of Craftstorming. So. darn. cute. !!!


Or if muscle tees or ruffles are more your thing, check out these:


1. Flashback Tank, 2. Pink girlie tee by CailaMade, 3. Pumping Iron by skirtastop

You can see even more in the Flashback Tee photo pool. And then there’s the bonnets and dresses:


1. Blue Easter Bonnet, 2. Red & Yellow Flowers, 3. Charlie Elephant Dress, 4. Itty Bitty Butterflies, 5. 4th of July Bonnet, 6. Itty Bitty Jungle, 7. Peekaboo Green Trim, 8. Itty Bitty Blue, 9. 3 Peekaboo Bonnets

I also love this pair of cuties in their Charlie Tunics


This short-sleeved Pierrot Tunic in voile from Anna is perfect for summer!


You can find the Peekaboo Baby Bonnet, Itty Bitty Baby Dress, Pierrot and Charlie Tunic patterns (and ALL of my other patterns) right here.

And of course let’s not forget baby pants:


1. B3 Pants in the Garden, 2. B3 Pants Clothesline, 3. Monkey Butt Clown Pants , 4. Grey, Yellow, White B3 Pants, 5. Red Pants, Jump Rope, 6. Newborn Pants

The Big Butt Baby Pant Sewing Pattern and free Newborn Baby Pant pattern and tutorial can be found right here. And now that summer’s in full swing, so don’t forget about the Rainbow Dress Tutorial/Printable, as modeled by this lovely darling:


Keep posting your amazing creations to the Rae Made Me Do It Pool and/or these other pools:

Flashback Tee Photo Pool | Charlie Tunic Photo Pool | Pierrot Tunic Photo Pool | Big Butt Baby Pant Photo Pool | Itty Bitty Baby Dresses Photo Pool

10 thoughts on “Summertime creations by…YOU!

  1. hey thanks for the double feature, gurl! just realized i forgot to add the eyelet one to the pools, too, so thanks for the reminder. 😉

    so fun to see everyone’s awesome summery creations!

  2. There’s so many amazing creations in there, it must make you feel really proud. Thanks for mentioning my tutorial.

  3. Love seeing my blue itty bitty dress in there! 🙂 I’ve made a couple of your patterns over the summer… the baby things have been oohed and aahed over at baby showers. Makes gift giving even more fun when you can give something handmade. Thanks for sharing your great patterns and tutorials! 🙂

  4. that cycling jacket kills me. holy creative. and thanks for the linkage, so far she has yet to wear it again, brat. 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting my pink ruffle tee, Rae! I’ve been receiving a lot of traffic from that flickr photo and wondered why! 🙂 Great summer roundup. Man, there is so much more to sew before Fall, and why does it already feel like Fall is almost here? Waaah!!

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