Foxes, Moonrise Kingdom, and Washi


First. Am so excited about my fabric samples that came from Spoonflower yesterday. This little foxy print is one I designed in Inkscape last fall in just the blue and orange. It took a $1 swatch sale at Spoonflower last month for me to try out a few other colors. Still like the blue best, but the pink/orange combo is a close second. More on these later, but if, perchance, you need some foxy fabric of your own, these are now available in my Spoonflower shop. What do you think??


Second. I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom this past weekend with Mr Rae (it finally made it to our indie theater here in Ann Arbor) and I lalaloved it. Not as much from a what-a-great-story standpoint but more of a “wow that is really cool/hilarious/amazing!” standpoint. Let’s be honest, Wes Anderson’s story lines are more of a delivery vehicle for the more central cinematography, music, and styling aspects than anything else.

Skip to the point Rae. How much do I love Suzy’s pink dress? Lots.

image via Moonrise Kingdom

So, question: Is there a way to combine the uber-adorbsible collar, awesome color, and (dare I dream of finding something similar) textured fabric without needing to go the mini-dress route, which, let’s face it is going to look hilarious on my 30-something self? I am dying for the color, fabric, collar, and cuffs. Did I mention that already?

Third. Brenda of Pink Castle informed me last week that the Washi fabric line has been discontinued. Waaah. Let’s hear it for a good, long run for the Washi line, woot!! And before you weep into your coffee cup, know that the word in the blogosphere is that Rashida Coleman-Hale is currently working on another line for Cloud 9 that is sure to be just as fantastic!

image via Cloud 9 blog

So what does this mean hey? It means all bets are off if you plan to recreate this dress unless you can find it and snap it up now:


The Washi Dress pattern is coming-oh-so-soon (tester copies are out as of this week, yay!), and just so you know, Brenda has the Washi tape prints left yet (at least 39 yards of the beige, 16 yards of the grey as of this writing) and you will need 2.5 yards for the smaller sizes (up to about a size M/women’s 8 ) and 3 yards for the larger sizes (up to about a women’s size 16).

28 thoughts on “Foxes, Moonrise Kingdom, and Washi

  1. That is so funny – I ordered some of the grey washi last week “just in case”. And I even guessed right on the yardage! Can’t wait for the pattern.

  2. A. Your color combos on all the spoon flower prints are FANTASTIC.
    B. I couldn’t stop thinking about making Suzy’s dress when I watched it either. Kristin and I are definitely doing that for a Film Petit soon! (Although I’ll probably let her handle the dress and I’ll do something boyish.)
    C. I met Rashida a few weeks ago, and she showed me some previews of the Cloud 9 stuff… dare I say even better than washi? I guess I just did. Either way, I still need to buy some washi! Also, need to see MK again!

  3. About that fun vintage dress – m first thought was to make the top of the dress into a blouse and wear it tucked into a posh semi-high waisted pencil skirt. With a pair of heels it would look fabulously vintagely-modern. Just a thought.

    Also, if you’re ever in need of new pattern testers I’m always up for the job. πŸ™‚

  4. oh man, i love your mini fabric line!! those foxes and triangles…so great! very cool that you’ve designed good girl AND boy prints, too. nice. thanks for the washi tip too, i got mine locally but will need to stock up before it’s gone.

    jessica is correct – love that suzy dress, man! and i’m sure Em would love wearing blue eyeshadow. i agree with alicia too – maybe a blouse for you! that would be very cool.

  5. I am in need of a good fox print. I like yours but am sort of looking for something larger-scale. I like the colorways though, very retro.

  6. I want those foxes! It would be so fantastic to make something in an original design – not that I don’t wish you to have every success with it, but a little unique something for the kids would really satisfying to make. I just need to investigate exchange rates and shipping at spoonflower!

  7. Wow, Rae! The fabric is so darned cute! Now the problem is trying to figure out what to make with it. Inspire us with some samples, wouldya?

    Also loved Moonlight Kingdom! Isn’t Wes Anderson wonderful? I think you could totally rock that dress – maybe with a longer length skirt if the micro-mini isn’t your thing?

  8. I was thinking the dress could be a great tunic with cropped white capris.
    Of all the hilarious things in Moonrise Kingdom, I think the two references to Sunday school shoes made me the happiest. Ed Norton was particularly awesome.

    • yes I loved that too! As someone who owned many a pair of “sunday school shoes” growing up, I appreciated that. hah! And yes, LOVE Ed Norton. He is fab.

  9. I love the fox fabric and would love to make my kiddos a backpack from it. And I’m so very excited to ear that the washi dress is with pattern testers!

    • yay! Did you see that Spoonflower makes a linen canvas? Seems like that would work really well for the backpacks, but I need to try it. πŸ™‚

  10. Love love love the foxes! So is this going to be available at spoonflower? I think I need some:) I’m dying to see Moonrise Kingdom, so glad you enjoyed it.

  11. The fox fabric is excellent. Blue and orange are my two favorite colors together, always have been. All my daughters clothing for fall are ending up in various shades of those colors.

    ps—Suzy’s dress is awesome.

  12. Dear Rae,
    I love your foxes. Thinking sister/brother outfits for my two grandchldren with the pink for her and the blue for him. How adorable! Now some thoughts. I don’t even own a pair of slacks or jeans. I have one split skirt For when I have to have something. I am obviously older than you having granchidren and all. My sweet mother made most of my clothes growing up and she was such a seamstress that I usually had the latest fashions before my peers as she would be out shopping, see somthing new and rush home to create it for me. This was the 60’s. I loved everything she made but for one thing…..the length. She was following fashions and by the time I really wanted my say in my teens things were getting short. Very short. No matter what I said my mother would not allow me to have longer hemlines. Now that’s a hoot. Even when I was making my own clothes I would have to hem them to her specifications. When I moved out I finally started wearing my hemlines where I wanted…well below the knee. I now prefer about two inches above my ankle. No I am not a prude. I just know what feels comfortable on me and I don’t care about following the fashion trends of the moment. Let me give you some observations my husband has made over the years working his second job as a concierge for the symphony in Dallas. Most people get dressed up to go to the Symphony, and Dallas is not a backwater place. People have money to spend on their clothes and the places to spend it………….”Hemlines are going up,and most women wearing the short ones shouldn’t be.” “Knees can be beautiful, but I think the only ones that are are being hired to be photographed.” “If women would only understand that men like a little mystery, they don’t want to see everthing blatantly.” (That one reguarded a plunging neckline and atoo short skirt.) “If you dressed like that I would think you had no feelings about me whatsoever.”………..You get the idea. These were unsolisited remarks that were just spoken at odd moments. When I look at my wedding pictures my focus in the picture of all the families is usually my mother. She is on the front row and her hemline is just above her knees. She did not have pretty knees. You don’t have to go with every trend. I always add length to my patterns except on the rare occasion that they are the right length for me. So many of you make your own patterns. You can dictate the right length also.

  13. oh! so glad i got some beige washi a bit back in anticipation of your dress! even guessed the right amount of fabric, yea! i’ve been fighting the urge to use it with another pattern, gotta be patient!!

  14. SO glad you posted on the Washi fabric! I purchased some the day you posted so that I can blatantly (and excitedly) copy your dress as soon as the pattern comes out – imitation being the truest form of flattery, and all that. Now I need some of your fox fabric. You’re too cool for school, lady! Thanks for posting about it and inspiring the rest of us!

  15. I would definitely ahem, if I were YOU I would definitely try to recreate the dress as an a-line dress-shirt tunic, complete with twine belt and skinny jeans for fall. I think it would be beautiful and lovely.



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