Traced Teal Tee

A couple of weeks ago I taught the Trace and Make Tee class here in Ann Arbor along with my friend Karen. I wanted to make another tee just to make sure I knew what I was doing before the class so I pulled out the teal rib knit I’d bought earlier this year from Brenda at Pink Castle for the knit series and made a short-sleeved version of the striped 3/4-length-sleeve tee I posted earlier on this blog, which was traced from a tee I own. And what the heck, why do I always have this same serious expression on my face? I guess I need to start laughing more in my photos.


Believe it or not I actually wear it like this, with three different bright colors all competing for attention at the same time. I like my brights, y’alls. I also really love this deep teal color; turquoise and teal are two colors that almost always look good on me.



And here are some pictures from the class, which was so much fun! I was so pleased with how well everyone did, some people even learned to sew on a serger for the very first time!






One thing I’ve noticed about teaching sewing classes is that somehow, no matter how well you map out your class time, the time is never enough to have everyone walk away with finished garments. I used to stress about that a little bit, but after talking to Deborah about it (Karen and I taught a kid pant class at her shop,Β Whipstitch earlier this year and she is a sewing class pro), I’ve realized that it’s really not the most important thing. It can be difficult explaining to participants that the main goal is not necessarily COMPLETION (because obviously most people want to walk away a finished garment) but more the learning process itself, but I think this group got it and learned a ton. I was proud of the things they did manage to do in the time we had! Does that sound too much like “everyone got an A+ for EFFORT?” Because I really mean it even if it does sound cheesy.

Speaking of classes, today is the last day to sign up for my Made-to-Measure Skirt Workshop next week Tuesday night, and we still have space! So if you want to sign up, please do it now!

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  1. Love your color-blocking! I really need to get some of those colored jeans! Wish I could come to the class…I have a serger sitting in the closet that I haven’t had the time to figure out yet. Boo!

  2. What a neat idea for a class– I have some worn out knit tee-s that I wish I could replicate.

    I’m sure the class is great! I agree, I’d much rather leave a class knowing everything that I needed to know, than having a finished garment and a bunch of questions.

  3. I love the teal! Does the rib knit make a nice tee? It sure looks good from the pics. I’m thinking of picking up a yard or two. Do you like sewing with it? I’d love to try making a short-sleeved Flashback for my son.

    • Oh yes! It makes a great tee. In fact, alot of my JCrew tees are made of a very similar rib knit, so it’s nice that it fits exactly the same way as the ones I’ve traced.

      Fun fun!!!


  4. I would love to take this class, but live too far away (Missouri). I would love to learn this online! If you ever offer the course that way, please let me know!

  5. This was a great class! My husband was so thrilled to learn I may just be able to make him custom-fitting under shirts for his abnormally long torso! Thanks to you and Karen for being so amazing and fun.

  6. It’s HARD to take smiley self-taken photos. I’ve learned to embrace my quasi-emo expressions when I take my own photos. : ) And I love all of your brights together.

  7. I would never have thought to cut out a garment pattern with a rotary cutter. That looks very interesting — but how do you control it? It looks like a little device is attached to the side of the cutter? I would like to try that! Your class looks like lots of fun. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dianne!

      I find that for knits it’s really nice to use the rotary cutter because the fabric can’t move around or stretch as much while it’s being cut. The little “device” is actually some presser feet Jenna was using to hold the pattern down, so that’s not attached to the cutter. You control the cutter with a clear ruler (I usually place the ruler over the pattern piece to protect it and cut along its edge).

  8. Hi Rae,
    I love wearing complementary bright colours the same way – it looks fab :o)
    I often come and look around on your lovely blog, and one day I will even use it to start sewing things! I’ve been tempted by several of your patterns, but am holding fire til I actually have time to sit down with a sewing machine and a fully operational brain.

  9. Cute! I love the bright colors! I wish I could come to one of your classes, I think doing an online class would be cool.

  10. i love your crazy color scheme – it’s so fun to play with color combos, especially in dressing ourselves. why not, right? anyway, this t-shirt looks so pro! online classes would be totally awesome for those of us that aren’t lucky enough to live in your neck of the woods. πŸ™‚

  11. omg I was hoping I wouldnt be in any of the pics! sneaky favorite is the one where Karen is posing in the back and im in front grimacing..haha.I want to take the skirt class I we buy our own fabric?

    • haha sorry about that Jessica!! And I’m so sorry, by the time I saw this comment from you, we had already canceled the class because we didn’t have enough signups. Catch you next time?!?

  12. That is the BEST way to wear bright colors! On Saturday my outfit was pretty similar – yellow jeans, purple top!

    I LOVE your jeans, btw! Are they Emerson Edwards???

  13. I know exactly what you mean! I also teach sewing classes and have noticed that no matter how well I plan, the classes sometimes run over on time. I think some students find it frustrating — they tell me that it’s tough for them to find the time in their own lives to finish the project, and that they’d prefer to finish in class. Thankfully, the steps that get skipped are usually basic details like turning under the hem on pajama pants or something like that.

    • Yeah…I hear the “I don’t have time to finish this at home” thing too. And I feel like that’s a little defeating to hear as a teacher, that they don’t really want to do any more than they have to in the class time provided. But I guess, realistically that’s how it works. And yes, the hemming is always the thing we skip too!


  14. I really love the colours you used! I LOVE Teal & Turquoise, two of my favourite hair colours I’ve been too. I love that you mix & match the brights! With my current hair colour, I tend to wear a lot of black and grey :< Also it's winter and I had a growth in me so that's my excuse…

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