What I did this weekend

We had a party yesterday for our sweet little stinker Clementine, who turns 3 today!!! She requested a Lowly Worm cake, and I was more than happy to take on the challenge.



If you follow me on Instagram (madebyrae) you got to see the “magic” unfold yesterday…hee:


I have to say this is definitely the most “involved” cake design I have ever attempted. It required a bit of creativity because I wanted to avoid piping any frosting: cocoa powder for Lowly’s body, marshmallow and chocolate chip for his eye, marshmallow rolled in red sugar for his bow tie. I have to say I was v. proud of self after the birthday girl expressed her satisfaction with it.


I also finished a special birthday dress for her with some Sarah Jane fabric I’d been saving for this occasion:


More pics of that later (the birthday girl is due to wake up from her nap soon)!

19 thoughts on “What I did this weekend

  1. I cannot believe your darling girl is 3! I love Richard Scarry…and am so impressed with your version in cake. Congratulations to you and your family.

  2. She’s 3??? Oh my, I have been reading this blog for a looooong time. Wow! Happy birthday, little lady!

    The cake is so cute, I actually have to use the word “stinkin” – so stinkin’ adorable!

  3. I bow, yes, bow to your Lowly cake prowess. Frosting cakes of any kind is way out of my league. Also what an adorable dress! I really love that fabric.

  4. The dress is adorable, I especially like the shoes she wore with the dress. But I LOVE that Lowly cake! We are huge Richard Scary fans. Happy Birthday!

  5. I love the Lowly cake! Wait until you see my one of a kind hand-sewn Lowly doll from my childhood. I’m in Glen Arbor still, but will email you a photo after I get home on the 12th. Well done!

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