Summersville Washi Tunic

Washi Week!!! OK, last one, I promise (for now).



I admit I fell pretty hard for Lucie Summers‘ย Summersville collection. It’s so modern and basic, I can see it as table linens, boy shorts for Elliot, twirly skirts for Clementine and Wiksten tanks. So I bought a pile.


And the paint-brush stroke print just seemed perfect for a casual Washi top, with shorts in the summer or jeans and a cardi in the winter. I admit that normal persons would probably not wear it with green skinnies, but then I am not a normal person.


But just to show that I can pull off “normal,” here it is with a pair of jeans:


Here you get a nice view of the bodice which I adjusted for a small bust (see the Resources section at the bottom of the Washi Pattern page for a how-to)


This top was made with the “tunic view” of the Washi Dress Pattern, which is available now!

42 thoughts on “Summersville Washi Tunic

    • Haha. Glad I’m not the only one! I treasure the nursing year, but now my list of things to look forward to post-nursing includes making and wearing washis!

      • I scooped out the neckline on the second washi dress I made (but haven’t blogged yet), making the neckline about 1″ deeper and a bit wider, and I think it’s totally nursing-friendly! I’m not nursing anymore but I can imagine… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe try making a muslin with a more scooped neck and see if it’ll work for you? Probably need to eliminate the U cutout which is a bummer, but you could wear the dress for nursing and beyond!

        • I’m nursing too but I couldn’t wait to finally make the Washi Dress. It was SO worth it and I wear it all the time (I just go in a seperate room to nurse). It’s the third time I’ve tried a dress for myself and the first time one fits. It hides my post pregnancy belly really well. Thanks Rae!

    • I’m in the same boat with nursing! Rae, do you think the shirring in the back of the tunic would provide enough stretch for nursing? I’d love to make a few cute tops again… especially after all of the maternity clothes!

      • Hi Jessie!

        Yes, I was a pull-it-up nursing mama (I just wore a nursing tank under everything basically for 2 years. Those tanks got pretty gross) and I would have totally nursed in this top. The elastic makes it really easy to pull up; you’d just need a cover for your lower half. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m making the largest size, but I’ve got to work on my bust adjustment. I put a muslin together last night, and the amount of fabric was just right, but the darts ended up too long and too high. I’m close, though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Monica:

      I’ve seen it on a number of people who have made the XL and it looks good! The only problem is most people who make the XL and XXL don’t want to *tell* everyone what size they’re making!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I should have used reverse lettering to label the pattern sizes.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this orange print and your Washi tunic/dress together! And the green jeans are perfect with it. Thanks for all the great combos/ideas for making this pattern – I can see I’ll be super-busy making some for myself. And I’m not above being greedy in asking for a child’s size version AND a plus-size version of the pattern once you’ve had a rest from all the hard work that went into getting this out. It is just so good for so many body types. Thanks Rae!

  2. What size do you make for yourself, I always have trouble sizing with sewing patterns. I know this has detailed instructions on how to measure and make a muslin/adjust. I will do that but you look about my size so I figure I’ll start there. I have been waiting for this pattern for ages.

  3. Do you know what you are doing to my fabric budget?! I think we may go broke from washis, but I shall tell the hubs that it is all your fault. ๐Ÿ™‚ On a side note, I love your green pants. Been wanting to get some colored skinnies myself but not sure I can pull them off.

  4. I think your green skinnies are awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wear skinny jeans, but if I could I would totally rock all the different colors!


  6. Love it! I’ve purchased the pattern and read through, hoping to find time to work on it this weekend….I will absolutely be doing a fba so wish me luck.

  7. Half way through making mine in XL size and it looks good so far! Will also have a go at some time to make it with proper sleeves to wear in autumn/winter.

  8. Am I committing a major error by cutting a size small for the dress and an extra small for the bust alone? The muslin fits well, but I wonder if I’m making a mistake by not doing a formal small bust adjustment? This is the first time I sew bust darts…

    • Hi Nadeen —

      Check it with a muslin first, but that “cheater” method is fairly common; you’re basically blending two sizes, which is fine. The other thing I sometimes do is make a M back and a S front and just sew them together. You might do that with the S and XS if you like how that fits better than the blended front piece.

      Good luck!!

    • Hi Nadeen: That is definitely a valid way to do a “cheater” SBA — I actually do a small front and a medium back, and it works about the same as doing an SBA on the medium…maybe a little more snug. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hyperventilating over here in ft collins! Any plans on offering printed patterns? We could sell, oh about a billion of them in the shop! I have Monday to myself, I might have to mark this!!M

  10. Love it! i love the fabric and I must know where your green skinnies are from. I have been looking for some. Can’t wait to try this pattern! thanks rae.

    • Hey L:
      Green skinnies came from Urban Outfitters, about a year ago…don’t know if they still have them but they were online! ๐Ÿ™‚ great to hear from you!!!!

  11. hey rae,
    i’m in the middle of making my dress! i made a muslin and then did an SBA, which fit much better. now i’m wondering how to adjust the front of the skirt to make it narrower in order to match up to my now-narrower bodice. i did an SBA to a small and the bodice is now 1.5 inches narrower at the bottom. any hints?
    thank you–i’m excited to be making something for me.

    • Hi Oma:

      Couple of options: either trim the excess off the sides between the top corners and the top of the pockets (making the side more angled, but not by much, OR, just make the pleats a wee bit deeper. Either way works!!!


  12. Hey rae,
    I want to try making the top as my practice for a modified bust pattern. What is the yardage for the top?

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