Washi Maxi Dress in pink voile


Washi Week continues!

UPDATE:Β The Washi Dress Sewing Pattern is now available! (please note: instructions for this maxi version are not included in the pattern, though you could make one very easily using the information in the length adjustment section. A tutorial for the maxi will be coming soon!)

I could hardly wait to show you this one because I just absolutely la la love it to pieces. It is a maxi version of the Washi Dress, made with Anna Maria Horner‘s Loulouthi voile.




Quick! Trivia question!! Who’s been reading this blog long enough to know where that necklace came from? Anyone?




It was harder than I thought to get the full shot of this dress. Here’s the best I’ve got:


I’ll share a how-to-make type post for this dress (and all of my other versions) so you can make a maxi version of your own soon!

82 thoughts on “Washi Maxi Dress in pink voile

  1. yum yum, so delicious looking! rae, you are amazing, totally. I bet the maxi in voile feels like a nightgown but looks like you spent all day getting ready. πŸ™‚

    • haha, YES. I very well may begin sleeping in this one.

      LOVED this voile in the pierrot you made, I had to get some!!!

    • hey clover! Yes, the bodice is fully lined for this one; something I will need to make a tutorial for as it’s a bit more complicated than the facing method (which is how I made all of the other ones so far)


  2. That is just the most beautiful dress. That fabric is fantastic and the whole thing is so wonderful. Love it!

  3. Wasn’t that a push gift from Mr. Rae for one of the kiddos birth? From J. Crew if I remember correctly.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the different versions of this pattern, but I’m wondering how the cutout in the neckline would work on a person with a lot going on up top (me!) and if it would show too much.

  5. I am so excited for your Washi pattern! I bought some of the cream Washi Tape fabric a few weeks ago to make a copy-cat version. Quick question: As a full-busted gal, I am wondering if I will need to do an FBA on your pattern, or if you’ve already included adjustable pattern pieces. I’ve been practicing with a few of your suggested FBA tutorials, just in case.

    • Hi Alison:

      You will need to do an FBA on the pattern pieces if you are anything bigger than a C-cup (and in some cases even “C”‘s have needed an FBA, it just really depends). At some point I hope to do a tute to show exactly how to do the FBA with the Washi pattern piece.

      I can’t encourage you enough to do this though — once you make that adjustment, the fit will be AMAZING (and you can usually go a size down as well)!

  6. This is really beautiful. There are so many options for this dress pattern! I think because it is so simple and classic looking. I’ve got my fabric ready to go & just ordered more for a potential fall tunic version. Thank you–to you and Elli–for working so hard on this to get it out! Can’t wait to buy it.

  7. Rae, I *really* love this pattern and boy howdy do I want to buy it! I’m reeeeally plus-sized, so in your opinion would this be an easy one for an adventurous intermediate sewist to size up?

  8. Ok. You had me with the tunic version, but this has just sealed the deal. I WILL be buying this pattern and I WILL be making it up sooner rather than later. Just gorgeous.

  9. It’s gorgeous! I love seeing this pattern so much! I haven’t sewn any clothing since pj bottoms in high school but I’m tempted to try this pattern… or find someone to do it for me

  10. Ok so now to decide which is sewn first- tunic or maxi dress? Your awesomeness exceeds bounds:) oh and I totally need a push present for my next baby (not an announcement) because I missed out on that the first time around!

  11. aaaah i love this one the most i think! don’t be alarmed if you see me sneaking into your closet tonight to steal it…because i’m a creepy stalker like that. πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m pretty sure you just persuaded me to start making myself some clothes. Specifically all the washi dress/tunic variations you’ve got! It’s so gorgeous.

  13. Soo, wait…did I miss the pattern being sold or are you simply taunting us? If it’s up for sale let me know…credit card at the ready

  14. Oh my. I think you have convinced me to buy that pattern with this version! It is so pretty. And I remember the necklace, but not where you got it! I’ve been reading for a long time! πŸ˜‰

  15. what a tease you are, rae! πŸ™‚ i can’t wait for this pattern to come out. thankfully there are only 3 more days this week so that means it should be soon. the washi versions are all gorgeous!

  16. oh, rae, you really nailed it on this one!!! you look feminine and gorgeous in this beautiful dress!!! you must feel so good in it!!!

  17. wow.totally excited for the pattern… How many yards for the maxi? i’ve gotta get prepared for some sewing πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Carol! A safe bet for the maxi is about 4 yards, although it may need as little as 3.5 yards. Will post a tute soon.

  18. LOVE it!!! The more I see this pattern the more excited I get!! I have minimal experience with making clothes for myself though so I am a bit nervous but reading all your posts and realizing the amount of time you have put into this gives me hope I can do it! I am above a C cup so I’m starting to read your info on doing an FBA so I can understand what the heck I’m doing. I make bags and purses and kid’s clothes so I figure why not try my hand with this beautiful dress! Thanks Rae!

  19. OKay, I admit, I’ve thought you have done a great job thus far and thought, Oh, that’s cute, but not to the point that I really felt like I HAD to have it…. until this moment. I totally love the fabric combination and this version to wear, this pattern is NOW on my list of things I want to buy. Good job… Washi Week is working!!!!

    ~Vanessa @ DBS

  20. This is gorgeous! Makes me want to buy fabric now so I can start the minute the pattern comes out!

  21. OK, I REALLY love it as a maxi dress! Someday when I’m not preggers I will make one! I love the voile too it looks so comfy!

  22. I have the perfect material for my own version but I need it quick cos I want it for a holiday I leave on soon. Wheen can I get the pattern?


  23. Oh, heck yes! I have some Liberty that now has a pattern! That being said, I’ve tried three other patterns with the liberty in mind, but have not yet cut into it. So I’ll try it in the tunic style first to make sure of fit! Though I’ve got my print cartridges ready! Can’t wait!

  24. you are awesome rae! and I think you are the first person ever that designed a pattern that I will buy! (so far I never liked all the details about a pattern that I’d actually thought I buy and sew it… I improvised all of my garments sewn)

  25. I have the perfect fabric for this dress sitting in my stash! Now all I need is the pattern…
    Wonderful dress, I absolutely love it!

  26. I haven’t sewn for myself in years but I recently helped a friend make a dress for herself and thought “I can do this!” And then I saw your gorgeous washi dress. Talk about the universe conspiring to give me a nudge.
    Do you think the pattern will suit a flat chested person like myself? An AA cup.

    • Hi Katherine! I think the dress works well for small chests, although with an AA you may want to do a small bust adjustment on the pattern when you make your muslin to see if that looks better than the normal pattern pieces. Links are provided on my washi page (http://made-by-rae.com/washi)

  27. I love it to bits too! I want one! I think I’d wear it all the time. Did you need to line the entire dress! I find that voile a little bit on the sheer side and I can never decide if it needs a lining. Also, how much fabric do you need for the maxi version? So I can start shopping. πŸ™‚

    Fwiw, I think the cutout would in fact be flattering on a large bust because it helps open up the face. But I also think it will look nice without.

    • Hi Melanie!

      Yes, I did produce a lining for this one, it goes to about knee-length and is exactly like the outer except without the front pleats or shirring. I attached it in a tricky-turn-it-inside-out type technique that I hope to share in a tute of some sort soon, but other than that it was quite simple. πŸ™‚

  28. LOVE THIS!! You’re killing me, I am going to try whip up a Washi before my wedding on the 31st of August! Now which style to choose? Thanks so much for such a wonderful pattern! Bit scared about the bust not fitting me though…wish me luck!

    • Hi Stacey:

      This one took me a couple of days, I think I cut it out one day (an hour or so), sewed it up in an afternoon, and then it took another day of modification (hemming it took longer than expected because I had to fiddle with the length a little and the skirt was too full at first so I had to fix that). See two comments earlier for a bit about the lining as well.


      PS good luck!!!

  29. Not even looking at other’s comments here: The necklace was a gift from the hubby right?

    I love this maxi version, it’s stunning!

  30. Four yards for the maxi dress, but do you need as much for the lining? I’m tabulating yardage for the various versions I plan to make…

    • no, you’d need the normal dress yardage for the lining; assuming you’d go to about knee-length with the lining.

  31. Rae- I came to this post immediately when thinking about lining the washi dress, and see that you are planning a tutorial for a more complicated lining. Do you have any quick advice on how to line the dress? I don’t need the full lining (as your maxi may have called for), just from the dress part down. I can figure that out for the front, but am not sure how to do it for the back.

  32. Saw this from Annie`s site. Lovely dress Rae.I will surely make one for myself as soon as I go fabric shopping this month. Cant wait! TFS;)

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