Washi Sewing Pattern PDF is here!


You. guys. I am so excited to finally be able to announce that the Washi Dress Sewing Pattern PDF is now available for purchase. Yaaaay!!! *KERMIT ARMS*

I am so proud of this fantastic pattern, I think you’ll really love it!  For more information on the pattern, size charts, yardage, links to tutorials, photo pools, and MORE, please visit my amazing Washi Page.

If you just want to buy the digital pattern already, click this button to purchase:

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If you’ve never purchased a PDF pattern from me before, please read through my purchasing and printing instructions HERE. Thanks!

Special thanks to:

  • Rashida Coleman-Hale, for designing the most awesome washi tape fabric ev-ar and for giving enthusiastic permission for me to name the pattern after her fabric (used in the original “washi” dress, pictured above)
  • My sister Elli for her fantastic graphics work on the pattern pieces, graphics and layouts
  • My lovely testers: Holly, Janice, Rachel, Jess, Kristin, Kelly, Shannon, Emily, Cherie, and Caila for all of their thorough and helpful feedback!

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  2. Purchased…super excited. I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT OUT! Thanks Rae for such diligence and generosity of your amazing patterning brain 🙂

  3. Yayyyy! Off to purchase now!! I have my charcoal washi fabric all ready to go! Though I think I’m going to have to make a version like your darling maxi dress too – that is just too cute!!

  4. oh man, i nearly had a heart attack out of excitement when i saw this post pop up in my google reader! just bought it, guess i know what i will be doing this weekend! SO EXCITED!!

  5. I can’t wait to make my 4th dress. If only everyone would go to sleep!

    I’m so happy for all of us to have access to this masterpiece and so, so very proud of you, Rae!!

  6. Yay it’s here!! and double yay for the Kermit Arms reference!!! I can’t wait, off to buy now and figure out what fabric I have enough of.

  7. WOW! Incredible Rae! What an accomplishment! What are the sizes and measurements in the pattern?

  8. Hi Rae. I’ve had the perfect fabric for a new dress to wear to my cousins wedding, but not the perfect pattern. Well, that was until this afternoon. I saw the pattern late afternoon (Australian time), brought it & printed it. Made dinner. Assembled the pattern & traced off my size while the kids ate & had a little play before bed. Put the girls to bed. Cut the test fabric & made a muslin. Just tried it on and I am DELIGHTED. It fits me perfectly – that’s right, no adjustments. I’m gobsmacked. It’s the first ever thing I’ve made for myself where I haven’t had to make ANY changes. Hip Hip Hooray. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Happy days, Anna

  9. Rae – thanks so much for making such a quality pattern so quickly. It’s awesome! I saw your post late in the evening and stayed up til 2 am to get my first Washi finished. I love it!

  10. Hooray! This *almost* makes me wish I was not headed to the cottage for two weeks. Can’t wait to make one! First thing I will have sewn for myself since horrid tissue patterns with my mom in the 90s. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. How exciting! I ordered the Washi fabric from fabric.com the moment I saw yours. Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for all your hard work –


  12. It looks awesome!! Congratulations!! As suggested the evening will now be spent on the floor taping the pattern and watching the Olympics. I can’t wait! xx

  13. Very, very impressive Rae! Congratulations on creating such a fabulous dress and making it into a perfect pattern!

  14. Hooray!! Been waiting and waiting for this pattern! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, I appreciate it very much and I am sure your other readers do as well! Cheers!

  15. this is SO awesome, i’m excited to try it. And I MUST say that the graphics on the pattern are TRULY awesome (and fun to look at too!), so kudos to Ellie and you. You guys did an amazing job!

  16. The pattern was very easy to put together! Nice job!! The instructions were very well thought out, and also easy to follow! I made a mock up first and thought it was a great fit. So I started my dress, after I got my facing in….WAY TOO BIG!! Yikes, guess I need to fully finish my mock up with facing to know if it will fit better. The back puckered out, the scoop neck was way too low. But other than that…so cute I absolutely LOVE the pockets!! It’s a totally comfy dress and I really want to fix it! I think I’ll make some facings for the arms as well. Great pattern, thanks for all the hard work and time you put into it! I appreciate the hours!!

  17. just bought mine! so excited. I’m going to try a tunic first with a bit of extra material to make it maternity friendly!

    I just wanted to say that the pattern design (like how the PDF looks) is super cute and professional. I really like it.

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