First day

first day thumbs up

Kindergarten. Waaaaaaaaaaah! *weeps into coffee cup*

(Notably absent: a handmade backpack, which his mother did not make for him, having been distracted this weekend by her Heather Ross stash instead. I’d rather not say which licensed character appears on the back of this backpack)

16 thoughts on “First day

  1. Oh my how stinkin’ cute! I just adore all of those first-day pictures. My littles have been back in school for three weeks now, so it’s so fun to see a fresh new round of pics this morning! πŸ™‚

  2. oh, mercy!!! i wish i was his kindergarten teacher!!! (and you know, at least you know when to let go – you can’t do it all – make homemade backpacks and fabulous washi dresses and be happy and available to those that need you!)

  3. He looks so happy and excited! That should calm any mommy guilt about not having him adorned in homemade stuff. πŸ™‚ My son started Pre-K today and I had to hold it together walking back to the car after dropping him off. Meanwhile, he didn’t even look back to give me a wave! Waaaah here, too, about that! He did have on homemade shorts, but only because he wore the ones I made for his birthday last month. I just didn’t have it in me to do a new school outfit. We can both tell ourselves we made the right choice!!

  4. My niece started preschool last month. I offered to make a handmade backpack, but was turned down… now she has this weird plasticky cat backpack with rubber ears that’s already starting to fray around the zipper. Have a feeling that I’ll be making one for her pretty soon here after all! I did, however, make her a pink Pooh dress to start school in, because she’d asked for one. (She’s long since figured out that if she wants something, Aunt Laura can make it for her!)

    It’s scary and a little strange all at the same time. I’m used to having her here while her parents work, and suddenly, I’m down to one child. Add to that fact that one of the little boys in her class has asked her to marry him and kissed her already! (I told her that if he did it again, she should wipe it off and say “EWWWW! That’s DISGUSTING!” πŸ˜‰ We have mutually decided that she’s not allowed to date until she’s 30.

  5. it’s such a bittersweet time isn’t it!
    a couple of months ago my daughter went on her first kindy excursion & I cried as the bus pulled out, it is really hard to let go!!
    my daughter starts school just after Christmas, she will be ready, I only hope I am πŸ™‚

  6. I hope his first day went well. My oldest just started middle school!! So I am over here sobbing with you. I sound like an old lady, but really, ‘Where does the time go?’

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