Printed Washi Dress patterns: an experiment

I’ve been working on a little side-project, something very new and different to me: having the Washi Dress Sewing Pattern printed on paper. There’s been such a wonderful response to the Washi Dress and as a result I’ve had many requests from shops asking if they could carry it. It also works really well as a teaching garment, and I think it would be so fantastic to have fabric shops teaching Washi Dress classes (which is much easier to do if you stock printed patterns)!! Last week I sent out an email to about 30 shops I “know” in person to see if there’s enough interest to print a limited-run batch of Washi Dress patterns, and so far I’ve gotten a great response! I thought I’d post it here since I am absolutely certain I missed someone, and it would really help to have a general idea of the level of interest so we can decide how many copies to print.

If you run a local quilt shop or independently-owned fabric shop (brick-and-mortar or online webstore) and would be interested in carrying printed copies of the Washi Dress pattern in your shop, or if you know someone who does who might be interested, please fill out our Washi Interest Survey or contact Jessica, my Director of Print Operations (we’re so small-town around here we amuse ourselves with big-sounding titles) directly at jessica [at] Jessica would love to send you more information. And, if you have a fabric shop near you that you would like to see carry this pattern, would you please go ahead and forward this post or Jessica’s email to them?

I don’t want to get anyone too excited about this because honestly I am not sure this little print experiment will actually happen. But it would be cool; the Washi Dress, naturally, has larger pattern pieces than anything else I’ve ever done and just seems like it would lend itself so well to a printed format, especially with all of the amazing digital illustrations my sister Elli did for the layouts. Seriously, I love this pattern, it just seems a shame not to have it in local shops when one of my goals over the last couple of years has been to visit as many local shops as possible in person. Another thing: the main reason I really like my Job here at The Blog is because I’ve managed to keep it pretty small-sauce, which allows me to spend more time with my kids and Not Go Insane. I’m not sure I’m interested in taking the entire Made-By-Rae empire in the print direction; it’s just such a totally different line of work than what I normally do. So if this seems a little campy, to have me literally polling the Interwebs to find out how many copies of my sewing pattern to print, IT IS. That’s pretty much the point.

Thanks everyone!!!

20 thoughts on “Printed Washi Dress patterns: an experiment

  1. I would love to be able to get your washi dress pattern in print! I hope it works out. I much prefer print patterns over digital ones. Good luck!

    • I don’t have a printer either and had to spend 2-3 bucks on printing a dress pattern for my daughter the other day. I’d hate to think how much it would be for a dress for me!

  2. Hmm… I might be interested. I would quite like to offer fabric and pattern bundles in my Etsy store. I was going to ask if it might be possible to buy a whole bunch of e-patterns, but I figured it would be a really tricky thing to do, and I imagine something you would be a little reluctant to do as it is hard to keep track off.

    Having printed copies would obviously get around this!

  3. Ooooohhhhh…do you think you’d ever teach a washi class here in MI? I’m on the opposite side of you, but I’d totally be willing to make the trip.

    • Hi Tracy,
      Yes! We offered a two-course series this past summer in Ann Arbor, but I’m sure we’ll do it again!

  4. I don’t sell anything but if this happens then pleeeeease can we have a blog post all about the process and especially with photos of the machine that prints on enormous pieces of crumply tissue paper? Thanks!

  5. We love you because you keep it small sauce. 🙂 That said, TAKE IT TO PRINT! I’ll let my local shop know, because it looks like I’ll be teaching a Washi class there this Fall. Whoop!

  6. I would love to have it in print. Our printer is not set up and I am still figuring out the whole assemble a digital pattern… I’ll have to look into if that is something the local quilt shop would carry…

  7. Would you consider taking pre-orders from individuals?! I would love a paper pattern of the washi dress, I just think it’s so much nicer than pdfs.

  8. I know there is a slim chance, but if there is a shop in Germany, that sells your paper pattern would you share it or write me?
    I would love to have this printed. Oh, and I would take it in English, no need for a translation for me…
    Greetings from Germay

  9. I’d definitely buy it if it was in print. There is nothing I hate more than taping together those pieces of paper, so if its not in print, I don’t buy it.

  10. agreed, i do not buy PDF sewing/craft patterns at all. with the exception of embroidery patterns because those are easy to trace off onto a small piece of fabric.

  11. Trying to convince my local fabric boutique shop to do it! I posted the link to this on their Facebook page, and then two days later I was in there talking patterns with them and asked “Have you seen the Washi Dress?” and they said “Yeah, someone put a link on FB…. was that YOU?!” then I told them how amazing the pattern is, even for me! REALLY hope you decide to send it to print, and REALLY hope they’ll do a class!

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