Time for Tea Dress





I don’t even know what was happening with this photoshoot. What IS this??


Who knows. A chance to show off my new nerdy glasses? Or my favorite teacups?


OK, I know I know I know!!! So it’s a Washi Dress made with Lizzy House fabric and a peter pan collar, on a grumpy hostess!


At any rate you can plainly see I’m a weirdo. And I think I have a new bio pic (Yay! That other one was 3 years old).

I have no idea where I plan to go with this collar, if anywhere, but I just find this dress so ridiculously adorbsible, I had to post it. I’ve put up a couple of links on the Washi page in the “Resources” section on how to draft a peter pan collar, should you absolutely need to make one like right now.

Oh! and the back was done with an elastic casing instead of shirring. I cut my back bodice lining 1/2″ below the lowest shirring line and folded it under to form an elastic casing, then threaded 1/4″ wide elastic through:



Kindof a nice look, eh? I find it a nice change from the rows of shirring. Much like Rachel’s Washi that I love so much.


My video tutorial series on lining the bodice and links to tutorials on how to draft a peter pan collar can be found via the Washi page.


39 thoughts on “Time for Tea Dress

  1. Rae, This is bonkers amaze-balls. And I too love the elastic casing. I’m a little over shirring, you know?
    Keep up the stellar work!
    -Shannon (with the impressive accolades, you know the one)

  2. This is totally unrelated, and someone probably told you this before, but you look exactly like this dutch actress:

    I hope i’m not unveiling a super uncomfortable separated-at-birth story here. And totally unrelated to the above, but related to your photos: the bun looks great on you. As does the Washi.

  3. I saw that adorable peter pan collar on instagram and just about fainted. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. LOVE IT!

    P.s. How hot are you!!!! You’re a minxy thing! SO adorable!!!!

  4. I came across your site from Pink Chalk Fabrics and i LOVE LOVE this dress. I am going to order it and can’t wait to make it. I am so glad you showed the elastic casing. I have been reading and watching your tutorials because i think i want to fully line with elastic. But i think i can figure it out. Now if you can just come out with a version with maybe longer sleeves to hide my ugly upper arm fat that would be awesome!!! You are just so cute and so is the dress and love the glasses. I just got some that shape but they are RED!!

  5. OMG Rae you are AMAZING! I just jumped on the bandwagon and bought my pattern today. I’m thinking of some kind of fall version. I cannot wait to try it out! And, I like the elastic casing idea. Never been in love with shirring.

  6. Oh I love it! And the nerdy glasses. What fun, I’ve still yet to make the stinkin’ dress! I bought the pattern when it was brand new and the pictures I see the more intimidated I get…I must get on it!

  7. “amaze-balls” ha. The peter pan collar is my fave! I don’t have a fricking printer but I’m thinking that I’m going to have to get one just so I can have this pattern.

  8. OK, I’ve been oogling this pattern for a while, but honestly the whole shirring thing scares me. Now I really must make this with the elastic casing!

  9. oh great….add another version to my list of Washis that I MUST make. LOVE LOVE LOVE the collar, and the pictures are so cute!

  10. I love this washi dress version dress and your pictures too! Keep it up!
    Please post some cool ideas for the fall, some back to school wardrobe fix for the kids!!!

  11. I made one the first weekend – I still need photos – and have been dreaming up variations ever since, the pattern has so many possibilities! But I had not tout of a collar. So fun!

  12. Rae, you could not be cuter with your hair up and your new glasses!
    Or as Mr. Rae might think, “Hot 4 Teacher!”

  13. Rae!! I can’t even get over how freaking cute this dress is. I love all of your washi versions. It really proves that you CAN in fact take one pattern and make it over and over and still keep it new and fresh each time! Love it.

    • Haha, no, but I’m trying to figure out some way to make the Peter Pan collar available…on my list, not sure when!! Sorry… 🙂

  14. A second plea for a pattern/tutorial for the Peter Pan collar! I’m sewing up my 5th Washi (I know, I know!), and the collar would be that little “something” that would make it less obvious that I’m making the same dress over and over again. Not that I care too much, actually–it’s my favorite pattern I’ve ever sewn for myself, and it’s becoming my uniform! Especially since I made a few up in rayon–it’s delicious. I have had several weeks where I didn’t wear anything other than a Washi every day. Thanks soooo much, Rae, for such a wonderful pattern–you’re the best!

  15. I’m have cut my 4th (!!) Washi Dress in Tula Pink’s Storm Clouds from the Nightshade line, it needs and adorable dusty sage blue peter pan collar, but I need more guidance on how to draft one. I cannot find in the links provided. I am sure I must be missing something. Help!

    • Hi Bailey,

      We’ll be releasing an expansion pack that includes a pattern piece for the Peter Pan collar soon!


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