Vermont, here I come!

Nido 3rd Anniversary Invite

I will be in Vermont in just a couple weeks, and the lovely Phiona, owner of Nido Fabrics in Burlington VT, has kindly invited me to be a guest of honor at Nido’s 3rd Anniversary party on Sunday, September 16th! Details are on the invite pictured above.

I am so excited and honored to be asked! I will give a short presentation/demo on sewing garments and of course be around to chit-chat and eat snacks, so please by come and say “hello!” if you’re in the area. I’d love to meet you! As part of the festivities, Phiona is offering 20% storewide for the occasion. WOOT!!!

If you are nowhere near Vermont but would still like to shop Phiona’s lovely collection of fabrics yarns and patterns, definitely check out the Nido webstore! And PSST! She still has a little yardage of the Washi tape fabric left!!!

13 thoughts on “Vermont, here I come!

  1. oh, how fun!!! you’ll have to tell mr. rae i misread this post at first and thought it said “special appearance by mr. rae”! that’d be something, huh?

    • haha yes that would be funny. The title of his talk could be: “How to cope with a wife who is severely addicted both to fabric and to instagram and never cooks!”

  2. Oh, This is awesome!

    I live in Europe but have spent the summer of 2005 in Burlington Vermont for a Student exchange. Very soon it became my favourite place in the world, besides my home town of course πŸ™‚

    I am sure you will have lots of fun. It is all about having lots of fun in Burlington!!!

  3. Oh so exciting! Maybe I need to make a trip to Vermont to visit the nephews! I love her little shop, she wasn’t there when I was living in Burlington and I was so happy to stumble upon it one snowy afternoon a couple years ago. I try to stop by every time we are in VT…of course the hubs doesn’t always agree, but what does he know!

  4. What? I have lurked here for years and now YOU are coming to MY city? Ahhhh! Will you have washi patterns for sale with you, or do you only do that online?

    • Hi Ann-Elise!

      No I probably won’t have Washi Dress patterns for sale with me — we don’t have them printed right now so online’s the only way right now! πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait to meet you there!

  5. yay! so excited to have you at the shop. AND spread the word, 20% off storewide also applies to ALL online orders made on Sunday the 16th too!

  6. A little too far for me, I’m at the Southern tip of Vermont. But I believe Ashley of film in the fridge lives up there. I think I first found your blog from a link on hers. Hope it’s a fun time!

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