Washi Madness!!!

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to watch your Washi Dresses pop up in the Washi Dress photo pool. It’s been just over a month since I released the pattern and WOW you have been doing so many fun things with this pattern. There’s scoop-neck versions, classic versions, facings-on-the-outside versions (which is actually what I had in mind when I first designed this dress, so that’s fun to see!), sleeves, and more. Enough talk, let’s take a look some of the Washi loveliness you’ve been dreaming up…


Left to Right:1. Freshcut Flowers, 2. Charcoal Washi, 3. White Washi, 4. Light Weight Apparel Cotton

I think this scoopneck version from Kristin of skirt as top has to be one of my favorites. Love the subtle print and belt, so perfect for fall!

dear stella washi dress
washi dress scoop neckline

A cheerful version in colorful Sis Boom fabric by Sew Caroline :


A gorgeous minty version by Lauren:

photo 1

Two of the great tops posted so far from Daphne Blue:


1. Washi Tunic front, 2. Squirrely Washi Tunic front

A fun zig-zag top from Elaine (blogged here)!


1. Washi Love, 2. Washi Love

I love how Rachel used elastic casings in the back of this fantastic dress (made with Field Study by Anna Maria Horner) instead of the elastic thread. A perfect solution if you are not a fan of shirring!


A fantastic floral version by Melissa of cut.sew.press.love:


1. washi dress, 2. washi dress back shirring

See how nicely her Washi Dress was constructed with this inside view? So fun.

washi dress inside view

More fun with facings on the outside:


1. Contrasting Neckline, 2. Hidden Hem

Carrieoke made two!


1. Green with Boots 2. Polka Dots

Brooke has been busy making multiple Washi dresses and tops; here’s a top but I love her lilac shot cotton dress and Flea Market Fancy dress as well:


1. Washi Tunic, 2. Washi Tunic – back view

What is it about a Washi Dress with a belt that I love so much? This dress version made with the new Storybook Lane fabric by Ever Kelly is really lovely (blogged here):


And here’s a Washi with a waistband added to lower the waist. Brilliant!


1. Washi dress!, 2. Washi dress modified bodice

It’s a shame I can’t post ALL of my favorites, but it’s time for me to get sewing! Be sure to click over and see more fantastic Washi Dresses in the Washi Dress photo pool.

And if you need the pattern yet, it’s right here.

17 thoughts on “Washi Madness!!!

  1. Hey look, it’s me! 🙂 Itching to try my hands at another one!! I love seeing everyone’s interpretations. Really liking the contrasting facing idea.

  2. Thanks for featuring my dress!! I am embarrassed to say how many times I have worn it in the week and a half that it’s been made!! 🙂 Seeing all these great Washis up today inspired me to order some more fabric for #2!!! YAY!

  3. Has anyone made a maternity washi? Would it even require much alteration? It seems like a pretty forgiving pattern for a belly as it is already…

    • You know, a few people have asked me about this, and I’ve given them some pointers…but I haven’t heard back from anyone who has successfully executed on this. 🙂

  4. I bought my pattern a couple weeks ago and after seeing this post I am *determined* to make it when I have a few days off next week! I’ve never made a dress, but I think I can handle this. *fingers crossed*

    I have a vision in my head of a tan/khaki Washi with a white collared shirt underneath, boots and a belt for work this fall. Not sure how to tackle that beast… but that is eventually what I want my Washi to be!

  5. You know what I love about this pattern? It looks great on everyone! Usually when I look through a Flickr pool and see all the wonky fits on different body sizes, I think it makes more sense to buy clothes because you can try them on. Not so the Washi dress! I can’t wait to make my own three versions plus tops! But I have to wait since I am 5 months pregnant… ack it’s killing me!

  6. Any chance you could post a pdf of your collar? I admit i am being lazy and don’t want to take the time to read up and draft my own. Just made my first dress this past weekend. Loved it. Thanks for a great pattern!

  7. Forget the dress. I want to know how you did your hair like that!!! (But the dress is darling, too, of course)

  8. I can’t wait to buy the pattern and make it. I’m nursing at the moment so don’t think I can make it work just now – if anyone else has managed to modify, do share!

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