Exhibit 1: Washi Pierrot + Turquoise Cords

This week, as part of my personal countdown to KCWC, I’m throwing pictures at the blog of things I’ve made for the kids this year that never got blogged. It’s my own little challenge, to try and “clean out the virtual closet” before I go and make more clothes for them. I’ll even show you some of the new kids patterns I’ve been working on. Fun Fun!


This is a Pierrot Tunic, except instead of using the elastic casing in the neckline, I sewed a few rows of shirring (with elastic thread in the bobbin) around the neck and sleeves (hemmed them first). I also trimmed down the sides so they would go straight down instead of angling out to the sides. The triangle fabric is from the Washi line by Rashida Coleman-Hale.


The cords are turquoise baby wale corduroy from JoAnn, made with the same pant pattern as the green ones she had last fall. Only they came out too short and tight because I forgot she would go up a size, so then I had to add a strip along the sides and lengthen them, and by the time I was finished doing that, they were too short again. Which is why I am only showing you the top of these pants and not the bottom. Sometimes I’m such a dum-dum.


She picked out the bird barrette.

6 thoughts on “Exhibit 1: Washi Pierrot + Turquoise Cords

    • Katy, I don’t think so. But there seem to be a ton of basic pant patterns all over the place, very similar…it should be pretty easy to find something just like this!

  1. Love this! Just made another Pierrot- but with casing in sleeves so she can keep them up at school and get messy. HowEVER….she’s declared she’ll wear it when she’s five. That’s in 7 mos. sometimes I wonder why I even bother!!!

  2. This is a cute idea! I just bought some elastic thread the other day – I had no idea you could BUY it haha. In fashion school we just wound a bobbin with the thin elastic ourselves. I’m still too intimidated to try it yet, since I’ve only just got buttonholes down, but Eddie DOES need something shirred and cute.

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