Exhibit 3: Pink Snow White Dress

This week, as part of my personal countdown to KCWC, I’m throwing pictures at the blog of things I’ve made for the kids this year that never got blogged. It’s my own little challenge, to try and “clean out the virtual closet” before I go and make more clothes for them next week. I’ll even show you some of the new kids patterns I’ve been working on. Fun Fun!

snow white dress

I love this little dress. Truth: She will not wear it.

snow white on the sleeve

The pattern is the Jane Dress by Pattern by Figgys (now discontinued), and the fabric is from the Far Far Away II collection designed by Heather Ross for Kokka. These snow white prints, as you may know, are some of my favorites. See the care with which her mother constructed this lovely garment? The adorable features such as snow white hiding in the pocket?

snow white in the pocket

The tender love with which this blind hem was added??

snow white blind hem

Here is the single documented moment when she put it on:


snow white dress pockets

And there you have it.

* * * * *

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25 thoughts on “Exhibit 3: Pink Snow White Dress

  1. GAH! SO. cute. I made a tunic for myself out of the yellow colorway that I’ve yet to blog about. I really want to find some more of it and make a skirt. I just love it so much! …probably more appropriate on a toddler but whatever lol

  2. Oh WOW! I love everything about this dress! You did an amazing job (and I love the fabric too).
    Maybe one day she’ll wear it as a shirt??

  3. Isn’t that a kick? When my Grace was almost two, I lovingly made her a gorgeous tucked and embroidered pinafore dress for Easter…. which she then refused to wear. I made her another that we had her photographed in that Christmas and then I gave up on them, because she refused to wear that one after pictures, too. Now, she’s four and been asking for “apron dresses”!

  4. This dress is adorable! I don’t know if you have this problem – but when making children’s clothes I have a hard time with the sleeves (binding) because the circle is too small to fit around where my needle is. Is this a problem you’ve encountered?

    • Tara: So to get around that problem you need to turn the sleeve inside out, and sew “inside the tunnel” if that makes sense. The sleeves are too small to fit around the arm of your machine, so you have to sew them from the inside instead of the outside. Lots of pinning makes this easiest!


      Hope that helps!

  5. Lovely dress and placement of the design. I do love Heather Ross. I can relate about loving a dress you make and your little one won’t wear it. Mine is almost 5 and if she doesn’t love it, it hangs in the closet. πŸ˜› Sometimes if I want her to wear something I resort to manipulation and bribery. πŸ˜‰

  6. Gaaaahhh! This is so damn cute. So cute that it required a damn instead of a darn. It absolutely KILLS me when phoebe refuses to wear something that I painstakingly made. My hope is that if the first one doesn’t like it, maybe I’ll have luck with the second one.

    • True! you have two girls!! I’ve still got a niece and a cousin’s baby I can try this out on… πŸ™‚

  7. Oh no. It’s really such a beautiful dress. It’s awful when you loving create a beautiful garment for your little one and they just will not wear it. Happens to me too.

  8. Ha!! I’m pretty sure my daughter would want to wear this all the time, and sleep in it πŸ™‚

  9. Yep, I had a 4-5 year old that REFUSED to wear a dress unless it “Twirled!” Utterly REFUSED! So A-line and smocked stuff was out. Unless it was Polly Flinders with smocking on the bodice and a full “TWIRLY” skirt attached.
    She’s 32 – about to have her first child and my first grandchild!
    Can’t wait to Sew Forth and Sew On for the “‘Little Biscuit!”
    Twirling in China,
    Grandma – in -Training,

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