Exhibit 5: New pattern preview!

This week, as part of my personal countdown to KCWC, I’m throwing pictures at the blog of things I’ve made for the kids this year that never got blogged. It’s my own little challenge, to try and “clean out the virtual closet” before I go and make more clothes for them next week. I’ll even show you some of the new kids patterns I’ve been working on. Fun Fun!



You might remember a similar dress from earlier this year (this post)…it was in the works this spring but got set aside for other projects (ahem, Washi.). This design has a trimmer silhouette than the Charlie Dress and is slightly easier to construct, but with a similar modern style. I love that you can mix up all kinds of fabrics to get totally different looks with this dress.


She doesn’t like to wear this dress either. No reason given. I have pulled it out of the drawer more times than I can count and had it rejected, every time. That’s OK. I love it, so I’ve been hanging this one up on the clothesline in my sewing room. It’s so cheerful it makes the whole room happy.


The fabrics are all Little Folks voile by Anna Maria Horner, which you can still find around here and there, though it’s getting harder to find. Voile is super-soft and silky and fun to work with (though I find them a little tricky with fussy patterns, this one is perfect for it).

IMG_9955 - Version 2

What do you think?

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33 thoughts on “Exhibit 5: New pattern preview!

  1. Your kids are so lucky to have such adorable hand made clothing! It breaks my heart a little that she doesn’t love the dresses, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions!

  2. I could make you feel a lot more satisfied about sewing this item, if you made it in my size and sent it to me. I’d wear it, I’d wear it often. I’d thank you for it, I could even thank you for it often if that would help. It’s really cute, the fabric choice is great for the different parts. Hopefully she’ll have the chance to look back at these clothes and say “what was I thinking to not wear that, it’s so great.”

  3. So fun, I love it! Sorry your little one won’t wear it, it’s such a bummer when that happens! Really, what are they thinking?!

  4. Wow! I feel like this post is especially for me because I would like something a little less wide for my daughter’s wardrobe *and* I have a huge stash of AMH voile for someone who has never made anything but a scarf from it.

    I can’t wait to sew this.

  5. Very cute dress & I echo the comments that I would totally wear it if it were my size.

    Random question though, I’m a knitter, do you have a pattern for the great little knit dude your daughter is playing with?

      • Yes, the first picture on that Ravelry entry was knit by my sister…she made the one in these photos as well. The sad thing about that pattern is that it is now out of print. My sister gets emails all the time asking if she’ll copy her booklet (which is, by the way, not at all legal)…it’s too bad it’s so hard to find!!!

  6. Wowsa, I completely agree with the post from Mary, I am looking for easy peasy dresses that are not so wide for my girl and which she can wear during the winter here in France, unfortunately the voile fabrics are rare here….
    I would love to have this pattern, looks like an excellent basis.

    by the way, I will need to find some grandpother to knit me the apple-carrot combi!

  7. Ahh! I love it. Those colors are gorgeous – I love how you’ve mixed these fabrics. What a fun and beautiful top. I’ve never sewn with voile before – in fact, I’m not even sure I know what it looks/feels like in person, but it looks amazing here (and the other times you’ve used it) and I’m looking for other garment fabrics. Anyways – love the top. Can’t wait to see the pattern.

  8. I hear you when you say your daughter wouldn’t wear it…you see neither would my 5 now 6 yr old daughter, who has a plain white similar smock. Her reason is that it looks like something a clown would wear. I can only think of Pierrot. I think it’s time you start asking her to pick out the fabric and pattern style seems you also have a wee fashionista on your hands!

  9. It’s adorable! I can easily see my daughter with several of these for her KG wardrobe – please do post the pattern soon!

  10. I love this dress and the top of this pattern, unfortunately I only have a grandson to sew for. I think I see maybe why your daughter does not like this dress as much as the top on a later post. There is a piece of bias or contrasting fabric sewn into the seam across the back. It might be pulling and making her uncomfortable when she plays. I used to sew for my children who are now in their 30s.
    I enjoy your site and look forward to hopefully being able to order your paper patterns.

  11. This is very cute – I love your fabric choices -, and it’s a pattern many mothers will want. I do hope you’ll include instructions or pattern pieces in your completed pattern for older children (ages five to seven, for example).

  12. Perfect timing! I was just looking at a similar dress pattern on Etsy. Any idea when this will be available? I’m ready to go this weekend if you are!! πŸ˜‰

  13. This is so adorable! I love all the different patterns!

    When I was like 8, mum made me this cute pair of JEANS made from white denim with farm animals all over it. I hated them. When there were floods up north I gladly donated those jeans to the relief effort. While I’m sure some other little kid may or may not have loved them, I’m irritated at myself. THOSE THINGS WERE COOL!

  14. So, I was looking on your site and can’t find the pattern for this. IT’S ADORABLE!! Have you made a pattern for it yet or did I completely miss it? Found it on Pinterest!

    • Hi Amy!

      This pattern got pushed to the bottom of the list unfortunately. Will see if it can happen this spring?


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