Flickr Friday

This week a few versions of the Charlie Tunic caught my eye. Three of these were made using the Charlie Dress add-on; this pattern is equally adorable both ways.


1. Charlie Dress back, 2. Charlie Tunic, 3. Fantastic Fox Dress, 4. Charlie Tunic

The first photo is perfectly whimsical (upper left). I love it when it’s so clear that a kid is comfortable just dancing on a wall in her dress! The colors look amazing against the flower garden in the background. Also: POCKETS!? So great.

Cherie was inspired by the film Fantastic Mr. Fox in her take on this pattern for the Film Petit series (lower left). If you want to see how this dress looks with a tail (and you REALLY do), she blogged about it here.

There’s more cool stuff posted every day in the pools, take a look for yourself!
Charlie Tunic Flickr Pool
Rae Made Me Do It Flickr Pool

3 thoughts on “Flickr Friday

  1. I may or may not have cried when I saw this. I’ve had an awful week and seeing my little boy there totally made my day.
    I actually have two more Charlie tunics about to be sewn for KCWC, that one was my tester and I will totally get my button spacing right this time!
    Thank you so much for the pattern though. It’s lovely to have awesome things to sew for him.

    • oh yay!! He is such a cutie, Emma, and the top is perfect — I love the fabrics you picked. So glad it made your day, and so sorry your week sucked. Hope next week is better!!!

  2. Thanks Rae!!! Love your patterns. Used one today actually (FBST)!! Can’t wait to see what you and Kristin whip up this week for KCWC. Good luck to you both 🙂

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