It’s a KCWC Sew-Off! (a challenge within a challenge)

The other day on Instagram, Kristin posted a picture of her stacks of fabric and asked for help. She had a ton of ideas for Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge but wasn’t feeling really excited about anything. I was in the same boat. So I told her I’d email her a list of all of the KCWC ideas I had, she could pick her favorite ones, and then we’d both make them and compare once they were finished. She whittled down the list for me, and now we have a plan. YAY!!! Extra motivation for us both to help us get it done. Super fun.

Want to know what she picked? Maybe you want to play along too? Here’s our Sew-Off List for KCWC Fall 2012:

Upcycle a Flashback Skinny Tee
pretty self-explanatory. find an adult tee to convert to a miniature skinny tee. Fun!

Need I say more?
(please note that there is no mini-Washi pattern out there, so if you want to sew along on this one, you’ll have to make your own)

Make Heather Ross pajama pants
It’s so easy to squirrel away your precious HR fabric and never use it. Why not use some for a cute pair of PJs? (For your kid. Not for Heather)

Shirred Pierrot
Pierrot is one of the fastest patterns in the universe (second perhaps to the Flashback), and when you leave off the ruffles and just shir the neckline and sleeves with elastic thread, it goes even faster. Don’t have the Pierrot pattern? Use any peasant blouse-type pattern (or buy Pierrot?). One thing I suggest if you use Pierrot: I like to add about 1″ to the folded width of the tops of each of the sleeves to add more room around the neckline for the shirring (4″ total). I posted a shirred Pierrot last week if you need an idea of what it looks like.

Make a catalog-inspired item
I’ve had a little outfit clipped from the crewcuts catalog from earlier this summer featuring a little skirt I’ve been dying to make for Clementine. And Mini-Boden, BabyGap, and Hanna Andersson are always pumping out cute stuff I want to copy.

Want to sew along? Join us! This was just a low-key* challenge designed to motivate us, so if you like any or all of these ideas, go ahead and make them along with us this week and then let us know!! Remember, the point of KCWC is to spend 1 hour each day sewing for your kids, so these are not meant to be ridiculously intricate or time-consuming. Just easy, cute items to add to your kid’s wardrobe.

And if nothing here floats your boat? No bigs. Can’t wait to see what you make! Fun things are always popping up in the KCWC pool!.

*Though Kristin may or may not have used the words “It’s no contest…I WILL CRUSH HER.”

You know what I say to that?



KCWC starts tomorrow, click here for more info:

14 thoughts on “It’s a KCWC Sew-Off! (a challenge within a challenge)

  1. You two are hilarious! Way to make KCWC even more fun! I already have some upcycled skinny tees on my to-make list for this week so I guess great minds think alike:) Excited to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. haha! I have a mini washi dress drafted for my daughter! I started drawing hers as soon as you started posting pictures of it. And as soon as Sewing Summit is over I am gonna make it. Bummer to miss KCWC this year. But her little chambray washi is gonna be so cute! Can’t wait to see your version! (Also, I refuse to use HR fabric to make pajama pants for my child. She’ll out grow them. I mean, I might outgrow mine too, but it would be my own fault. Or the cookies… I’ll blame it on the cookies πŸ™‚

  3. A refashion flashback skinny is my plan exactly! Just one, I’ve only got three days to participate, so I’m aiming low πŸ™‚

  4. Rae question about your shirred pierrot. Did you still cut it on bias am about to cut one out today and wanted to confirm…. many thanks

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