KCWC Countdown!

Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge is coming up next week. I always feel a little sheepish participating, because I actually *do* have plenty of time to sew each week (the challenge is to take 1 hour every day and sew for your kids) because I am already lucky enough to have 2 or 3 days each week when the kids are both in preschool and kindergarten, and I’ve designated that time very strictly as “work-time” so that I can write blog posts, design patterns, and sew. It’s surprising though how little of that time actually turns into real sewing time for stuff for my kids though, so KCWC is a great motivator for me to look through the closet, find the gaps, and make the things that need making…like leggings, or fall coats, or whatever.


This morning I sat down to make my KCWC goals and started piling up fabric and patterns and soon decideed I really need to try and coordinate a little bit with what I’ve already made them (you know, maybe try and match some of what they already have?) or it’s going to turn into Crazytown over here. So I opened up iPhoto, to look for pictures of stuff I made them already this year, and realized that I have a HUGE backlog of handmade garments that got sewn, but never blogged. Sheesh. Before I can start making more clothes for Elliot and Clementine, I really want to unload these photos on the blog.


So this week, as part of my personal countdown to KCWC, I’m going to be throwing pictures at the blog of things I’ve made for the kids this year that never got blogged. It’s my own little challenge, to try and “clean out the virtual closet” before I go and make more clothes for them. I’ll even show you some of the new kids patterns I’ve been working on. That will be fun. Here we go!!!

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4 thoughts on “KCWC Countdown!

  1. I had to edit my fabric choices too–so we don’t go to crazy town! I love your little challenge and I can’t wait to see all the clothes you’ve been hiding from us!

  2. I am so excited to see what you’ve sewn for them! I am doing KCWC for the first time this year and am going to get organized this week too! 🙂

  3. Rather than actually sewing for my own kids, I think I should convince my mom to sew some stuff for ME! Wouldn’t that be awesome? And totally selfless…I’m helping her keep her skills sharp. 🙂

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