mini washi + mama washi

{I swear this is the last of the mini-washi posts, I promise!}

Between the super-cloudy day yesterday and the post-preschool preschooler, I had a hard time getting even one picture of mini washi + mama washi* that was any good. This is how SHE wanted it to go down:


So we had a few of these (holding the remote):


(and dropping the remote)


And we finally got one where we’re both smiling (sort of), but the camera was pointed in the wrong direction and cut off half of Clementine. GAH.


We managed to get a couple cute shots, even if they aren’t print-worthy:



This was my favorite, but of course it came out blurry. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Oh well.


*I was told that to “cinch the win” on the mini-washi round of our sew-off, I’d need to produce some mother-daughter photos. I’m not sure these “cinch it,” but I tried.

24 thoughts on “mini washi + mama washi

  1. So cute! And I think the second to last photo (right above the blurry one) is TOTALLY frameable. And adorable. You girls rock.

  2. Any mother-daughter pictures will be a true treasure to you both, whether you cinch it or not. Adorable. And you need to give me your glasses.

  3. i showed this post to Em this morning and she immediately asked what Clementine’s name was, how old she is, and if she could play with her sometime. as i explained that you live far far away from us, she got sort of a spaced out look on her face like she couldn’t comprehend that, and then seemed a bit disappointed. ah, the bummer part of having far away internet friends!

    anyway i’m so glad you got these photos. they’re SO sweet.

  4. The dress and the photos are great. I love the one where she’s hugging you and you’re looking off to the side with a big smile — lovely!

  5. Gorgeous!! I just discovered your blog and have been admiring your washi dresses. My sister also discovered you recently and has just bought the pattern so I am looking forward to having a go at making one for myself. I just loooove the fabric but can’t seem to find it online. Do you know where I can get some? I understand you probably don’t have time to answer but I will check back. Thanks:) Suz

    • Hi Suz,
      I have not seen that print in shops in a very long time. I’m afraid the “washi phenomenon” cleared most of it out. -Rae

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