Oh by the way, Happy Halloween!

I don’t have much to show for myself this Halloween because the “rainbow-cloud” costume that Clementine demanded this year (and that I worked for hours on one night, you can find pics here on my Instagram feed, scroll down) was a complete bust as she could not move her arms around and screams bloody murder whenever I put it on her. I re-tooled it a little bit and it’s better…but I still give it a 50% chance of happening tonight when we go around to the nearest five houses to trick-or-treat. Last night she told me she wanted to be Spiderman. Which is totally fine because that would make three years in a row that the $20 polyester Spiderman costume from Meijer gets worn. This is why I do not get excited about Halloween costumes.

Lala's Pierrot Tunic1

But I nearly died of cute-ness overload when Venus posted this adorbsible photo of her kid in a modified Pierrot dress last week. I just had to show it off so I asked if I could share it here and she said yes. Seriously I think this is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. GAH.

There’s a bunch of other great Halloween creations in the pool — which of course feature kids and I like to ask permission before posting full-sized kid pics on my blog, and since I didn’t get a chance to ask, you’ll just have to go take a look! Be sure to check out this awesome pink elephant, dinosaur train, and these adorable hand-stamped Halloween PJ’s.

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween…I will be sure to take lots of pictures if the “rainbow-cloud” costume comes to fruition.

6 thoughts on “Oh by the way, Happy Halloween!

  1. Hm…you should probably turn that rainbow into a giant Lady Gaga-esque hat for yourself…or maybe Mr. Rae. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for linking to my pink elephant! FBST comes in handy once again.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween to you! Thanks for linking to my Dinosaur Train costumes! Fingers crossed for the rainbow cloud costume…but then again, it does feel nice when you get your money’s worth out of something πŸ˜‰

  3. That photo is absolutely adorable and I looooooove the fabric she used for the dress. Thanks for mentioning my pjs πŸ™‚ I’m pleased to see you won the costume battle.

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