Pomegranate Pierrot with shirring


As you can see, she’s outgrown the pink boots.




KCWC sew-off challenge #4: Shirred Pierrot

I made this Pierrot Tunic with fabric harvested from the ill-conceived “Prairie Girl Top” of Spring Top Week 2010 that I think I actually never wore. That was a particularly bad year for spring top execution, as I had a considerable amount of baby weight to lose yet, so nothing really fit, and for some I reason bit off waaay more than I could chew that year design-wise when planning out my tops (does anyone remember the Clown Top?). Not a great idea considering I had an 11-month old baby.

I remember that I fussed and fussed with that top, and even after fussing it still fit poorly. Not oh-that’s-so-nasty poorly, just unflattering enough to prevent me from wearing it. Ever. Still, I have had a terrible time parting with garments that don’t fit, especially when they’re made by me. And I really love this voile and the ruffle along the bottom so now it’s been upcycled into this darling little thing! Hooray for being a packrat and never throwing things away *slight sarcasm there*!! Hooray for happy endings!!

Well, maybe. I need to see if these sleeves will tighten up a little more once I throw this in the wash — often the elastic thread will shrink down even more with washing — otherwise I’m going to need to pull it out and re-sew the shirring in a different place than the old elastic casings (3 layers of fabric = too thick for shirring).



As mentioned in a previous post, this top was made with the Pierrot Tunic sewing pattern without the neckline ruffle and with elastic thread shirring around the neck and sleeves. You could do this with just about any peasant-style blouse, but just in case you’d like to make one and need a wee bit more direction than that, I’ll post some pointers for modifying Pierrot with shirring soon.

One last photo of my little diva-for-the-camera:


14 thoughts on “Pomegranate Pierrot with shirring

  1. Cute! Way to upcycle an old shirt that you made! I feel the same way about keeping the clothes I made that I don’t actually like, but I’m always too much of a sissy to cut into them and turn them into something I do like.

  2. Wow, that’s gorgeous! Definitely my favorite Pierrot yet. The styling is perfect! I have that fabric too, I should probably use it instead of letting it sit in my stash. 🙂

  3. So sweet, I LOVE the color. I asked my 4yo daughter if she liked it, she said, “I like the ice-cream.”. Girls!!

  4. Love me some amh voile! …and gotta give props to you- the Pierrot is one of my favorite patterns to use, and now I can whip one up so fast, I give them as gifts all the time! Love this version.

  5. Love the top, and the fabric (I have it in blue). With regard to the shirring on the sleeves…have you tried some steam, as in from a good steam iron? Steam shrunk the elastic on my last shirring project very nicely.

    • Linda: Yes, I always give it a ton of steam right after the stitching…but this is too many layers of voile…sometimes it’s too thick to cinch up as much as you want. I do think putting it in the wash will help.

  6. love that color on clem, love the boots! i totally sprayed mine with water and threw it in the dryer for a few minutes before the photoshoot since it needed some more cinching. worked great!

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