That Ty Pennington. What will he do next?!


I wish I could explain what was so hilarious about stumbling across this little set of canvases of Ty Pennington promoting his new line for Westmister at Quilt Market in Houston this past weekend. Perhaps it was just that I had been walking around for so long on Saturday and had talked to so many people and it was nearly 5 o’clock, but when I came across these, I just could not. stop. giggling. Is it the hat? His expression? I don’t know.


Oh Ty. You are SUCH a DREAMBOAT. Hubba hubba.


More Quilt Market highlights later, I promise.

9 thoughts on “That Ty Pennington. What will he do next?!

  1. Those reduce me to giggles first thing in the morning at home, too. I remember when he was a carpenter on Trading Spaces doing things like hiding a desk on top of a roof because he didn’t want it painted. Glamour shots of him sitting in a field wrapped in a pretty quilt… they do make for the giggles.

  2. Awesome!!!! i agree…’s a juxtaposition of sorts isn’t it! He’s so manly and hunky but yet he seems to have embraced his “quilter” side in these shots. Love it!

    Cannot wait to see all your pics!!! And I cannot wait for Spring Market so I can trounce along with ya 🙂

  3. As an Aussie, this is my first taste of Ty, so to speak. Where can I find a man so simultaneously glamorous, adorable and hilarious?!

  4. I was there and also could not contain my laughter. When I walked by Ty was actually there with his pictures! Such a great post -glad I wasnt alone!

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