You win some, you lose some

Um, so maybe you didn’t even notice, but I totally flaked on the final KCWC sew-off challenge, which was supposed to be a catalog-inspired garment. Elliot got sick and was home from school Friday afternoon (poor baby, he looked so pathetic on the nurse’s cot when I picked him up with his rosy fever cheeks), and then we were out of town this past weekend. You know how it goes: I thought maybe Friday afternoon I’d be able to squeeze some sewing in, and then maybe Saturday morning before we left…and it just didn’t happen. I was also double-dog wiped out from trying to keep up with the sew-off all week long. Thursday night I emailed Kristin and hinted that I wouldn’t be able to make it happen, and she ruthlessly took advantage of my weakness and posted an adorable mini-Boden-inspired dino sweatshirt anyway. She has a heart made of stone, that one.

Trash-talk aside, I think I can officially declare Kristin the winner of our sew-off (if only by default, since obviously the garments I did manage to complete rocked. Obviously). Even though I didn’t make all of the things I wanted to, I AM really proud of what I did make and blog, and man is it HARD to sew and blog all week like that. I know many of you have voiced your suspicions that I am actually a robot, so this is probably good proof that I am a human being.

It was so much fun to have a little extra motivation to sew, and plus I love talking smack about Kristin. So thanks for taking me up on the challenge, Kristin! If you missed my KCWC sewoff posts, they are here: Nursery Versery PJ pants, Flashback with Peter Pan Collar, mini-Washi, mini-Washi in action, mini-washi + mama washi pics, shirred pierrot. And don’t worry, I hear your requests for a mini-Washi pattern. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

In other news:

  • The Rae Made Me Do It pool is on fi-yah with your KCWC creations, so I’ve been having a ton of fun looking through those.
  • I’ve noticed that some of you are addicted to making Washi Dresses. These buttons are for you. Too lazy to do the whole write the code thingy, so just right click and save. I’ve linked them up to the Washi Page so if you right click on them and copy the link address, you’ll have the link too. And I just learned the other day that you’re not supposed to use the “copy image URL” to show images from other sites on your site because it basically amounts to stealing their bandwidth. Who knew? So don’t do that!

  • I am working on getting a washi dress sleeve pattern piece put together. sneaky-peeky-pic here. I’m @madebyrae on Instagram and Twitter; that’s where most of the sneaky previews happen these days. By the way, that Melody Miller fabric is 25% off at Pink Castle right now if you use the code “MOVING” in addition to everything else in the shop (Brenda’s having a moving sale – cannot tell you how excited I am to have her open a real storefront here in Ann Arbor! GAH!!!).
  • I sent the print Washi Dress files to the printer…now waiting on proofs of a real physical printed Washi Pattern. Meanwhile we are starting to take wholesale orders from shops. Fun, fun, fun!
  • And I finally got my rental car for Quilt Market yesterday, now just have a few more details to iron out and I’ll be all set for Fall Quilt Market 2012, baby! Give a holler if you’re going to be in Houston and I’ll keep an eye out for you!

17 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some

  1. Holy Cow!! you read my mind!! well, probably a thousand others as well! I was thinking about can I make this Washi into a cute little holiday dress and was thinking about figuring it out myself…And now, it looks like I don’t have to! Awesome, so excited! 🙂

  2. Winner by default? Oh sure, I’ll take it. 😉 This was really super fun. I was frankly terrified to sew off against you, using mostly YOUR patterns, and all I really wanted to do was hold my own out there on the pitch. Only having 3 days of work that week really helped me out with the time factor. Tough game, man, tough game. Well played.

    *shakes hands, hugs, offers jersey as memento*

  3. I already have bought my Christmas Washi Dress fabric…will wait to make it until I see those adorable sleeves…can’t wait!!!

  4. I loved watching the sew-off. Great fun and amazing creations!
    After watching the flickr group for KCWC, I think that the Flashback Tee would have had to have been one of the most widely used patterns whether for straight out tees or for the basis for other creations.
    Congratulations to you for all your hard work.

  5. I absolutely loved following along on the sew-off you and Kristin had going on, talk about making a favorite Series of mine (KCWC) and really turning it up a notch. Loved it! You both came up with incredible looks.

  6. oh yay! sorry, didn’t get past the kiddie clothing stuff before so failed to notice that part of the update. looking forward to giving it a go once you release it! 🙂

  7. Hey lady! I’ll be in Houston for Quilt Market this weekend.. Would LOVE to chat with you & the shop I work for would definitely love to sell your patterns!! XO, Caroline (I’ll be wearing my Washi dress one of the days!!)

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