Geranium Pattern Tester Fabulousness

You are going to melt into a big puddle of goo when you see these tester photos, they are SO STINKING CUTE. I couldn’t believe how awesome all of the Geranium Dresses turned out!



This first one is from Cherie. Simply adorbs. That eyelet is just perfect. And somehow Jess found time to make one for Ava (below) so we could make sure the 0-3 month size was a good fit. This precious photo melts my heart, every time.



Ashley’s little munchkin is so cute in her aqua dress with the cutout neckline (above), and Jill added a BOW (below)!! I can’t get over those cute little curls.



Caila chose one of my favorite Heather Ross prints for hers (above) and these button and trim additions on Brittney‘s are amazing (below) — I can’t believe how it transforms it, what a great addition!!



Shannon added a lace trim to the bottom of hers for a lovely vintage floral effect (above) and this simple polkadot version from Kristin (below) is just perfect. I love the pink elephant buttons she chose for the back! Also am still a little in disbelief that she pulled this off while in the middle of her latest edition of Film Petit (MOONRISE KINGDOM, ya’ll,go check it out!!).

geranium snowflake dress



One more from Brittney in a lovely coral (above), and Emily‘s flutter sleeved versions (below) are perfect Christmas dresses!


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these ladies giving up their time last week to help me test this, in the midst of this busy time of year. Thank you SO MUCH to all of the Geranium Testers!!! Their feedback and suggestions are crucial to the process and to the quality of the finished patterns that you have come to expect here.

The pattern is currently 40 MB. I am currently in a giant digital arm-wrestling match to get it down to under 6 MB so people won’t go crazy trying to download it. This happens every time I do a new pattern, and trust me, I WILL PREVAIL. Should be ready by the end of the day or so.

31 thoughts on “Geranium Pattern Tester Fabulousness

  1. Well, you’ve done it again! You’ve created another fantastic pattern! And these pattern testers did an amazing job (I’m particularly in love with the eyelet version…so beautiful!)

  2. I highly recommend this pattern!! (As I do with all of yours that I have purchased) I can’t wait to make another, one can never have too many dresses, right? πŸ˜‰

  3. These are amazing!! Can’t wait for the pattern – though it’s going to make me NEED to sew one before Christmas. There’s still plenty of time, right?

  4. Those are amazing! Looks like another great (versatile!) pattern, Rae. I really love the one with the buttons in front! πŸ™‚

  5. Aw thanks again for having me test this awesome pattern, Rae! I seriously love it. And it IS very quick – totally time for a last minute Christmas dress! πŸ˜‰

  6. Love love love it. Its on my Christmas list but not sureI can wait that long! The variations are all stunning and love all the versatility!

  7. Oh how I wish my daughter hadn’t just outgrown this pattern…I love the simplicity and versatility! Great dress!

  8. This could not have come at a better time for me! I have some fabric for my daughter that can’t seem to decide what type of dress it wants to be, and this is perfect! Plus I’m heading to my mom’s house which means lots of free babysitting while I sew!!
    Thanks so much

  9. Oh Rae, congratulations on a new pattern! I seriously cannot wait to make this. I may have to resist the urge to make A one in the same flannel as my washi πŸ™‚ I adore all the test dresses too…so, so dreamy!

  10. Fabulousness {the word} does not even encompass how awesome these are! I love so many of these ladies and this just makes me DIE inside that I need a little girl to sew for!!!! I’d love to test if you come out with some cool boy patterns sometime!!! Great job, Rae!


  11. One of the best things about the sewing-web is being able to see how much variety can be spun out of one pattern. I’m not planning to sew any little dresses any time soon, but this post was still very fun to look at! Clever you and clever testers!

  12. Woot woot!! Thanks for the fabulous pattern, Rae! It is such a fun and simple sew with AMAZING results – best kinda pattern! And I looooove all the awesome and unique variations. So fun!

    • Hi Emma!
      I’ve got a pretty long list of testers that I’ve used in the past and I tend to go to them first which usually has me covered; occasionally I put an announcement on Facebook for certain sizes needed, etc, so you can keep an eye on that. Once I put up a signup form but I had waaay too many responses so I don’t use that anymore. So unfortunately it’s a pretty random right-time right-place situation. πŸ™‚

  13. I made the 0-3 month free pattern for my grand daughter who is only a few weeks old and quite little. I dont know what I did wrong but the neck was up too high and couldnt be closed as it was too tight. I’ve redownloaded the pattern to make sure it was all correct so not sure what went wrong.

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