Sparkler Top with Pleats

Why does it seem like whenever I have a clear concept in my head that seems easy to sew, it never turns out exactly the way I had envisioned? Case in point: this top. I won’t show you the sketch I had before I started, m’kay?


The main thought was: pleated top, cinched in at waist (something you could also do with an elastic casing or drawstring), with sort of a faux peplum at the bottom. Which now that I’m looking at in photos, needs to be a bit shorter. But OK, I will admit that I got the overall concept. I guess I think I was picturing it more flowy, less poofy. Maybe I’ll try this with theΒ new AMH rayons when they ever come out. Yeah.




It needs a little work yet, but overall I like it. Next version is sure to have a Peter Pan collar. What do you think?


Besides the fact that I look dark and mysterious, thank you Michigan winter!!!

31 thoughts on “Sparkler Top with Pleats

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to finish a top I was so flustered by! It is similar to yours. I used a pattern from the Burdastyle handbook for the peplum top.But had one row of elastic at the waist that was to high. Your top inspired me to remove the elastic and do several rows of shirring instead.

  2. I love everything about it! The cinched waist and pleats are lovely. A peter pan collar would be a nice option too. I’m hoping this finds it way into a pattern!

  3. I love it.
    I really like the clean look (no Peter Pan collar for me *g*),
    For myself, I would prefer a drawstring at the waistline, but I love the look on you.
    Well done πŸ™‚
    Hope you make a pattern to buy out of it.


  4. Funny, I am cutting this same fabric this evening to make Anna Maria’s painted portrait blouse! I love the pleating in front, I would say a tad less overall volume and the peter pan collar would make the PERFECT top!

  5. I love it! I like the cinched waist to give it a more tailored look and the peter pan collar will just bring it to the next level. I’m guessing this will soon be another awesome pattern???

    • Dunno…so many other ideas in the hopper, not sure this will come to anything. But it’s fun to make!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Adorbs! Can’t wait to see future versions. Also desperately waiting for AMH’s rayons. Desperately!

  7. I like it! I especially like the pleats in the front. I myself have very little creative abilities, so I am very impressed at the designs you come up with!


  8. I love the neckline and pleats…no peter pan:( I also think it would look great straight without cinching at the waist. Maybe cuts on each side at the bottom to balance the lack of cinch:)
    Also needs a long vintage brass locket with hubby’s initial charm…ON IT’S WAY!

  9. I LOVE it. I would definitely buy this pattern if you made one. I would like it with the addition of the collar, too. I think it’s a great length!

  10. The style definitely reads more refined and mature than your other patterns—-not wrong—just different. I’m trying to visualize the top with a shorter hem (even with the sleeve) and possibly a contrast band of velvet as a belt….

    Construction looks fantastic!

  11. I like the neckline the way it is…no on Peter Pan. I would like it without the cinching at the waist and with a slightly flared sleeve…a bit longer with slits at the sides…I like this fabric and would even go to a voile on this blouse. But for the winter, I see it in silk/rayon in a soft winter white…

  12. I agree the peplum could use a little something. I personally prefer waist definition for a womanly figure. However, if you’re going for the chic supermodel sheath look, this surely works – and it works on you. It just wouldn’t work on everyone. I love the sleeves. Love the bracelet cuff, love that they end just above the wrist.Love. It gives them a little more interest for some reason.

  13. I love this top and would loooove to see it with a Peter Pan collar. But I don’t think you can have a peplum in the bottom without adding a seam in the waist – in other words the top and bottom part needs to be two separate pieces. You need way more width in the bottom part – which you obviously do not want in the top part. But I know you are very talented so maybe you can prove me wrong πŸ˜‰
    And btw if you make the shirring closer together in the waist you would hardy notice the seam.
    I am looking forward to see more versions.

  14. I noticed the tendency of all art projects to morph into something other than the original plan in college. It seems to be an unchangeable principle. The both annoying and good thing is that the more roadblocks you hit on the way (which means more morphing), the better the end result…most of the time. I try to embrace it these days (as much as possible). Cool idea for the shirt. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It’s cute! I made myself a top out of the same fabric and for some reason the placement of some of the sparklers is all wrong and looks like nipples. So yeah, I don’t wear it much πŸ™

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