Weekend Flickr Flashbacks!

A bunch of great renditions of the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern started showing up in the Flickr pools after the fall 2012 Kids Clothes Week Challenge last month.


1. colorblock shirt, 2. polka-dots, 3. hi-yah!, 4. stripes

Some of you have let your imaginations run wild with amazing modifications, like this pink hoodie blogged by beginwithb.


Look at this adorable dress!!! Notes from Monica are here.


It’s great to see all these kiddos romping around in their hand-made tees!


1. Flashback Envelope Tee (tutorial HERE) , 2. Rainbow Shirt, 3. Magic Trick, 4. Space Tee

These just scratch the surface; the Flashback Skinny Tee Flickr Pool is overflowing with cuteness! Remember to add your Flashbacks (and anything else you’ve made from my patterns to the the Rae Made Me Do It pool).

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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