A look back at my year in sewing

I’ve been seeing lots of project roundups from last year pop up on other people’s blogs over the past week, and I realized how much I enjoy them. I love seeing a bunch of things from the entire year presented in one place! So satisfying. It just appeals to my visual side. So I started to look through all of my projects from this past year to see if I could sum up my 2012 projects in photos. It turns out that’s a pretty big job, yikes. At the same time, I definitely started to see some general trends. For instance, I sewed a TON of stuff for me this year, especially dresses and tops (YAY!!):


1. scarfonme, 2. Sparkler Top, 3. libertytop1, 4. Wiksten Tank by Rae, 5. green snow white top ., 6. Charcoal striped shirt by Rae, 7. Alabama Chanin Babydoll, 8. teal tee with green skinnies, 9. figuring the eight


1. Washi Dress, 2. Pink washi maxi dress, 3. Summersville Washi top, 4. aqua washi dress, 5. Time for Tea, 6. aquawashi7, 7. Orange Washi, 8. hello pilgrim full length, 9. Ruby Star Washi Dress

I’m super proud of what I accomplished this year when it comes to sewing for myself. Believe it or not, I learned a ton of new techniques and I feel like the things this year I made are more comfortable and wearable than clothing I’ve made for myself in the past. I also made a TON of stuff for Clementine (DOUBLE YAY!!!):


1. Pink Geranium Dress, 2. fauxfurcoat, 3. flutter sleeve linen dress, 4. Princess and the Pea Dress, 5. pomegranate pierrot, 6. yellowjacket, 7. Bubblegum Dress, 8. nursery versery pamama pants, 9. charliegreensnowwhite, 10. geranium fox top 4, 11. whale shirt, 12. pink and gold crochet sweater, 13. Striped flashback tee with puff sleeve, 14. Little folks dress, 15. pierrotwithabow, 16. Charlie Dress

So that’s cool. BUT. For the boy? Not so much.


1. flashback13, 2. awesomepants1, 3. shirtshorts5, 4. short sleeved flashback tee


It makes me really want to sew more for this little guy. The crazy part is, he really likes to wear things I make for him (unlike Clementine who is very hit or miss and usually requires bribery to get photos), so I actually do sew quite a bit of stuff for him, but not much of it ever makes it onto the blog because it’s always a little bit boring. Like two plain brown Flashback tees. A pair of grey linen pants. Yeah. Time to amp it up in the boy department, Rae.

So, my sewing goals for the new year…hmmm. I think we should Celebrate the BOY, don’t you? I’d also like to try more skirts and pants for myself this year. And I know this might seem strange, but I think I need to cut back on the amount of stuff I sew for Clementine. It is really fun to sew for her, but she seriously had more clothing this year than I knew what to do with, it was crazy.

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  1. you had a great sewing year!!! I definitely want to celebrate the boy some more. my boy needs a little celebrating πŸ™‚ and i might be cooking another boy right now in the baby oven, we find out in 7 weeks πŸ™‚

  2. fabulous, rae! you did some pretty awesome sewing in 2012.

    i’m gonna leave this here: my goal is to sew at least 10 projects in 2013. there, now i’m committed.

  3. What a bunch of awesome stuff, Rae. I love all the outfits you made for yourself. I really do need to try sewing something for myself too… one day, hehe.
    I think boys definitely need a celebration this year. I want to make more clothes for my little guy too and I could use a bit of inspiration πŸ™‚

  4. Hooray for celebrating the boy! My little guy is now a very charming and grown up 2 so no more Big Butts for him πŸ™ He has lots of flashbacks and envelope tees but I am very excited to get more ideas and inspiration to sew for him!!!!

  5. Sadly, after the cute baby stage, boy clothes are just not as fun as girls’. Just a fact of life …

    • they are definitely more challenging with the hole lack of ruffles and poofs, but can be super fun. mastering that whole minimalist less is more thing. i like the whole super hero or dino monster themes!!

  6. Boy! Boy Boy! Please puhleeze Celebrate BOY this year. I need some fun boy tutorials and free patterns. My boy has lots of mama-made pants but I need to change it up with some new ideas. Puhleeze?

    Oh and congrats on the sewing for self. My “self” sewing pile keeps stacking up but I keep working on my girls too. And they, like CLementine, have so many clothes.

  7. Love how much you sewed for YOU this year, and you definitely inspired me to do so too (since most of my ME sewing was either spring top sewalong or washi dress related). Thanks so much for that! SUPER excited for a new CTB!!!

  8. I keep thinking this is the year to start sewing more for myself…I keep thinking I’ll try out your washi dress….I keep seeing it poping up everywhere and it’s totally cute.

  9. beautiful stuff, and super impressed with everything you made for yourself! very excited for boy inspiration…i’m still not sold on sewing for boys and i need all the help i can get!

  10. Oh yes, let’s celebrate the boy! I have a new nephew who is literally our miracle baby, defying the doctors every day. I have seen a little for him, but inspiration for how to make it look more fun would be awesome!

  11. I am really loving the fabric for awesomepants1 on the boy!

    As a mother of a boy, it is so hard to find cute boy clothing anywhere! I thought it would be easier to just start making my own. However, finding patterns for boys is extremely hard and then finding cute boy patterns is even more difficult. I can’t wait to be at the stage in sewing when I no longer need a pattern, but can make start from my own.

  12. PLEEEEASE celebrate the boy this year!!! Haha congrats on everything! I just ordered my washi pattern! Had the fabric for it for 4 months though haha

  13. In my opinion, pockets go a long way toward making an outfit desirable to a 3 year old…I love your creativity, and look forward to more in 2013.

  14. wow you got a lot accomplished this year. the washi’s are inspiring (hope i win that day of christmas sigh)
    looking forward to more celebrate the boy, i have 2 little guys i sew for and sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. lets here it for the boy!

  15. So inspirational! I want to sew more for me in 2013 and make a pattern to sell – so I look up to you in both of those respects πŸ™‚

  16. I seem to have the opposite problem: I keep sewing for my boy, occasionally sew for my girl (who I thought would have a wardrobe full of homemade dresses by now!). and rarely sew for myself. I definitely want to see more girly stuff this year!

  17. Argh, you made so much nice stuff! It all has a particular style to it as well, so it really looks like a ‘collection’. Clever you! And I’m so glad you didn’t say “selfish sewing” anywhere in this post – that idea annoys me. x

  18. Γ’h please another celebrate the boy!
    I do love creating for my daughter but my poor boys (10 and 16 months) get left behind somewhat. The series is always great inspiration, both from the bloggers involved and the amazing creations in the flickr pool. It is so rewarding to take a simple pattern and make something so unique even my 10 year old says ‘I love it’.

  19. celebrate the boy!!…oh please..that would be great..i have three little guys and would love to make some cute manly stuff for them…also..love the clothes you made for you…they look great!!

  20. You have inspired me so much! I am dusting off my machine and committing to more sewing this year. Sewing for my girls (5 & 6) is easy, so I say celebrate the BOY! I have a 17 mo son and poor guy doesn’t have any clothes made my mommy yet.

  21. I have a bad habit of stopping in and not commenting, but I totally saw, “Celebrate the Boy” and couldn’t resist a celebratory comment! Woohoo! It’s always so packed full of great stuff. I can’t wait!

    And, I am so impressed with all of the stuff that you sewed for yourself this year. I have so many things on my list for me that I never seem to get to. Maybe I’ll make that one of my goals for this year–to actually sew a bit for me!

  22. Looks like an awesome sewing year!! That is a thousand closets full of handmade, baby. I’m going to be your 2013 Celebrate The Boy cheering section, though. I got two boys…they need clothes and to get clothes they need YOU to inspire their mama! So…wahoo, 2013!

  23. I hear you, Rae.

    As a mom who has made countless numbers of cute clothes unworn by daughter, I had to (finally) cut way, way back on sewing for my daughter.
    It’s very, very hard.

    The only bright spot is that I can use some of my cute stash fabric to sew for her 18 inch doll, and that has gone over extremely well. But, really- sewing for a doll when there is a real live little girl in the house who could wear this stuff? *Sigh*

    And then there is ALWAYS the boy dilemma. My son is now ten, and I
    am pretty much down to sewing just flannel pajama pants for him. He’s past play mats, sewn toys, capes, etc. Sniff.

    And it’s hard, because he feels it. He sees me sewing doll clothes and asks often what I can make for him. Last summer I crocheted him an Angry Bird and Angry Pig hat… but it doesn’t get cold enough here to wear them often. I made him flannel PJs for Christmas.

    Now what???? I am wondering…. there must be some sewable lego bin holder collection out there, right? Another Sigh.

    You do so well sewing for yourself- it’s very inspiring. Thanks for having such a fun blog!

  24. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Celebrate the boy!!! and yes!! more skirt and pants for you …this year will be fantastic for you as well !!!

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