Heart Pants!


With Valentine’s Day coming up, it seemed appropriate to post these fun little pants with heart kneepads. [UPDATE: PARSLEY PANTS PATTERN AVAILABLE HERE]






So easy, all it takes is four little hearts cut out of fabric. I already have another pair planned out (grey pants, pink hearts).


Just cut out four hearts, sew them together two at a time with a small-ish (1/4″-3/8″) seam allowance, leaving a turning hole.


Notch or grade the seam allowances and press them flat.


Then pin and sew them to the pant leg in the desired location. As you can see I like to use a worn pair of pants to help me locate the spot where the knees are. Then sew up the pants and you’re finished!


(What happened to my resolution that I would sew more for the boy this year you ask? Don’t worry, I have been busy. More to come, soon…)

30 thoughts on “Heart Pants!

  1. Those are so cute! Hmm wonder if I could make them at all manly? Don’t boys need V-Day outfits too? LOL. Looking forward to some boy inspiration coming soon because I’m feeling the blues that I can’t make girly outfits:).

  2. These are really adorable! Am I missing something or do you have a pattern somewhere for the actual pants?

    • hi Melissa,

      I don’t actually have a pant pattern available (yet? we’ll see!); this is just a basic pattern I drew up to Clementine’s measurements.


  3. I was going to ask the same question. Do you have a tutorial or pattern that has instructions for the half elastic waistband? These are adorable!

  4. Sigh, wishing I had a little girl right now. Doesn’t happen that often which means these pants are awesome. I have some robot patches to sew on some pants with holes. When’s celebrate the boy? I need to get geared up.

  5. Very cute. Great idea about using worn pants to locate the knee! I made the kids wool p.j’s with knee pads and the pads are a tad low, but I wasn’t about to unpick the tiny zigzag stitch on wool:)

  6. Love these — think I will try hearts on the rear for my 8 year old granddaughter who thinks she’s 18.

  7. Gorgeous! Also, Miss C’s hair looks so lovely, is it like that all the time? Or do you, like me, frantically drag a brush through just before pics?!

  8. Oh snap! I’m about to do this to a pair of B3Ps in red cord (red on red) for my almost 10 month old for v-day. Perfect!

  9. okay, just STOP!!! these are the sweetest! i love how tall she looks in these photos when her shirt is tucked in…hehehe πŸ™‚

  10. ARK (spoonie book in the photo) is awesome. have you read her ‘encyclopedia of an ordinary life’? it’s awesome!

    i vote for unicorn knee patches next! i’d totally wear them!

  11. These are gorgeous. Might have to make a pair – maybe for my babe – she is 10 months and doing a lot of crawling – the hearts will give her some cushioning!! Love your blog

  12. Adore these. Do you have a pattern for the pants as yet please? Many thanks for your inspirational tutorials πŸ™‚ x

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