flickr roundup: geraniums are blooming!

The Geranium Dress sewing pattern has only been around since just before Christmas, so I’m really amazed at the number of beautiful little dresses that you’ve already posted in the flickr pools. Check out these cuties!


(left) Little Geranium Dress, (right) Geranium in Echino Lion

I love the contrast in on these two. See how the polkadot lining is such a playful compliment to the elephants on the bodice? And the green flutter sleeves in the middle make a great trim for the whimsical little girls in the print.


(left) DSC_8515.jpg, (right) Baby Geranium

And what little girl doesn’t need a polkadot dress? I ask you.


Green Polkadots

These two are just so pretty. The blue one in a tunic length is so versatile, and those red pockets really pop!


Top left: blue (front), Top right: red (back), Bottom left: red (back), Bottom right: blue (back)

The soft greens and bright flowers in the dresses below really made me feel like spring is around the corner. Love the embroidery on the top right!


Top left: geranium, Top right: with embroidery, Bottom left: fuscia/gold flowers, Bottom right: flowers & birds

If you haven’t completely swooned from the cuteness yet, take a look at the Geranium Dress Flickr Pool for even more lovely renditions of the pattern. And you can find the pattern here:


or just the Little Geranium here:

little geranium from made by rae

20 thoughts on “flickr roundup: geraniums are blooming!

  1. So excited! The very first dress on the left is mine! I really loved the pattern, it was so easy to understand, and fun to sew!! I really want to try making one for myself next! Thanks for putting mine in your post!

  2. I’m helping my sister make a Little Geranium for her unborn daughter tomorrow πŸ™‚ And I will be making Eddie a not-so-little Geranium. BIT EXCITED RAE

  3. Thanks for featuring my Geranium dress (green with embroidery and daisy buttons)! I love this pattern and can’t wait to make more variations!

  4. I love this dress and was all set to buy it to make spring dresses for my girls (18 months and 4 1/2) then I read a blog post about it only going up to a 5. It said it was a small size 5. My daughter is a large size 5 edging toward size 6. She is tall and has a wide rib cage and broad shoulders. Any suggestions for modifying the Geranium for the bigger girls without too much hoo hah?

  5. So sweet! I’m awfully tempted…

    Since a previous commenter brought it up, any chance of a version for the older girls? I’m sure it would be a hit!;) My youngest 2 are pushing it to fit in a 5 otherwise I’d go ahead and purchase the Geranium.

  6. Hi. I bought this pattern and am currently making a size 2T for my daughter(top with pleats) and I’ve encountered a problem. The skirt is bigger that the bodice with the pleats so it won’t line up properly to sew it together. I’ve quadruple checked the pattern pieces for size, my pleats, seam allowances and I can’t see where it went wrong. Any idea? Thanks so much.

  7. Such gorgeous dresses, and thank you for including my spotty one in your roundup. I’m really looking forward to making more of them!

  8. I can tell you why so many are popping up, it is such a cute dress with a great set of instructions. I have recommended this pattern to many of my friends, thanks for a great product!

  9. I like the dress, but what would really make me hit the “buy” button would be an option of elastic shirring in the back. It was a major selling point of the washi-dress, I think, as it contributes greatly to fit and comfort. Also, the child would be able to dress herself without needing someone to button up the back.

    I may eventually buy the dress anyway, but there’s my 2 cents!

  10. Gasp! My dress was featured on Made-by-rae! Oh gee gosh {blush}. I LOVE this pattern. Just turned out another for my 3-year old (this time using the 3T pattern…although I didn’t have trouble with the 2T pleated version…although I do have a baby who isn’t sleeping so my sleep deprivation could have kept me from noticing things not matching up…am I making any sense?) and she loves it — insists on wearing it each day. Thank you for making such a versatile, cute, dress that’s easy to sew together!

  11. Woo-hoo! So excited to see my blue tunic with red pockets pop up on one of my favorite blogs! And we love, love, love this pattern. The tunic was just the first of three I’ve made so far, each one a different variation. Guess I should get those pictures up too, huh? Thanks, Rae!

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