Little Bit of Color Hoodie

In yesterday’s color roundup post, I showed you a ton of ideas for using color in boys’ clothing. This hoodie for Elliot is another example of how I love to use color in a more subtle way. Sometimes pairing a bright color (like teal! or red!) with a neutral (like off-white or grey) can create a really fun pop of color.


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This hoodie was made with my Flashback Tee Sewing Pattern, a super-basic skinny tee that comes in two sets of sizes, little kid (12 months – 5T) and big kid (6-14). Elliot has *JUST* made it into the big kid sizes…yay!!! Sooo glad I made that pattern bigger, as it has become a huge staple of my kids’ wardrobes! The basic skinny tee on its own is really easy and quick and has huge potential to be varied to make other wardrobe basics. You’ve probably already seen my tutorials on turning the Flashback Tee into a short-sleeved shirt, a puff-sleeved shirt, and a dress, but for this BOY series, I wanted to give it a hoodie twist!



It looks pretty awesome with the saffron pants, don’t you think?

Little Bit of Color Hoodie


This pic of him “walking the runway” totally cracks me up. Want to know what the little dude thinks of his new hoodie?

Little Bit of Color Hoodie


I think that’s two thumbs up! Seriously, though, he has been wearing this thing like crazy. LOVES the hood.

Need a how-to? That’s coming up shortly!!

Celebrate the BOY 2013

This post is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series of boy sewing posts hosted by me and Dana of MADE. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

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DAY 2: Rae: Little Bit of Color Hoodie / Dana: Pants Roundup

Head over to made to see what Dana’s up to! or check out my Celebrate the BOY archives for even more boy sewing posts!

28 thoughts on “Little Bit of Color Hoodie

  1. Ok that’s it…as soon as you post the tutorial for this, I am biting the bullet and getting this pattern! Oh so many things to make and so little time. Who needs sleep anyway, right?

  2. if people sew for kids and don’t own your flashback skinny tee pattern, they’re crazy. it’s the most versatile pattern ever. looking forward to the tute!

  3. Good heavens! I excitedly waited for “Celebrate the Boy” last week and just remembered now! Thank you both again- I have just three boys. (p.s. I’m loving grey and yellow right now!)

  4. I love the colour pop! My son also loves hoodies, so I’m looking forward to seeing your adaption post. I think it’s time to buy a copy of that pattern! I have been too afraid of T-shirts to try it before. Such a great color combo you used!

  5. yay excited about the tutorial, i always mess up my self drafted hoods. Even when up-cycling a grown-up hoodie, so thank-you in advance.

  6. This is great! My son would love it as well. He’s all about the hoodies lately. I’m looking forward to the how-to and the saffron pant pattern – can’t wait!

  7. I LOVE hoods. Vincent has issues wearing them up, but even when they are just hanging down the back they still look so cool! long live the hoodie!

  8. Blue and grey or blue and yellow are my favourite colour combinations and combining all three the way you have looks amazing. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  9. I’ve had problems with snaps tearing through knit fabric. i use interfacing but it has happened so much i stopped using snaps on my kids clothes. do you have any tricks or suggestions?

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