One skirt + two sweaters


I’ve been in love with this print ever since I saw it for the first time last spring. From Ladies Stitching Club collection by Oliver+S.

one skirt + two sweaters

Better with the red or the gold sweater? You know I’m so bad at decisions.



Love the way the pockets pop out on their own even when there are no hands in them. The pattern is just a very simple flat-front / elastic-back rectangle skirt with roughly 4x my waist circumference. It’s super-duper full. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to go full, you should go ALL OUT dudes. One last shot here, you can see a bit of the waistband:


UPDATE: this skirt was an early prototype for the Cleo Skirt pattern, now available
in my shop!

65 thoughts on “One skirt + two sweaters

  1. Cute! I like the red- it seems heftier and more flattering. Plus the rib trim on the bottom sets off the skirt nicely. Sewing for Mom, imagine that!

  2. I like the red sweater a bit better. It makes the colors of the skirt pop more. Is the hairdo the same as the one you posted on Instagram this morning/afternoon? I was wondering how it would look in the front.

  3. I’m going to vote for the gold – someone else said “more modern” and I agree. The skirt is gorgeous, and if you felt like it, I’d adore a tutorial on how to make it, or at least how to do the pockets. As a new sewer, I don’t have quite the experience to understand how things go together without a bit of description.

  4. Red is much better. You look alive and full of energy in it! Golden puts all vibrant and positive emotions down.

  5. Love that print! Both cardigans works with the skirt but the red one suits your skin tone best. Great skirt – and you look great in it!

  6. Ohmygosh, that skirt, those pockets, awesomeness. Absolutely no idea how to sew something like that but think I am going to have to try …

  7. Both cardigans!! Why choose?? I would LOVE a quick tutorial, as I’m still a novice but would love to sew about 100 of these. They’d make a great staple in the “working mama” uniform I’m trying to create!

  8. Cute skirt! Both colors are great, but the red sweater is cut perfectly to go with the skirt. The gold is too long to show off the cute pockets well.

  9. Love the skirt – especially the pockets. Wholeheartly agree with the fullness of the skirt – why should little girls get all the fun? I like it with the red the best.

  10. I love it! And it’s a tough one to pick one of the sweaters. I think it will just depend on your mood when you wear it: gold is bold and trendy and looks gorgeous. Red looks classy and sweet. You look beautiful! And, I too would love a tutorial, especially the pockets. 😉

  11. Adorbs!!! I go GOLD. Man… I wish I can wear gathered skirts, but my big ol’ hips would make me look gi-normous. Rock it, Rae!!!!

  12. Awesome skirt! I’ve been wanting to make a super full pockety skirt like that too – like you read my mind or something. Both sweaters totally work but I think I like the red better right now?

  13. Red. It brings the skirt to life 🙂
    I love the pockets – and do you mean elastic in the waistband at the back? or a sort of shirring thing going on back there. Got to make one myself 🙂

  14. very cute! what pattern did younuse? or did you make your own? i hope you do a tutorial soon ! and i am torn between the gold and red. i would probably wear the red out though more.

  15. Definitely the orange wins. The gold looks good; orange makes entire the outfit “shine”. However you can switch them off so you have some variety.

  16. Yes I would choose the red to offset the ruffles at the waistline giving a puffy look. I can’t wear gathered skirts unless I do a yoke because I think I look fat in them but yours is really cute, maybe because it isn’t TOO gathered at the waist.

  17. I love this skirt!! Could you please PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial on how to make this? Is it shirred in the back? How did you do the pockets? if you don’t do a tutorial, could you at show a few more pictures of the details and how you did the pockets? I like the red sweater-where did you get it?

  18. The red one looks awesome; the gold one just kinda ‘meh.’ I mean, it goes alright, but just doesn’t pop like the red one.

  19. I love both red & gold sweaters!! You look gorgeous in both! BTW~do you have tutorial or pattern for the adorable skirt?? : ))

  20. I’ll go and agree with most about the red sweater..but I think you should have a gold top underneath- that way you can have both colors!
    Wear your gold sweater with a blue top underneath. Just my .02 🙂

  21. I guess you have plenty of opinions by now 🙂 but the gold says autumn to me and I like the red for right now. Thank you for sewing beautiful things for us to look at. I have been feeling uninspired recently. A visit to your blog always changes that!

  22. Wow, that’s such a pretty fabric for the skirt! It really turned out beautiful! I was wondering, since I’m fairly new to sewing but really really liked the skirt shown in these pictures, could you maybe tell me how to make it? I’ve wanted to make a skirt for a long time but I’m not sure how to make it wide and pretty like yours! It would be great if you could send/post a description with pictures of how you made it (for example how you put the actual skirt together with the waistband to make it “wrinkle” like that). It would be really sweet of you! Thank you in advance!

    Ps: I like both the gold and the red, the red gives more of an all-together look while the gold makes the pattern on the skirt more visible and brings out the gold in the leaves. Both are super cute:)

  23. I tried to see if this had already been asked and answered but didn’t find it in the comments- did you use a purchased pattern or is the skirt your own design?

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