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I have been wearing this scarf around for nearly a year but never blogged it because it seemed…well…rather simple. But the fact is, it’s my favorite scarf to wear, hands down. I do love my velveteen-voile scarf and the liberty one as well, but this one has pompoms. Need I say more?


Actually I will; the other thing that makes this one a favorite is that it’s super soft and lightweight, because it’s made completely of shot cotton, one of my favorite fabrics of all time. Shot cotton has a very soft feel and loose weave, but it’s not as sheer as a gauze and it has a nice drape. And of course for some reason no one seems to be carrying shot cotton right now, which is Classic Rae in terms of timing and all that. But you could definitely make something similar with two layers of voile or double gauze, or even knit, and it would still be just as fun. The key here is the pompoms, right??


Clementine managed to take one or two pictures of it on me before climbing into the photos herself. She’s a diva for the camera, that one…but only when I’m not asking her to pose, of course.



You can’t really see the scarf in any of these, I feel like I look like I just woke up, and they’re already outdated since I got bangs last week (ack!). BUT. I am trying to take more pictures of me with the kiddos lately…have you read this article from the Huffington Post how moms should get in the picture more? Obviously for the blog I take a ton of pictures of my kids, and quite a few of me. But I want to be better about taking pictures of us together (and that includes Mr Rae, who doesn’t make it into many photos either since I usually take a break from the photography when we’re all together).


I kept this scarf a simple rectangle instead of attaching the ends to make an infinity scarf (so that it’s a circle; the fabric equivalent of a “cowl”) because I actually like not having to pull it over my head. So it’s really just two rectangles of fabric sewn together with pompoms. A quick how-to:

how to make a pompom scarf

Oh! By the way, this particularly lovely pompom trim came from Purl Soho; I particularly liked their selection of colors (including the “Old Gold” shade I used on this scarf, and another awesome mint shade that I snapped up as well).


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  1. Ah very cool – when I’ve seen you wearing this on Instagram I always thought it was an infinity scarf for some reason. Love the pom poms and the colors. And yay for mom stays in the picture!! So sweet.

  2. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best, right?
    And that color combo of the yellow pom-poms with the green fabric is fantastic!

  3. I commented about shot cottons on your quilt post the other day, but I was afraid it was a little late. I am currently in l-o-v-e with shot cottons, I try to use them in everything (in fact, I have plans to make a Washi tunic with them). I recently discovered that one of my favorite online fabric stores, Hawthorne Threads, is now carrying shot cottons in tons of colors. I bought a bunch of half yard cuts with a birthday gift cert I got. I am so excited, they were so hard to find before! And now I need a scarf made out of some. I’ll just add it to my shot cotton to-do list πŸ™‚

  4. Sew Modern also carries a TON of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons these days. Yum!

    Those are adorable pictures of you and your girl. Nice scarf, too!

  5. So adorable! That article on getting in the picture was really eye-opening. I might need to make one of these scarves if I’m getting into some more pictures!

  6. Very nice! Lovely colour combination. I thought shot cotton could come in different weights?? As far as I know, what makes it a ‘shot’ weave is the fact that the warp threads are one colour and the weft another. You get shot silk, too. For UK sewists, organiccotton.biz and fairtradefabric.co.uk have loads of beautiful shot cottons.

  7. Lovely scarf, I’ve been meaning to use some pom-poms that I impulse bought and have some shot cotton so must get busy!

    I just read that article – thank you so much for mentioning it, I am in hardly any photos with my kids (I take the photos round my way and look pretty dreadful in them in return!) but am now determined to get infront of the camera now. Very thought provoking.

  8. beautiful scarf – beautiful photos!

    thanks for pointing me to the huffington-post-article. It made me cry – I have next to no pictures of my own Mom and I. This will not happen in my family! I made an appointment at a photographer and we are all going tomorrow.

    Wish I had your scarf to cover up some of the less beautiful parts of me – just kidding πŸ˜‰

  9. Rae and her pompoms!! Love how much you love them!!
    And seriously, that huffpo article totally had me in tears! I’m in almost zero pics around this casa! No more! And it’s totally baby weight that I’m using as an excuse! Maybe I will want to blog too, once the baby weight is gone…..hmmmm, I could just go round and round and round with my excuses…….
    love to you Rae!

  10. The scarf is cute. I almost never wear any accessories so I don’t think I would use it if I made it but it looks good on you.

    About photos. I always try to get at least one photo of me with at least one of the kids whenever we do something together. Just to prove that I was there and spending time with them. I hate myself in photos generally and some of that is that if my husband takes the photo he doesn’t know how to set it up so everyone looks good. But I figure my kids will want to see all of us together in photos when they look back so I do it anyway. I am hoping to get a tripod also so that it is easier for me to take photos with me in them! We will see how that goes . . .

    You look good in these photos I think. And kids are good props to hide certain problem areas too. Not that you have any but I use mine that way!

  11. Sheesh, that article totally made me cry! I make sure we get professional family photos taken every year, and I definitely need to get in the day to day pictures a little more…as I am getting older I am definitely more self conscious about having my picture taken, but I should probably just get over it πŸ˜‰ Your scarf is lovely, I just ordered some shot cotton and pom poms from Purl Soho so I can make my own, I love scarves! They have a large selection of shot cottons, and I also found them at quilthome.com and Hart’s Fabric.

      • If you put “shot cotton” in the search on their site it will come up….they also have cotton twill tape in a bunch of colors, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, I stocked up on it for PJ pant drawstrings, etc πŸ™‚

  12. And with that I now have (nearly immediately delivered by Purl Soho, I might add) 5, 2 yard cuts of Shot Cotton and 5 fun contrasting lengths of pom poms. I hope to make one this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration even if it did take my craft budget to a new level.

  13. Love, love, love the pom pom detail! And the photos!

    Shot cottons are also available at fabricshack.com and quilthome.com (they have 62 in stock plus free shipping with $50 order!) if you are looking for more.

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