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If it seems quiet around here on the blog, there’s a good reason: I’m in the midst of flitting back and forth between what feels like a million projects at once: a new pattern, sewing projects for a blog series coming soon with this good friend of mine, another project that I can’t talk about (!!!), and making various decisions of one kind or another. Meanwhile I’ve been puttering away on this lovely project (first previewed here last fall) while watching back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix {dies a little bit from embarrassment}:


When I say this quilt is lovely, I mean SO lovely and soft I literally can’t stop staring at it. I swear, this thing GLOWS.



It took all of my willpower to remove it from my lap where it had been snuggled up with me for hours and hours while Blair and Serena went to Paris, when Chuck went missing, when Charlie showed up, when…(WHAT? You can’t seriously tell me you’re going to watch it. That would be embarrassing. For you.)…anyway, I was saying, it took all my willpower to finally walk it into the kids’ room and spread it out on Clementine’s bed. I really wanted to keep it. But I’m an adult now, and I’m letting it go. She’ll probably leave it behind when she goes to college and then it will be MINE, ALL MINE. Right?



So, here’s the rundown on this quilt: the fabric on the quilt top is all from either Far Far Away (double gauze) or Far Far Away III (linen sheeting) by one of my favorite designers,Β Heather Ross, making it one of the softest quilts I have ever felt. Seriously, Quilting Cotton, I am about to break up with youΒ forever. Frankly, you suck compared to double gauze. OK, I really, really shouldn’t say that since Heather is about to debut her new quilting cotton line with Windham next week at Quilt Con. Let me rephrase: I will need to be re-wooed. And you’d better be soft this time, I am so totally serious. Can we talk about this issue some other time, though? I really want to focus on this quilt right now.


I used Red Pepper Quilt’s “A Quilt Without Binding” tutorial (basically you sew the front and back together right sides facing, and turn the whole thing right-side-out through a hole, but please do yourself a favor and go read the tutorial before you attempt this on your own; Rita gives some really useful tips) and did the actual quilting with purl cottons (from Purl!) in straight lines. I love that they came out just uneven enough to really make it look hand-made. Also: the stitches create a rainbow on the back. LOVE.





The back of the quilt is shot cotton, another one of my current favorite substrates of all time. Also: VERY SOFT. Love it. Can’t really find it for sale anywhere right now, but I bought it atΒ Sew Mama Sew; lots of local shops carry it, though.

OK, just a few more shots for you of the quilt on Clementine’s bed, and yes, I did make a matching scrap quilt for Bee-Bee.





Clementine loves to tuck Bee-Bee into bed before she climbs in right next to her, and both she and Bee-Bee are uber-cute in their matching quilts, to be sure. OK. Do you love it?? Because I do.

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  1. As I scrolled through and saw each picture, one at a time, I caught myself whispering outloud, “Unfold it … unfold it … ” That was some pretty heavy quilt suspense you built up! When I finally (i.e. 15 seconds later) saw it spread out on Clemetine’s bed….I was speechless. It is perfect. It is gorgeous. You are awesome πŸ™‚

    • oh sorry! I’m not going, nopity nope. So I won’t be having fun at Quilt Con. But it would be fun to see the new line!!! πŸ™‚

  2. That is a great quilt. You really make me want to try double gauze, but the clincher is the hand stitches that make a rainbow on the back! (oh, and then the little matching doll quilt–so cute)

  3. Sweet Jesus, this is just so good. It makes me regret using most of my HR double gauze over the years, because I just wish so bad that I could make a version too!!! I can just imagine how soft it is. Nice work Rae.

  4. WOW! is all I can say. The prints and colors are so beautiful! The hand quilting is so perfect and complements the quilt so perfectly in its simplicity.

    Can I ask exactly which thread you used from purl? I may need to use some of that on my daughter’s upcoming quilt.


  5. Oh wow, it’s so beautiful. I am thinking Clementine might take it to college,it’s that pretty, and cool. I recently finished watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl. I love the clothes, and the drama. I am in withdrawals now.


  6. It’s gorgeous. I can’t show this to my daughter because I will have to drop everything and make one RIGHT NOW. But I *just* finished making her a Geranium dress (amazing pattern too!), and have a little boy who needs some of my sewing attention too. Not to mention, you know, actual care and attention.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful. Even my older daughter gasped in amazement at how gorgeous it is. Oh, how I wish I had even a pinky’s worth of your talent. Love BeBe’s matching quilt! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. This is a fantastic quilt! I particularly love the hand quilting and the matching doll quilt. Beautiful!

  9. This is so gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and I love that you did the quilt without binding on it, I’ve done that on my last few quilts and I think I might actually like the look better than binding.

    I was thinking of your blog this morning (it’s been a while since I stopped by) because my 18 month old daughter is wearing the itty bitty baby dress (in a toddler version) I made for my older daughter (now almost 5!) years ago from your pattern. Your blog is always such a treat to look at!

  10. Oh Rae, it is absolutely beautiful!!! I love everything about it! And I had totally broken up with quilting cotton but recently bought a bunch to make PJ pants for myself…so I guess we are on again, for now. I have never watched Gossip Girl but just finished 3 seasons of Glee, which is equally embarrassing!

  11. Never seen Gossip Girl but kind of want to watch now…? Maybe that’ll be my revenge for watching all these “guy shows” with my husband (currently on a Deadwood marathon). LOVE that quilt. It’s rainbow perfection. Mentally adding up all my hoarded HR yardage in my head now…

  12. It is so beautiful in its simplicity. Those prints and colors really shine in that layout. I love the contrasting hand-stitching on the back. Did you say (on instagram) that the finished size is 60″ x 60″?

    • Hmm. I did say that. But now whenever I calculate what the dimensions *should* have been, it’s coming out around 66-68″ square. I started with 7″ squares, in 15 colors, and the quilt is 7.5 squares high and across. So it might have been larger than 60. At any rate, it’s at least 60 square. πŸ™‚

  13. Ooo, I hope there’s a hint that Celebrate the Boy is just around the corner. I’ve missed it.

    The matching quilts are adorable. Now you’ve just added making a bed for my girl’s doll and making a matching quilt to my to-do list – and I’ve still got my girl’s quilt on the list too. I’m not sure if I should curse you or thank you for the inspiration!

  14. As IF she’s going to leave that behind when she goes to college! It’s going to be the envy of the entire campus, and you will be known to studentkind as the cool mom who made the amazing quilt.

  15. Love love love it! It’s on the to do list to attempt something similar after I finish my twin boys toddler quilts!

  16. Beautiful! Also linked through to your “blogger friend” and was so excited to see Dana!! You guys are my 2 favorite blogs! I can’t wait!

  17. I’ve been waiting to see this finished, and it was worth the wait. I totally love it! I am adding it to my list of things to make that I will have to live to be a hundred to complete, but we’ll see ;o)

  18. Love, love, love!!! It is so beautiful! I am going to the website link you posted to learn how to make one of these for my grandbabies! (1 each that is = 2 quilts)…. right after I finish GB girls new geranium dress’ and tops…. was looking at 2 of each for variety! So I should be ready to do this sometime this summer….. πŸ™‚

  19. so stinkin’ cute! You have outdone yourself. I’ve got a quilt for my bed that I need to finish, I love the idea of hand quilting the simple strait lines…I just my have to do that…also considering simply tying it…

  20. I see what you mean, I wouldn’t want to give it up, either! Clementine is one lucky girl, that is a seriously gorgeous quilt. My C was quite in love, too, when she saw it looking over my shoulder, and was also quite excited that she has the same bed and doll bed in the same set-up. πŸ™‚

  21. So gorgeous, like a sunrise. I am sad that I didn’t realize the amazingness of the Far Far Away double gauze in time to buy more. One lonely yard, and by the time I sewed with it the fabric was gone. But my niece has a unicorn dress, now a tunic, that she’ll wear until she finally grows out of someday (two years and counting).

  22. Beautiful!! Its going on my list to make! Im looking forward to your series with your friend who also writes another one of my favorite blogs!

  23. AMAZING! I’m in awe. What a beautiful quilt. There’s no doubt she’ll love it as she grows and take it with her. Sorry. πŸ™‚

  24. That is absolutely gorgeous! And the little mini-quilt? Too cute!

    My husband and I have been working our way through Gossip Girl too. He teaches high school, and has mentioned the show to his students a few times. I’m not sure if they’re more amused or appalled that he’s watching it…

  25. Hello! The quilts are absolutely lovely. May I pick your brain? My husband has several t-shirts that are of sentimental value. I want to make him a t-shirt quilt. I have never made a quilt before. Advice? Instructional tutorial recommendations? Should I starch the shirts prior to working with samples from the shirts?

    Looking forward to your reply and any help much appreciated!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. This is sooo wonderful. It’s funny, when I started to sew, quilting held no attraction for me. But lately I’ve been feeling the bug. I may just have to give this a try. Gorgeous quilt!

  27. oh I love this so much! I would love to make this for my daughter who I’ve decided loves rainbows (She’s only 20 months old so I think it’s a bit more of me loving rainbows then her).

  28. This quilt is so Spring-y, it makes me happy just looking at it! I’m a little addicted to shot cottons right now, too – in fact, I’m planning on making a Washi tunic from it. I just discovered that one of my favorite online fabric stores, Hawthorne Threads, now carries shot cotton in tons of colors. I just bought a bunch of half yard cuts of it with a birthday gift cert I got! I hope I didn’t take too long to comment and you get around to reading this so you have a great source – they were so hard to find before…

  29. Eek! I have been staring at this all weekend. Maybe *this* is what I should use all my hoarded HR for? I will have to find someone to trade some of the other colors of the unicorns for my blue ones…Hmm.

    Thanks again for such an inspiring blog.

  30. I’ve never wanted to make a quilt UNTIL NOW! That’s amazing, beautiful, and makes me want to make something gorgeous for my girl. She’s only 6 months old now so if I make a practice quilt, and then start on the real thing, I might be finished by the time she has a proper bed! By the way, just finished a geranium top with matching big butt baby pants this week – fabbo!

  31. I LOVE IT!! I have small stash of heather ross I”ve been hording, but this makes me want to go on spoonflower and etsy and collect a bunch.

    I too share the Gossip Girl shame. The other year I saw it on netflix and was like, I”m going to watch an episode and make fun of it. It is rediculous, but fun… I watched all the season

  32. Hi Rae! I have been i love with this quilt ever since I saw your post, but wasnt inspiredto actually try to make until my daughter recently fell in love with rainbows (not to mention she is a sucker for soft fabric)! I saw that Hawthorne threads had a quilt kit it make it, and since I’m a newbie and didn’t get that the FFA collections are incredibly difficult to come by now (no thanks to this post! =] ) i ordered thekit thinking I could make the same quilt as yours. I was so sad when I got it and I saw that it is not at all like what you made! so for the last 2 days i have been scouring ebay, etsy and spoonflower to see what i can piece together of the collections to make the “true” rainbow quilt (this is going to be one EXPENSIVE quilt!). unfortunately, nobody has my faborite print, the red unicorn, but i’ve gotten several others from the collection which I’m excited about! I am also getting some prints of her nursery collection for Kokka since it is the same fabric (i think!).

    I havent had much luck though in getting orange and pink fabrics – since I cant get FFA prints, do you ahve any ideas of other lines I could check out that would match? i definitely want to go the cotton sheeting/double gauze route to match the rest of the fabric. i don’t know much about what is out there, so thought i’d see if you have any ideas.

    thanks! and by the way, can’t wait to make some Fanfare PJs!

    • Not Rae (love the quilt BTW Rae) but if you want really cute fabrics check out Sarah Jane (her Wee Wander line has some dark pinks and some softer ones, or her children at Play line has some really cute medium pinks) Not sure what fabric they are made of, but they are super soft and Hawthorne Fabrics has a good collection — her drawing are absolutely darling!!) Also Aneela Hoey has some very cute fabrics.

  33. SUCH a beautiful quilt. Yesterday I received a bundle of Far Far Away and at first I thought I might sell it because the shades of purple and orange aren’t what I’d normally gravitate towards. But now having seen your lovely quilt I think I will keep it — looks great with the other colours you’ve used.

    What is it about Gossip Girl? So trashy but such good background viewing. I can’t admit it in real life but I really liked the movie Chalet Girl with Chuck from Gossip Girl — for a fairly cliched teen movie it’s really quite good. Seriously!

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