Saffron Pants

Let’s kick off this round of Celebrate the BOY with a little bit of color, shall we?


I’m just mad about saffron….saffron’s a-mad about me. (I know I can’t be the only one who gets “Mellow Yellow” stuck in their head whenever they hear the word “saffron,” right?!).

Yellow pants - 08


Yellow pants - 07

These pants make me so happy. You might already know how much I love green pants. But I think I might love yellow pants just as much! And these look amazing with the rain boots he got for Christmas from Auntie Elli and Uncle Joe.

Yellow pants - 11

Yellow pants - 10

These pants were upcycled from an old pair of JCrew capris that were actually — and I say this so rarely I need to make sure I relish it — too BIG on me. I loved the color, and the fabric was still in great shape, so I thought they would make a perfect pair of pants for Elliot. One plus of upcycling pants? They come pre-hemmed, so it’s a super-quick sew. The side seams are also from the original pant, so they were quite literally made from one pattern piece (plus the pockets, of course). Can you say QUICK and EASY? My favorite way to make pants. And though a full-elastic waistband might not look as profesh as a flat front or zip fly, it’s definitely faster.


The pintucks add something really cool and are also really quick; basically you just press a crease into the front and back of the pant where you want your pintucks to be (1), then pin each crease together so it won’t twist while you sew (2) and sew along the fold 1/8″ away from the edge (3). EASY!


The box-pleat pockets are also super-easy (just a rectangle with two pintucks in the middle), and I recycled the old waistband of the pant for the pocket flaps. The little green ribbon from Wunderpop adds a nice little bit of contrast color. The pant pattern itself is one I’ve been working on for a while now (after getting sick of always hacking other pant patterns to get what I want); I think it’s almost where I want it, so you’ll be seeing more of it soon!


Thank goodness Elliot loves bright colors, too. Let’s see what Mr Goofball thinks:


What do you think? Could YOUR boy pull off bright yellow pants?

This post is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series of boy sewing posts hosted by me and Dana of MADE. Check out my Celebrate the BOY archives for more boy sewing posts; I’ll update that page as we go along so you can stay in the loop!

See Dana’s Basic Tee post (with a free pattern!) over on her blog today!

Celebrate the BOY 2013

33 thoughts on “Saffron Pants

  1. My son loves yellow pants. I looked at a million places over Christmas trying to find a pair for him and never could. Finally found some 2 weeks ago at gap, had to wait til spring line, I guess. I love the bright colors on little boys.

  2. I love how you did this! Would you mind providing just a little more instruction? I have some pants of my own I would love to upcycle for my son, but not really sure where or how to start. Did you cut off the top of the original pants (removing the zipper and snap or button)? Did you keep the original inseam?

    • Sure Tameka!
      I didn’t take many pictures (because I wasn’t sure how they would turn out when I started them, heh), but basically I slit the old pants open along the inner leg seams (inseams), cut open both of the crotch seams, and cut off the waistband. That gives you two flat pieces of pant that you can then cut your pattern from.

      I line the pattern piece up with the hemmed cuff of the old pant even with the finished length (usually an inch or two from the bottom of the pant pattern — aka the hem allowance) and cut from there.

      So really the only thing I’m “saving” from the old pant is the cuff/hem and the side seam. The rest is all new. Does that make sense?

  3. these are awesome!!! I love the little ribbon pop on the pocket and the top stitching on the flaps, such small details that just scream ‘cool’. I can’t wait to see your pattern!

  4. They are cute! Why do I never think I can make bright and fun boy pants? They look just as cute for a boy as a girl :o)

  5. These are super! I can’t wait to see the pattern. My guy loves bright clothing. Yellow pants would probably end up with dirt colored cuffs, but he would like them, anyway. 🙂

  6. I love the pop of color. I started celebrate the boy yesterday with some bright turquoise pants for my boy. I will be blogging along (although not every day) starting tomorrow with the turquoise cords. And I find my kids like a full elastic waist over the other choices.

  7. Those pintucks are fabulous! I’d never really thought about doing that before. (And from the first picture, I thought, “I hope she’s going to discuss the tucks.”)

    I like subtle colours, but maybe I should be making exceptions.

  8. How fun! I want to try making pants for my son during the boy celebration, and I definitely want to try this pattern when it’s available. Thanks so much, and I’m glad Elliott approves!

  9. Everybody’s talkin’ bout his yellow pants….he’s got his yellow pants…he’s got his yellow pants on…

    he’s the only guy in town wearing yellow pants…he’s got his yellow pants…he’s got his yellow pants onnnnnn!

    (you’re welcome)

  10. wow, I love yellow in my kids, unfortunately is hard to find super yellow in some fabrics. I love the center seam of the pants, I should do it one day.

  11. I think my guy could but he would NEVER wet them. He is very blah wotg his clothes. I think it’s because he’s shy and doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. I love those pants though. 🙂

  12. Love it, I have never been able to wear yellow but recently I have found a love for it and am now making lots of yellow kiddies clothes! My kids would live in these! 😉

  13. My son NEEDS these pants in his life–please do a tutorial! LOL! I love love love them, I could see them in orange & that really bright blue they are using for stretch jeans right now–so on trend–maybe a red too!

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